Where Was Under The Tuscan Sun Filmed? A Heartwarming Romantic Flick From 2003!


Are you looking for a jaunty romantic flick to watch with your loved ones? Well, if you are, then make sure to read this article, where I discuss the romantic comedy film, Under the Tuscan Sun. And also let you in on where was Under the Tuscan Sun filmed.

The American comedy-drama flick, Under the Tuscan Sun, released in 2003 was inspired from a biographical account by Frances Mayes, published 7 years prior to the film. Director Audrey Wells in this film narrates the story of Frances, a celebrated author who is shown resettling her life in Tuscany, after ending a bad marriage.

Under the Tuscan Sun, didn’t perform extraordinarily well at the box office. But at the same time managed to gross over $58 million in total collections against a production budget of $18 million. The film also went on to earn a couple of prestigious nominations this while, including the Golden Globes Awards in 2004.

Now, before I give you a brief overview of this film, let’s explore where was Under the Tuscan Sun filmed. So that you can enjoy the idyllic filming locations of this wonderful romantic drama film.

Where Was Under The Tuscan Sun Filmed? Let’s Know This Romantic Flick Closely!

Director Audrey Wells wanted to shoot Under the Tuscan Sun on location, right from the beginning of the project. Thus the production unit formed a special team consisting of 4 members, who were specifically asked to scout for the most idyllic and scenic locations in Italy.

Soon a variety of potential filming locations in Tuscany and Campania were discussed. And director Audrey after conferring with other members of the unit, reached at the final decision to majorly film in Tuscany and also film some other sequences in other regions of Italy. However the production unit later decided to also shoot in California. 

The principal photography began in September 2002 and was completed within more or less two months. Now without waiting any longer let’s have a detailed discussion about where was Under the Tuscan Sun filmed, and find out more about the specific shooting sites.

San Francisco | California

Where Was Under The Tuscan Sun Filmed? A Heartwarming Romantic Flick From 2003!

The opening scene of the film, which featured Frances and her husband’s home, was filmed in San Francisco. A medium-sized house, located in the posh neighborhood of the city, was used to shoot the exterior shots. The production took only a week to film this sequence. A few other outdoor scenes were filmed, to depict the downtown area of the city. After this the production unit moved overseas, to shoot the rest of the film.

Florence, Tuscany | Italy

The majority of the filming was done in the Tuscany region, located in the central part of Italy. The production first arrived at Florence, the capital of Tuscany, and readily began filming. The sequence where Frances is shown to reunite with Patti in the film was shot in the business area of Florence. The interior sequence of the bank in the film was captured inside an actual bank, Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze. Other pivotal sequences in Florence featured the night market and the famous Duomo.

Arezzo, Tuscany | Italy

After filming the initial scenes of Italy in Florence, the production unit reached the city of Arezzo. The flag-waving scene in the film was captured at Piazza Grande in the town of Montepulciano. The crew then moved to the hilltop town of Cortana in the Tuscany region, to shoot the sequences of the villa that Frances purchased. Some other pivotal scenes in Cortana were filmed inside Teatro Signorelli.

Other Filming Locations | Italy

After completing most of the filming, the production unit moved to the capital of Italy. The interior sequence of the villa and the hotel that Frances stayed in, was filmed inside the renowned Cinecitta Studios located at the heart of Rome. The final sequence of the film, which depicted Frances inaugurating a bookstore, was also filmed here. 

Ok guys, it’s time for us to discuss the plot of the film in brief, so that you can get a better understanding of the storyline. In the meantime, you can also look into Bullet Train, and Topgun: Maverick which are equally entertaining.

Plot Of Under The Tuscan Sun | What’s It About

Where Was Under The Tuscan Sun Filmed? A Heartwarming Romantic Flick From 2003!

Under the Tuscan Sun begins by acquainting us with the central character of the film, Frances Mayes, an American novelist, who appears to live with her husband in San Francisco. Later in the film, Frances learns about her husband’s affair with a young girl. And angrily files a divorce suit against her cheating husband.

Soon after, the divorce proceedings take place in court and Frances is shown to finally get rid of her husband legally, after agreeing to pay for alimony. Meanwhile, Frances’ friend, Patti learns about the unfortunate situation, and offers Frances to go on a exotic trip to Tuscany, in order to escape from the negativity.

Towards the final quarter of the film, Frances is shown to visit Tuscany with a group of friends, to seek inspiration. After exploring the local markets, art galleries and other sites of attraction, Frances falls in love with the small Tuscan town of Cortana. And decides to buy a sweet villa in the town, hoping to permanently settle there. Soon the female lead makes congenial relationships with the neighbors and workers. And even pitches in as a matchmaker to help a young couple convince their parents. Frances finally finds the positivity and love that was searching for throughout her life. The credits roll as Mayes takes another chance at romance with Ed.

Final Words

Alright guys, now that you know where was Under the Tuscan Sun filmed, I hope you will watch this film. And I also hope that you enjoyed the read, and found what you were looking for.

Be sure to tell us about your thoughts in the comment section below. And don’t forget to check out other amazing articles on Viebly.

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film Under The Tuscan Sun?

The cast of the film Under The Tuscan Sun includes Raoul Bova, Diane Lane, Sandra Oh and Lindsay Duncan, amongst many other actors

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Film Under The Tuscan Sun?

Geoffrey Simpson is the cinematographer of the film Under The Tuscan Sun .

What Is The Rating Of The Film Under The Tuscan Sun?

The film Under The Tuscan Sun has a PG-13 rating.

Who Is The Music Director Of The Film Under The Tuscan Sun?

Christophe Beck is the music director of the film Under The Tuscan Sun .

Who Is The Producer Of The Film Under The Tuscan Sun?

Tom Sernberg and Audrey Wells were the producers of the film Under The Tuscan Sun. 

What Is The Runtime Of The Film Under The Tuscan Sun ?

1h 53m is the runtime of the film Under The Tuscan Sun .


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