Where Was Mutiny On The Bounty Filmed? 60s Remake Of A Novel!


Have you ever come across a piece of writing that is so good that it needs to be made into a movie, not once but multiple times? Well, something kind of like that happened when the movie Mutiny On The Bounty was made. Today, we are here to tell you all about where was Mutiny On The Bounty filmed! We will also tell you facts about the movie that you probably didn’t know before!

Mutiny On The Bounty boasts of a heavy ensemble cast of actors like Marlon Brando, Richard Harris, Trevor Howard, and Hugh Griffith. What many might not know is that Mutiny On The Bounty was made as a remake. Bearing the same name, the previous movie was made with limited resources in 1935.

So, where was Mutiny On The Bounty filmed when it was made again? The 1962 version of the movie is set in the Pacific Ocean. Most of the filming for the movie has taken place in the regions of French Polynesia, regions of Hawaii, and the studios in California. 

The filming locations in Mutiny On The Bounty are diverse in order to accommodate all the changing landscapes of the movie. Cinema of the old would rely on studio filming as is evident from movies like The Sacketts and Crossfire Trail. Modern movies on the other hand rely mostly on real-life locations over studio enactments.

The Plot Of Mutiny On The Bounty | What Is The Movie About?

Before we move on to see where was Mutiny On The Bounty filmed, let’s take a brief moment to see what the movie is about. Mutiny On The Bounty is based on the book of the same name written by Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall. The movie just like the book, tells the fictional tale of a mutiny that actually took place.

Set in 1787, the movie follows the journey of the ship HMAV Bounty. The ship sets sail from Britain and is supposed to touch shore in Tahiti. Under the command of Captain William Bligh, the ship is tasked with transporting cultivations from Jamaica back to Britain. The food demands of the slaves are growing and the empire needs a cheaper way out.

We see Marlon Brando portray the role of the first lieutenant Fletcher Christian. As a commander on the ship, Fletcher is not pleased by the treatments meted out by the captain of the ship. As the journey to Jamaica is a difficult task, the crew faces a lot of difficulties on their way.

After retrieving new plant saplings from Jamaica the crew is met with ration shortages. The captain cuts their supply of drinking water in order to keep the plants fresh. The hungry and dehydrated crew rises in rebellion and starts a mutiny. With all of them facing imminent death on their return, they must now find a way to survive.

Where Was Mutiny On The Bounty Filmed | All The Important Locations You Need To Know About!

For almost the entire duration of the movie, we see scenes on the ship. And just like the movie before it, Mutiny On The Bounty had created a life-sized set for it. Unfortunately, all these efforts went in vain. As the reception of the movie was fairly cold.

The movie ended up tanking badly, but that should not take anything away from the brilliance behind the scenes. So, now let’s take a look at where was Mutiny On The Bounty filmed!

Moorea, French Polynesia

Where Was Mutiny On The Bounty Filmed? 60s Remake Of A Novel!

The island currently famous for activities like snorkeling and diving has seen its fair share of movies too. Filming for Mutiny On The Bounty took place in Moorea and its adjoining areas in the French Polynesia islands.

The islands are known for their volcanic mountains and pristine beaches. The area that featured the most in the movie is the Cook’s Bay area. Following this, the crew also did some filming in the Temae region.

Tahiti, French Polynesia

Since the HMAV Bounty is on its way to Tahiti, it’s fairly normal that the filming for the movie takes place here. But in 1962 it would have been a huge ask. Nonetheless, the crew was up for the challenge and took it brilliantly. 

When the HMAV Bounty hits the shores of Tahiti, it enters through an area called Maatvai Bay. That location was used to film for real. Furthermore, the crew is said to have traveled back to the region for some reshoots later on too.

Bora Bora, Leeward Islands, French Polynesia

Where Was Mutiny On The Bounty Filmed? 60s Remake Of A Novel!

Just a little further north of Tahiti is the region of Leeward Islands. A cluster of islands that surround a dormant volcano in the Pacific. The region is currently famous for its exotic tourist location called Bora Bora.

That is exactly where the filming for Mutiny On The Bounty also took place. The scenes with the ship on the horizon and other beautiful shots have been shot through the Leeward Islands. If you’re planning a trip to Bora Bora, you’re in for a treat!

O’ahu, Hawaii, USA

Where Was Mutiny On The Bounty Filmed? 60s Remake Of A Novel!

The backyard of Hollywood movies, Oahu in Hawaii, has seen a lot of movies filmed. Movies like Kong Skull Island and Jurassic Park are some of the highlights on Oahu’s CV! While Tahiti and other regions lie in the south Pacific Ocean, Hawaii falls in the North Pacific. 

It’s fair to say no one would know the difference. Mutiny On The Bounty was mostly filmed in Oahu and Honolulu. The latter is the biggest and most sought-after tourist place in Hawaii. 

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Culver City, California

Where Was Mutiny On The Bounty Filmed? 60s Remake Of A Novel!

Lastly, Mutiny On The Bounty was filmed in the MGM studios as well as the Hal Roach Studios in Culver City, California. The production team had to create life-size sets of the ship since that is what the whole movie is about. All the technical production and indoor shots were filmed in either of the studios. 

Final Words

We hope now you know where was Mutiny On The Bounty filmed! It took the cast and crew 8 months to wrap up filming for the movie. Now, that is a long time. This should be enough motivation for you to give the movie a try!

You can also check out other filming locations of movies like The Little Mermaid and Do Revenge here! If you have a favorite movie or show, be sure to let us know in the comments section down below!

How many films were made of Mutiny on the Bounty?

There have been three movies made in the book Mutiny on the Bounty: Mutiny on the Bounty (1935), Mutiny on the Bounty (1962), and The Bounty (1984).

Is the movie Mutiny on the Bounty a true story?

Yes, Mutiny on the Bounty is a true story, about a famous mutiny that took place in 1789 on an English ship

Where to watch Mutiny On The Bounty?

You can watch Mutiny on the Bounty on Amazon Prime!

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