Where Was The Order Filmed? Heaton’s Scary Horror Drama Series!!


When was the last time you watched a horror series on Netflix? If it’s quite long, then it’s about time you watch a similar Netflix series, The Order starring Jake Manley. Furthermore, I’ll also tell you where was The Order filmed.

The American fantasy drama series, The Order premiered on Netflix in the first week of March 2019. Dennis Heaton collaborated with Shelley Eriksen to create this Netflix original series. Whereas other famous screenwriters like Rachel Langer and Jennica Harper, along with others, later joined this project and wrote the screenplay.

The story of The Order is centered around the character of Jack Morton, a young American college student who practiced black magic. The story gets interesting when Jack fights with mythical creatures to avenge his mother’s accidental demise.

The Order ran for 2 seasons in total. Over the course of these seasons, 20 episodes were released. The critics reviewed the show positively for its original storyline. However, the makers of The Order decided to discontinue the show after season 2 mainly because this supernatural show wasn’t as popular among the audience as the makers hoped it to be.

We will discuss other intriguing aspects of this series later in this article. But before we delve into that, let us first discuss where was The Order filmed.

Where Was The Order Filmed? Let’s Know This Supernatural Horror Series Closely!

The story of The Order is set in America. But Dennis Heaton and Shelley did not want to film in America for a lot of different reasons. One of them was to keep the production budget at a bare minimum and employ an affordable and skilled filming crew for shooting.

The entire show was filmed in Canada, specifically in and around the city of Vancouver. However, the makers didn’t arrive at this decision easily because before the filming started, a number of ideal filming locations in America were scouted.

But, since the production members couldn’t find any location that matched the description given by Heaton and Shelley in terms of the setting, they had to come up with other ideas.

So, the specific team members who were in charge of selecting the filming location asked the makers to arrange a special meeting. The crew then expressed their views and advised Heaton and Shelley to explore other shooting locations in Canada.

Shortly after, the same team was sent to Canada to look for ideal shooting sites, and within a few weeks, the production team successfully identified a number of potential sites. Heaton and Shelley then arrived in the city of Vancouver to check the locations in person and finalize the deal with the studio owners.

The principal photography of The Order commenced in the third week of April 2019 and continued till the last week of July of the same year. Important to mention that the shooting for the second season was also done pretty much around the same location.

However, the shooting schedule for the second season of The Order was slightly longer than the pilot season. This happened because, during the course of shooting for the last season of The Order, the crew faced minor challenges with the cold and harsh weather in Vancouver.

This delayed the shooting schedule, as the production members couldn’t capture the outdoor shots in bad weather.

Let us now take a closer look at the filming locations of this series and discuss in detail where was The Order filmed.

Vancouver | Canada

Where Was The Order Filmed? Heaton’s Scary Horror Drama Series!!

The opening sequence from the show’s pilot season, where we see the character of Jack inside a community college in America, was filmed in Canada. The production members had to take special filming permission from the authorities of a public college on Vancouver’s outskirts.

The scene where Jack takes a vow in front of the members of a satanic cult inside the college was filmed inside the same institution. Since this scene was filmed during dusk, special lighting equipment had to be fixed at certain areas of the site.

Other important outdoor scenes depicting Jack’s college life were all filmed inside the University of British Columbia. This prestigious institution is located at 1985 West Mall, Vancouver, BC. Every year, a number of prestigious filmmakers from different countries use this prime location in Vancouver to film breathtaking scenes.

Filming for the second season of The Order took place near Cecil Green Park Road, Vancouver. The show’s episodes depicting the demon lord were all filmed near Cecil Green Park House, located at 6251 Cecil Green Park Road, British Columbia.

Additional outdoor sequences of the show were captured around the downtown area of Vancouver as well. However, the remaining interior sequences from both seasons of The Order were filmed inside a well-equipped Canadian film studio.

Let us now follow the plot of The Order in brief. Meanwhile, you can also read Orphan, How To Stop Instagram From Cropping Photos, and Chainsaw Man Season 2 too.

Plot Of The Order | What’s It About

Where Was The Order Filmed? Heaton’s Scary Horror Drama Series!!

The story of The Order follows the character of Jack Morton, a young American college student ho practices black magic. At the show’s very beginning, the lead character appears to be interested in performing occult rituals.

As the story progresses, Jack becomes a satanic cult member and takes a blood oath. After the unnatural demise of his loving mother, Jack’s character turns even darker. In order to seek the real reason behind his mother’s accidental death, Jack summons the lord of the demons.

But, when other mythical creatures manifest instead of the dark lord, Jack finds himself in deep trouble. Watch The Order on Netflix now!

Final Words

Well, I hope you enjoyed the read. The basic premise of The Order is pretty interesting, so do give it a shot if you haven’t watched it yet. Other than that, if you have any more questions regarding where was The Order filmed, let us know in the comments section below.

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