Where Was Carnival Of Souls Filmed? Grossman’s Bone-Chilling Horror Film!!


Are you looking for a really scary movie? Well, then you should check out this article because today we are going to talk about a similar film, Carnival of Souls, released in 1998. Furthermore, I’ll also share with you where was Carnival of Souls filmed.

Carnival of Souls is an American horror drama film directed by Adam Grossman. This scary film is the remake of a similar horror movie with the same title, which was released in the ‘60s. Although, Grossman made sure to change certain elements of the original story to make the premise more enchanting.

The basic premise of Carnival of Souls revolves around the character of Alex Grant, a young American girl who witnesses a horrific event with her own eyes. The plot thickens when Alex has to face the same criminal who killed her mother years back.

The commercial performance of this horror remake wasn’t as impressive as the original version. Carnival of Souls only grossed over $2 million at the box office, which totally disappointed the makers. However, the critics appreciated this mystery-thriller movie’s overall storyline and commended the actors’ performance.

If you can’t wait to find out where was Carnival of Souls filmed, then without stalling any longer, let’s get started.

Where Was Carnival Of Souls Filmed? Let’s Know This Horror Drama Flick Closely! 

The story of Carnival of Souls is set in California. However, the shooting of this movie actually took place in Florida. As the director of this horror film was well-acquainted with the filming locations in Florida, he decided to shoot the majority of the sequences there.

Apart from that, a few minor sequences of the movie were also filmed in and around Culver City. However, the director arrived at this decision during the final hours of the pre-production. At first, Grossman and his team scouted the filming locations in Florida.

After several weeks the director identified a couple of ideal shooting sites in Miami and Tampa. He then decided to shoot three-quarters of his film around those places. However, Grossman and his team were still searching for the perfect location to shoot the final quarter of Carnival of Souls.

Eventually, the director and the production members decided to shoot the film’s final quarter in and around Culver City. The principal photography of Carnival of Souls began in the summer of 1997 and continued for several weeks.

During the filming process, the production members struggled to arrange the logistics. Mainly the pieces of equipment which were required to construct the rides of the Carnival arrived late. However, through persistence and hard work, the filming crew was able to eventually work around the issue.

The shooting schedule was slightly delayed for this incident. However, other than this predicament, the production members were able to capture the sequences without any hassle.

Let us now go ahead and take a closer look at where was Carnival of Souls filmed.

Florida | USA

The shooting of Carnival of Souls began in the state of Florida. The opening sequence of the movie, where we see the young character of Alex inside her family-owned Inn, was actually filmed in Tampa.

The production members took special shooting permission from the owners of a cabin located on the outskirts of Tampa. The production members then made certain changes to the exterior structure of the property to make it look like “Mermaid Inn.” 

The interior sequence where the young female lead witnesses the psychotic clown brutally killing her mother was then filmed inside this property.

In order to capture the sequences of the carnival, the production members traveled to a sparsely populated area located in the city of Miami. 

California | USA

The final quarter of the movie was filmed in California. The scene depicting the second encounter of the antagonist with the female lead was filmed in Culver City. The scene where the criminal-minded clown returns to torment Alex after being released from prison was filmed inside a small house in Culver City.

The production members also filmed the movie’s final scene around this property. The remaining interior scenes were then captured inside a well-equipped studio located in the downtown area of Culver City.

So, I’ve mentioned all the filming locations used to make this gripping horror remake film. Now, let me give you an overview of Carnival of Souls as well.

Plot Of Carnival Of Souls | What’s It About

Where Was Carnival Of Souls Filmed? Grossman’s Bone-Chilling Horror Film!!

The basic premise of Carnival of Souls revolves around the character of Alex Grant, a young American girl who witnesses the killing of her mother with her own eyes. At the beginning of the film, the female lead appears to be shocked after witnessing a psychotic clown killing her mother in their family-owned Inn.

Even though the authorities swiftly catch hold of the criminal, Alex gets emotionally scarred for life. After 20 years or so, the female lead suddenly runs into the same criminal while visiting a local carnival in California.

The antagonist stalks Alex and eventually identifies her home location. The next night he attacks the female lead and attempts to do the same as he did with her mother.

Watch Carnival of Souls and find out how Alex manages to fight her demons from the past and avenge her loving mother’s death.

Final Words

Ok, friends! I hope you enjoyed the read. Apart from mentioning the filming locations, I’ve also given you a brief overview of this horror film. However, if you’re still uncertain about where was Carnival of Souls filmed, let us know in the comments section below. We’d definitely address your query.

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