Where Was A Jazzman’s Blues Filmed? A Musical Romance Drama About Forbidden Love!


Have you heard about the latest Netflix Romance Drama A Jazzman’s Blues? If you haven’t then you are probably at the right place. A Jazzman’s Blues is a Shakespearean love story based on the historic America of the 1940s. In this article, we are going to discuss more the plot of the movie and tell you where was A Jazzman’s Blues filmed. 

A Jazzman’s Blues is a 2022 American drama film that was released on 23 September 2022. The movie stars Joshua Boone, Solea Pfeiffer, and Amirah Vahn as the main characters. The movie is written, produced and directed by Tyler Perry, and is available to watch on Netflix. Tyler Perry, in an interview, told that he had written the screenplay of the movie 27 years ago, and this project is like his baby. 

The visuals in the movie look very captivating and the energetic musical performances give the viewers a pleasing sensory experience. Talking about the filming locations, A Jazzman’s Blues was filmed in Savannah, Georgia and Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta. Let’s talk more about the plot and movie locations, and discuss them in detail.

The Plot Of A Jazzman’s Blues | The Murder Mystery Unfolds A Story About Love!

A Jazzman’s Blues revolves around the story of Bayou (Joshua Boone) and Leanne (Solea Pfeiffer). The movie takes us through the events that took place from the 1940s to 1987. In 1987 the State Attorney General finds a stack of letters about a long-unsolved murder of Bayou. In the 1940s Georgia, Bayou and Leanne were two lovers, but Leanne’s relatives forbid their love and tore their relationship apart resulting in them getting separated.

Many years pass by but Bayou is still in love with Leanne and remains unmarried. On the other hand, Leanne also still has feelings for Bayou as well. The problem is that she is now married to a rich and powerful white man and disguised herself as a white woman. Things get complicated as they cross paths once again, and like all Shakespearean stories, it leads to a tragic end.

Where Was A Jazzman’s Blues filmed? Dreamy Southern Location In The USA!

Where Was A Jazzman's Blues Filmed? A Musical Romance Drama About Forbidden Love!

Although A Jazzman’s Blues has just been released on Netflix a week ago, it was previously premiered at Toronto Film Festival. The critics gave the movie positive reviews and called it one of the best filmmaking works of Tyler Perry. The movie locations make this film a treat to watch, so without wasting any time let’s discuss them in the detail.

Savannah, Georgia, USA

Where Was A Jazzman's Blues Filmed? A Musical Romance Drama About Forbidden Love!

Savannah is a coastal city in Georgia which is known for its antebellum architecture, parks and horse carriages. Savannah as a city has a rich and long history and it is reflected through the historic buildings, Cobblestoned parks shaded by Oak trees, and a Gothic- revival Cathedral in the center of the district. The city is one of the tourist attractions places and more than 50 million people visit here every year.

The filming of a major portion of A Jazzman’s Blues took place in Savannah city and the oldest country, Chatham county in Georgia, United States. The beautiful scenic shots and the rich historical aspects make the city of Savannah a perfect backdrop for the love story. Tyler perry was very keen on bringing authenticity to the periodic drama and he was very focused to show exactly the same through the locations as well.

Savannah’s beautiful architecture and rich history make it the ideal destination for filming and a base camp for exploring the wilder side of this Georgia Jewel. Some of the popular movies that were filmed in Savannah are Forrest Gump, Ford Vs Ferrari starring Christian Bale, and  Marvel’s Ant-Man And The Wasp.

Tyler Perry Studios, Atlanta

Tyler Perry Studios, Atlanta

Tyler Perry Studios is a 330-acre property, which Tyler Perry purchased in 2015. It is situated in the centre of Atlanta on the grounds of the former Fort McPherson army camp. The major motion picture studio is one of the biggest production facilities in the nation. It has a diversified backlot, 200 acres of green space, twelve purpose-built sound stages, and forty buildings that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  

The Tyler Perry Studios, Fort McPherson is the fourth addition to the writer, actor, producer, director, and philanthropist Tyler Perry’s creative empire. Perry considers Atlanta to be significant because, for a while, he believed he would no longer be able to work in the industry. Due to the limited opportunities he had, he eventually had to start his own studio.

Because of the space that Tyler Perry studios offered, the larger musical scenes were filmed here and on the studio lot. It was crucial that the scenes should be shot on site, but it also meant a lot to him to be able to work on a passion project at his own studio. 

Final Words

As promised, we have discussed all the filming locations of the movie and told you where was A Jazzman’s Blues filmed. The movie explores very critical topics including forbidden love and racial abuse but also has a way to lift your spirits with its musical score. If you like watching movies that portray forbidden love then you can add this movie to your watchlist as well. 

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What is the runtime of A Jazzman’s Blues?

A Jazzman’s Blues is 2 Hours and 7 minutes long from the beginning of the movie to the end credits.

Is A Jazzman’s Blues rated R?

Yes, A Jazzman’s Blues is rated R due to characters experiencing racism, and scenes showing hate crimes, harassment and racist comments.

Where to watch A Jazzman’s Blues movie?

A Jazzman’s Blues premiered on Netflix in the USA on 23 September. You can watch the movie on the platform, but make sure you have a subscription to the service.

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