Where Was Big Sky Filmed? A Latest Top Cop Crime Series!!


Are you tired of scouring the internet looking for a riveting thriller series, for your next watch? Then be sure to check this article, where I discuss the crime thriller series, Big Sky. And also tell you more about where was Big Sky filmed.

The American crime thriller series, Big Sky, was released in November 2020! Creator of the show, David E. Kelley took inspiration from C.J. Box’s novel, The Highway. The basic premise of the series revolves around the central character of Jenny Hoyt, shown to work as a deputy detective. The female is also presented as an ex-cop, who had a turbulent past, in the world of crime.

The crime thriller series has a total of 3 seasons that are announced. With 18 episodes averaging per season! 2 seasons have already aired on ABC television network, season 3 is yet to release. The audience and critics have received Big Sky well, and reviewed the show as a fresh take on the genre.

Now, let’s get started with the discussion of the plot in brief. So that you can take a closer look at the storyline. Plus later in this article, I will also reveal where was Big Sky filmed.

Plot Of Big Sky | What’s It About

The thriller drama series, Big Sky, is set around the infamous Lewis and Clark County, Montana. The pilot episode of season 1 begins by showing a bunch of young girls reported as missing, after traveling through a certain stretch of highway. 

Ex-cop Jenny Hoyt, who is currently working as a private detective, gets alarmed when her son’s girlfriend goes missing out of the blue. Justin immediately reports the matter to his parents and convinces them to take up the case.

Soon after, during preliminary investigation, Jenny and her husband Cody, who’s also a private detective, learn that a long haul trucker might be behind the mysterious disappearance of girls on the highway. Later, Cody is shown to be ambushed and killed by one of the state patrolmen, who in reality was an accomplice of the trucker, Ronald.

The show goes on to present other events that follow after Jenny’s husband is found to be brutally killed. Former top cop takes it in her stride to apprehend the killers and bring them to justice. 

To summarize season 1 and 2, Jenny solves a number of horrific criminal cases, by bravely challenging the criminals and grappling with complex crime scenes. The show is worth a watch, for the unconventional approach that the female detective is shown to take, while solving the cases.

Alright, in no time, we are going to find out where was Big Sky filmed. So that you can enjoy the beautiful locations that were used for filming this crime thriller series!

Where Was Big Sky Filmed? Let’s Know The Thriller Series More Closely!!

Creative Director David E Kelley, along with his production unit shot the entire first season of Big Sky in Vancouver, British Columbia. However, the filming of season 2 took place in New Mexico. 

The principal photography for season 1, began in August 2020 and was completed in April 2021. The second season was filmed right after the completion of season 1. And it took 8 months as well, in order to be completed.

Unlike most directors who travel to Canada or New Mexico, just to be able to capture the idyllic locations and use it as a backdrop for their project. David, included the locals, to work in his project, thus supporting the economy of the country. Now, without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about where was Big Sky filmed.

British Columbia | Canada

Where Was Big Sky Filmed? A Latest Top Cop Crime Series!!

David Kelley is no stranger in knowing what the audience wants! Power packed story with a perfect location, is all he needs, to churn out a creative masterpiece for his audience. David thus decided to capitalize the beautiful locations in Vancouver, British Columbia, to convey the events that take place in Big Sky.

The opening scenes of the series were filmed in Downtown Vancouver. The sequence where the girls arrive at a medical clinic, after they get into a fight, was filmed in a vacant store. The interior sequence was filmed on Homer Street, inside the store.

Other notable outdoor scenes such as the filming of Hoyt’s Private Investigation agency, took place in Fort Langley. Special lighting equipment had to be brought in, as some sequences which were filmed at night, required perfect lighting.

Here’s a list of popular films and series such as Thor: Love and Thunder, Quantum Leap, Devil in Ohio, Lou, The Imperfects, Supernatural, Criminal Minds, Riverdale, Resident Alien, Lucifer and House were also filmed in the same location.

The Squamish Valley was also featured in the series, in a sequence where the girls are shown to be abducted by Ronald. The deep and dark forest was apt, to portray the tone of the scene. Oscar winning film The Revenant was also shot at the same location. 

New Mexico | USA

Where Was Big Sky Filmed? A Latest Top Cop Crime Series!!

As season 2 commenced, the production unit arrived in New Mexico. David decided to change the filming location, as the story in the series demanded it! Season 2 showcased a number of sequences that required a dry and arid backdrop. 

Locations in the city of Albuquerque and Rio Rancho, were extensively used for filming. The major challenge of the hot climate of the area was dealt with easily, as the filming took place during winter season. 

No major issues or notable events occurred while filming at this location. The production unit completed the filming process by April 2022, and started preparing for post production.

Final Words

Alright friends, now that you’ve gone through the storyline and know where was Big Sky filmed. I hope you’ll give it a watch. But if the filming locations intrigue you more, then be sure to visit Viebly to read other informative and entertaining articles. Until next time, adios!

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Series Big Sky?

The cast of the series Big Sky includes Katheryne Winnick, Kylie Bunbury, Brian Gragthy, Valerie Mahaffey, Dedee Pfeiffer, Jade Pettyjohn and Ryan Phillipe.

Who Created The Series Big Sky?

David E. Kelley was the creator of the series Big Sky.

Who Directed The Series Big Sky?

Michael Goi and Jennifer Lynch directed the series Big Sky.

Who Wrote The Screenplay Of The Series Big Sky?

David E. Kelley wrote the screenplay for the series Big Sky.


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