Where Was Better Call Saul Filmed? Know All About The Wonderful Locations!


If you are looking forward to planning an adventurous trip, hold on! You haven’t considered the filming locations of Better Call Saul! You must check out the information about these locations because they will surely leave an indelible print on your mind. Here’s all that you need to know about where was Better Call Saul filmed!

Better Call Saul (2015-2022) is a television series that encapsulates the life of an ex-con artist, Jimmy Gill. Unfortunately, his destiny makes him go through trials and tragedies. As a result, he transforms himself into his alter-ego, Saul Goodman, a criminal lawyer. What’s going to be his next move? 

The filming of Better Call Saul took place in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the United States Of America. Within Albuquerque, the exact locations are 1607 San Cristobal Road, Cottonwood Mall, Loyola’s Family Restaurant, Day Spa & Nail, 102 Marquette Avenue, Albuquerque Studios, and many more. 

That’s not it. We are going to discuss more about the filming locations. Keep reading to learn where was Better Call Saul filmed!

Where Was Better Call Saul Filmed? Locations You Haven’t Visited Yet!

If you have already watched Better Call Saul, a drama show, it’s time to take a step ahead to know more about the series. Yes, I am indicating the filming locations. Here’s all that you should note down about where was Better Call Saul filmed!

Albuquerque, New Mexico 

Where Was Better Call Saul Filmed? Know All About The Wonderful Locations!

Albuquerque, known as ABQ, an abbreviation, is a famous city in the United States of America. Surprisingly, this city is famous because of its dense population. Today, living in Albuquerque is a cakewalk because its cost of living is low compared to other cities. 

Furthermore, this city is known for hosting the International Balloon Fiesta in the first week of October. But if you cannot visit Albuquerque in any other month except October, you can enjoy the longest Tramway to the top of Sandia Peak. That’s not it, there are numerous other things to enjoy in Albuquerque. 

The makers of Better Call Saul were in love with Albuquerque. As a result, they discovered all the beautiful spots to film the series. This place also served as the perfect filming location for 12 Strong

1607 San Cristobal Road, Aburguerque

Where Was Better Call Saul Filmed? Know All About The Wonderful Locations!

1607 San Cristobal is no less than a dream house neighbor to Hunin Castle. Although the establishment of this house can be traced back to 1976, it still looks like a newly built house. As of now, the house is not available for sale or to rent. Moreover, no one is allowed to enter the house without written permission. 

But you can witness the beauty of this house from the outside. You can park your car for a while and click pictures of this charming house. Interestingly, this house has 3 bedrooms followed by 4 bathrooms. 

If you remember the latest season of Better Call Saul, you must have seen Chuck’s house. 1607 San Cristobal was the real house. Yes, all the interior of the house you saw was real!

Cottonwood Mall, Coors Bypass, Albuquerque

Where Was Better Call Saul Filmed? Know All About The Wonderful Locations!

Cottonwood Mall is a perfect destination for shopping and having some fun with your family. Interestingly, there are many affordable shops for clothes, footwear, furniture, and many more. In total, there are 135 stores and Regal Cinemas. 

A few indoor scenes were shot in this mall. While filming the scenes in this mall, the production unit opted to shoot on weekdays to get less crowd and more space. A few cast members even preferred shopping for their personal stuff from this mall!

Loyola’s Family Restaurant, 4500 Central Avenue, Albuquerque 

Where Was Better Call Saul Filmed? Know All About The Wonderful Locations!

Here comes a perfect place to eat with your friends! This amazing place has all your favorite dishes from New Mexican cuisine. And you can enjoy a variety of dishes for your breakfast and lunch. 

The attractive cafe you saw in Better Call Saul was in real Loyola’s Family Restaurant. Also, the makers had a lot of fun while filming the series in this restaurant. In addition, they tried out some of the topmost dishes served by Loyola’s Family Restaurant. 

Day Spa & Nail, 160 Juan Tabo 

Where Was Better Call Saul Filmed? Know All About The Wonderful Locations!

Day Spa & Nail is a Vietnamese nail salon where you can get a new look. That’s not it, the salon offers various body treatments at affordable prices. On top of it, you get therapeutic and relaxing massages to rejuvenate yourself. So, book an appointment here and let your body relax for a while!

The various rooms of this spa were used to film some scenes of the series. Only the indoor scenes were filmed here. And makers tried to wrap up filming as soon as possible here. 

Interesting Facts About Where Was Better Call Saul Filmed

Where Was Better Call Saul Filmed? Know All About The Wonderful Locations!

The principle photography of Better Call Saul Season 6 commenced in March 2021 and was wrapped up by the middle of February 2022. 

Better Call Saul was among some of those television series that were adversely affected by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of the pandemic, the shooting of the series was halted for months. Also, this was the main reason behind the delayed release of the series. 

On top of this, the series had to halt once again because of a health issue of Bob Odenkirk (main cast). Luckily, Bob got well within a few days, and the shooting was resumed by the production unit. 

Final Words 

I hope you have made a list of the places and have learned thoroughly about where was Better Call Saul filmed. I know all the locations sound fun, right? So, don’t waste time and have a word with your family about these locations. Guess what! The filming locations of Dark Shadows are also as interesting as the locations of Better Call Saul. Don’t forget to have a look at them!

Is Better Call Saul Related To Breaking Dad?

Better Call Saul is a sequel to Breaking Dad.

Is Better Call Saul Worth Watching?

Yes, Better Call Saul is worth watching. But the series is not suitable for kids because it has fighting scenes and violence.

Are There Some Upcoming Seasons Of Better Call Saul?

No, Better Call Saul ended on 15 August 2022 after the release of its 6th season.

Does Jimmy Go To Prison In Better Call Saul?

Yes, Jimmy gets arrested by the police after he breaks into Chuck’s house.

What Happens To Chuck In Better Call Saul?

Chuck sets fire while being in the house and commits suicide.


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