Where Was Black Water Filmed? A Creepy Adventure Flick From The Early 2000s!!


Not a lot of people appreciate films with atypical storylines. Yet somehow these films have created a niche audience over the years. Now, if you enjoy watching unorthodox films as well, follow this article till the end, where I discuss an unusual adventure flick, Black Water. And later let you in on where was Black Water filmed.

The Australian mystery-thriller flick, Black Water, released in 2007 was inspired from the real events of a crocodile attack, which took place in Australia 4 years prior to the film. David Nerlich along with Andrew Traucki gave direction to this adventure-drama film. The central story of Black Water recounts the survival of a family from the jaws of a man-eating saltwater crocodile, preying in the swamps of Australia.

Black Water earned a couple of nominations over the years and won 3 major awards in total. Even if this bone-chilling thriller flick did not make a huge impact at the box office, the audiences and critics still gave positive reviews to the film.

Now, before I give you a brief overview of this riveting movie, allow me to discuss where was Black Water filmed. So that you can take a closer look at the gorgeous filming locations.

Where Was Black Water Filmed? Let’s Know This Thriller Flick Closely!

David Nerlich and Andrew Traucki wanted to showcase the best of both worlds, in terms of terrain. Thus, they began scouting for locations with a backdrop that could portray the dry and rough areas of the Australian Outback, as well as the crocodile-infested swamps. Soon, a number of potential filming locations of Black Water were shortlisted by the unit.

The majority of the shooting took place around the Northern Territory of Australia and New South Wales. Principal photography commenced during the summer of 2007 and was completed in a little over two months. Reportedly the crew faced minor challenges while filming some outdoor scenes at one of the locations, but eventually managed to maneuver through it. So, without waiting any longer, let’s have a detailed discussion about, where was Blackwater filmed. 

Northern Territory | Australia

Where Was Blackwater Filmed? A Creepy Adventure Flick From The Late 2000s!!

The Northern Territory in Australia known for its arid Outback landscape, was perfect for the unit to shoot the opening sequence of the film. The outdoor scene where the back story of the adventurous family is shown was actually filmed around the Northern Territory. Specifically, the unit set up camps in the city of Darwin to showcase the medium-sized family home of Grace and Adam. A few other establishing scenes were captured around the downtown area of Darwin. Then the crew moved to a region near the Outback and filmed the remaining sequences of the first half of Black Water.

New South Wales | Australia

Where Was Blackwater Filmed? A Creepy Adventure Flick From The Late 2000s!!

The other half of the movie, where the actual adventure takes place, was filmed in New South Wales. This south-eastern Australian state is home to a lush rainforest, which attracted the unit to capture scenes of the swamp. 

Other pivotal sequences were filmed in the suburban area of Oatley, which is located 18 KM from the business district of Sydney. While shooting a couple of exterior scenes, the crew ran into a problem with the aboriginal tribes, but after the authorities intervened the shooting resumed again.

The scenes featuring the saltwater crocodile were filmed near Lime Kiln Bay. The production unit had to arrange special lighting equipment to capture the outdoor sequences during the night. The final sequence of the movie was filmed in Gungah Bay, after which the production unit wrapped up the entire filming process. 

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Alright friends, it’s about time for me to acquaint you with the plot of Black Water. So that you can get a better grip on the actual storyline. Meanwhile, you can also check out One Cut Dead and Fight Club which I think you’d definitely enjoy watching as well.

Plot Of Black Water | What’s It About

Where Was Blackwater Filmed? A Creepy Adventure Flick From The Late 2000s!!

The story of Black Water centers around Adam and his family making an adventurous trip to the wetlands of Australia. At the beginning of the film, Grace plans on giving her husband, Adam, a surprise about her pregnancy. Thus the female lead books three tickets for the Back Water Barry’s tour, and decides to bring Lee, her teenage sister along.

Midway through the film, as the trio reach the tour spot, Adam gets surprised by the good news. He, along with his sister-in-law and wife begins the fishing boat ride, happily. However, the situation soon turns south, as the tour guide mysteriously goes missing from the boat. The lead actor soon senses the presence of a beast lurking in the depths, as he identifies the corpse of the guide, floating by the banks. In order to know who makes it out alive from the deadly swamp, I’d recommend you to watch this thrilling movie.

Final Words

Ok guys, so now that you know where was Black Water filmed, It’s time for me to say goodbye. But before I take your leave, I hope you enjoyed the read and found what you were looking for. Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. And be sure to check out other entertaining articles on Viebly.

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film Black Water?

The cast of the film Black Water includes Dianna Glenn, Maeve Dermody, Andy Rodoreda, Ben Oxenbould and Fiona Press. 

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Film Black Water?

John Biggins is the cinematographer of the film Black Water.

What Is The Rating Of The Film Black Water?

The film Black Water has an R rating.

Is The Film Black Water Based On A True Story?

Yes, the story of Black Water is based on the account of a real saltwater crocodile attack, which took place in the swamps of Australia in 2003.

What Is The Runtime Of The Film?

1h 30m is the runtime of the film Black Water.


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