Where Was Blonde Filmed? Here’s A Sneak Peek Into The Life Of Your Favorite Actress!


Biographical movies are not just a source of entertainment but the reality of someone’s life. If you are interested in connecting with that reality, you should consider watching Blonde with your friends. In order to add more to chit-chat with them, I have brought to you the filming locations of the movie. So, make sure you note every detail about where was Blonde filmed!

Blonde (2022) sheds light on the challenging life of the famous Hollywood actresses named Marilyn Monroe. Interestingly, the movie talks about everything from her troubled childhood as Norma Jeane to the stardom era and all the romantic engagements. Besides this, you get to see the shocking difference between her personal and professional life. 

The shooting of Blonde took place entirely in Los Angeles, California. Within Los Angeles, the makers opted for numerous charming backdrops to shoot the movie.

You must be wondering how the makers managed to find a perfect location for such an amazing movie. Read where was Blonde filmed to get all the answers to your questions! 

Where Was Blonde Filmed? Locations That Will Make You Crazy!

A psychological drama, Blonde is one of the best-fictionalized presentations of the life of a famous figure. As a result, the performance of the leading cast member was praised by the critics. And many viewers have even stated the movie to be a “traditional biopic.” So, don’t delay watching it!

After sharing so many details about the movie, it’s time to take a step towards the filming locations. Here’s enough information for you on where was Blonde filmed!


Where Was Blonde Filmed? Here’s A Sneak Peek Into The Life Of Your Favorite Actress!

Well, California was not a random choice of the makers. The location was selected after considering multiple factors. Being such a unique movie required a team of highly skilled production members. And this need was fulfilled in California. Further, many cast members had experienced shooting here before as well. So, filming for Blonde was very convenient for them. 

Further, the aim was to give the true essence of the life of Marilyn Monroe. Therefore, it was vital for the makers to opt for a location that could complement the plot and engage the viewers. And filming in California proved to be the right choice for them. 

One of the popular states in America, California is home to many cliff-lined beaches. Besides this, the charm of this energetic city is the Redwood Forest and Central Valley Farmland. What if I tell you that this state is also home to the land of your dreams? Yes, Disneyland is situated in California. Sounds amazing, right?

The availability of ideal backdrops and famous studios makes it an alluring location for the filmmakers of Blonde. Surprisingly, movies from various genres have found California suitable for shooting. That’s why we see it on the list of filming locations of Mutiny On The Bounty

Los Angeles, California 

Where Was Blonde Filmed? Here’s A Sneak Peek Into The Life Of Your Favorite Actress!

Most of the pivotal sequences depicting drastic changes in the life of Marilyn Monroe were shot on the backdrops of Los Angeles. They were so stunning that none of the technical members of the production team suggested adding effects or found any flaw in sequences. 

Whether it was artists, dancers, film actors, designers, or anything related to the entertainment industry, the makers got all their needs fulfilled here. In addition, shooting in public places was not a challenge like in other locations. All in all, the makers had a smooth experience while filming Blonde!

The largest city in California, Los Angeles, is a dream-like place where you may find the true version of yourself. Furthermore, enchanting tourist destinations like the Los Angeles County Museum Of Art and Griffith Observatory have a lot of stories to share with you. 

Besides being the center of the entertainment industry, Los Angeles features more than 72 libraries. It’s clear that you get to learn a lot while enjoying this vibrant city. The favorable weather conditions are no less than icing on the cake. You get to witness bright sunlight in the summer and chilling winters. So, plan your trip accordingly!

Interesting Facts About Where Was Blonde Filmed 

Where Was Blonde Filmed? Here’s A Sneak Peek Into The Life Of Your Favorite Actress!

You’ll be astonished to know that the former part of the movie presented all the sequences in black and white. However, the latter parts were set in the colored version. And the reason is unknown to everyone till present.

Further, the development of the movie would have begun in 2010, but the producers took nine years to commence the shooting. Well, they have not shared the reason behind this. After such a long break, the filming commenced in August 2019 and was completed in July 2021. 

The shooting faced challenges due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic by the end of 2019. As a result, the makers had to call for a small break for a few days. After resuming the shooting, the production team was determined to wrap it up without any further delay. 

Final Words 

With this, I guess your search ends for where was Blonde filmed. And when you have discovered a lot about this entertaining movie, it’s time to enlighten others about it. Recommend this movie to your family members and share all the information about the filming locations!

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Is Blonde Based On A Book?

Yes, Blonde is based on a book that appeared in 2000 of the same name. The book was written by Joyce Carol Oates.

Will Blonde Be Released On Any Of The OTT Platforms?

Yes, Blonde is about to make its online debut on September 28 on Netflix.

Was Blonde Released Theatrically?

Yes, Blonde had a limited theatrical release after it premiered at the 79th Venice International Film Festival.

Who is The Producer Of Blonde?

Blonde was produced by Jeremy Kleiner, Tracey Landon, Brad Pitt, Scott Andrew Robertson, and Dede Gardner.

Who Are The Cast Members Of Blonde?

The cast members of Blonde are Adrien Brody, Ana De Armas, Xavier Samuel, Sara Paxton, Jessica Chastain, and many more.

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