Where Was Dark Shadows Filmed? A Thrilling Story Of Vamps!


For horror movies, you just can’t go with any filming location. Of course, the location has to look a bit spooky and mysterious. That’s why the makers of the highly entertaining movie Dark Shadow opted for surprising locations. Here’s where was Dark Shadows filmed!

Dark Shadows (2012) talks about an incident that took place centuries ago. Barnabas Collins is a powerful playboy who breaks the heart of Angelique (a witch). As a result, the witch burns Barnabas alive. After a few years, Barnabas manages to escape from his tomb and goes back to his town. When he goes there, he realizes that the town is no more like before and is ruined. Is there something that Barnabas is planning to do?

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If you are familiar with the plot of this movie and movies like Umma, you should check out where was Dark Shadows filmed! 

Where Was Dark Shadows Filmed? Unveil Some Known Locations!

Where Was Dark Shadows Filmed? A Thrilling Story Of Vamps!

Most of the filming of Dark Shadows has been done in and around England. But there are a few different places that the makers picked other than England. If you are a fan of this movie, you should not miss checking out where was Dark Shadows filmed!

  • Release Date: May 10, 2012
  • Genre: Fantasy, Horror
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 35%
  • IMDb– 6.2
  • Cast: Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Jonathan Frid, Eva Green
  • Where To Watch: Apple TV 
  • Running Time: 1h 53m 

Trafalgar Castle School, Canada | The Mysterious Castle Is Here!

Where Was Dark Shadows Filmed? A Thrilling Story Of Vamps!

The mesmerizing castle that you see in most of the scenes of the movie is a boarding school. Since the school is co-ed, it gives admission to both boys and girls from grades 4 to 12. In addition, you should know that the school follows the strict rules laid by the school’s management for filming movies!

Isn’t it surprising to see such a castle-like school? I was also taken aback after learning the same. So, if you are planning to visit Canada, do pay a visit to this school!

Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath, England | Meet A Famous Studio

Of course, you cannot expect locations like Sweet Magnolias from the makers of Dark Shadow. So, the makers decided on Pinewood studios, a famous studio for filming various shows and movies. 

The castle’s interior that you see in the movie is a set made in Pinewood Studios. Yes, you need to acknowledge the hard work of the production while preparing the set!

Start Point, Kingsbridge, England | The Most Spooky Location!

Where Was Dark Shadows Filmed? A Thrilling Story Of Vamps!

This is not a castle or a building, it’s a lighthouse. Yes, lighthouses seem mandatory in all the horror movies! And this mind-boggling lighthouse is more than 180 years old. Hats off to the one who discovered this location!

And all the scenes where you see cliffs belong to this location. Interestingly, filming the scenes was easy here because of the natural setting. As a result, you see some of the best shots while watching the movie!

Black Park, Buckinghamshire | Find A Way To Come Out Of This Maze!

Just like the filming locations of Knives Out, Dark Shadows also includes most of the natural settings for most of the scenes. And Black Park is not only perfect for horror movies but an amazing option to spend a weekend in the laps of nature. 

This beautiful park is managed by the council of Buckinghamshire. With your family, you can enjoy a lot of adventurous activities here. So, plan your trip and isolate yourself for a day from your hectic life!

Exterior Tank, Paddot Lock, Pinewood | Capture The Stunt Here!

Where Was Dark Shadows Filmed? A Thrilling Story Of Vamps!

This tank is built near Pinewood studios for filming action and stunts scenes for movies. Not only Dark Woods but a lot of action-packed movies have been filmed here. Guess what! The Collinsport town is this small location!

Many modeling companies also use this location for photoshoots. Well, it’s right to say that this location is all-in-one. I am surely going to visit this location. Are you also planning? Let’s catch up there soon!

Beckenham Place Mansion | A Captivating Location!

This location is one of the main locations to answer where was Dark Shadows filmed. This mansion was used in various scenes of the movie. Interestingly, not even a single change was made in this location to make it perfect for the movie. 

It means what you have seen in the movie also exists in reality. Besides the Pinewood studio, some of the interior scenes of the castle were filmed in this mansion. In other words, the location is similar to the exotic filming location of White Lotus

Bourne Woods, Surrey | Unravel The Mysterious Location

Where Was Dark Shadows Filmed? A Thrilling Story Of Vamps!

Besides the Black Park, the makers decide to film night scenes at Bourne Woods. And this woodland area in Farnham is worth visiting. Not only Dark Shadows, but many other movies also found this place to be a perfect location. 

Further, you will be surprised to know that Bourne Woods is used for filming television series and music albums. So, it’s right to say that Bourne Woods is home to various movies and shows. 

Final Words 

I guess you have enough beautiful locations to answer where was Dark Shadows filmed. I know it’s highly refreshing for you to come across so many jaw-dropping locations, especially when vacations are near. I hope you are going to visit these places soon. So, keep watching gothic horror movies and learn about their locations!

1. What Is The Box Office Collection Of Dark Shadows?

After its theatrical release, the movie made a box office collection of $245.

2. Who Owns The Distribution Rights Of Dark Shadows?

Warner Bros owns the distribution rights of Dark Shadows. 

3. Is There A Part 2 Of Dark Shadows?

No, there is no Dark Shadows part 2.

4. Who Does Barnabas Collins End Up With?

Barnabas ends up with Josette and enjoys a happy married life with her. 

5. How Much Was Johnny Depp Paid For Dark Shadows?

Johnny Depp was paid $20 million for Dark Shadows.

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