Where Was Chesapeake Shores Filmed? An Inspiring Drama Series!


Well, if you want to witness some raw drama packed with the right amount of necessary comic reliefs, then you have to watch the drama series, Chesapeake Shores. The show is developed by John Tinker and Nancey Silvers. Not to mention, the show has received some high ratings from IMDb and comes highly recommended. However, the fans of the show surprisingly noticed its shooting locations. So, in this article, we’ll discuss the show and tell you Where Was Chesapeake Shores Filmed? 

The story of the highly rated drama show is set in Maryland, United States of America, but originally the series was filmed in Qualicum Beach and Nanoose Bay both of which are located in Vancouver Island, Canada. So, these are the main filming locations of Chesapeake Shores.

Now, without any further ado, let’s dig deeper and find out some more details about these filming locations.

Plot Of Chesapeake Shores | Know It Closely! 

Where Was Chesapeake Shores Filmed? An Inspiring Drama Series!

The story of Chesapeake Shores revolves around the character of Abby O’Brien played by Meghan Ory, a highly ambitious and careerist woman who left his hometown and shifted to New York in order to become successful. She is a divorcee with twin daughters and is often confronted by people from her past life. 

Soon, she decides to take her twins to her old home in Chesapeake Shores and eventually land up staying there for good. Over there, she comes across her high school love, Trace played by Jesse Metcalfe. In time, she realizes that all this while, her career was restricting her from becoming the perfect mother to her twin daughters.

Where Was Chesapeake Shores Filmed?

Where Was Chesapeake Shores Filmed? An Inspiring Drama Series!

Canada is a country that is widely known for its scenic beauty. And that is why the creators chose to shoot in the above-mentioned locations, irrespective of the fact that the story was set in America. Anyhow, let’s learn more about these filming locations.

Qualicum Beach | Vancouver Island, Canada

Where Was Chesapeake Shores Filmed? An Inspiring Drama Series!

A major portion of the show was filmed in Vancouver, Qualicum Beach, a town with an estimated population of over nine thousand people. Do you remember the Town Square Cafe in the show? Well, in real life it is called Bailey’s In the Village, it’s a nice place to eat and is also quite homely. If you ever visit this town we suggest you have a tasty meal there. The cafe is situated at 670 Primrose Street. 

Another spot in this town where a number of scenes were shot, is the Smithford’s which in the show was called Chesapeake Shores Flower Shop. It is situated on 164 2nd Avenue, quite close to Bailey’s In The Village. But you cannot really pick flowers from there, instead, you can get yourself some art and decor produced by some highly talented independent Canadian Artists.

A lot of the dramatic scenes with intense performances were filmed in the Leigh House, a yellow heritage building which we witness in the series as Sally’s Cafe. However, the problem with this place is that it is not open to the public. You cannot enter the building. Having said that, it shouldn’t stop you from taking a selfie outside.

A few of the scenes In Qualicum Beach were also shot at the Crown Mansion Boutique Hotel. It is situated at 292 Cresent Road East. The hotel continues to showcase its 1914 charm with amazing service. 

Personalities like America’s one of the greatest multimedia stars Bing Crosby and one of Hollywood’s most successful actors John Wayne visited the hotel back in the day. So, this would be a nice place to spend a night if you visit the town. The hotel charges around $299 per night for a room with an ocean view.

Nanoose Bay | Parksville, Vancouver Island, Canada

Where Was Chesapeake Shores Filmed? An Inspiring Drama Series!

The iconic O’Brien House that we witness in the Chesapeake Shores in real happens to be a private property situated in the woods by the waters on Stewart Road. The area is surrounded by land as well as the sea. If you ever visit Nanoose Bay, do try to go to the property and at least click a picture. Only if the house would be available as a holiday home or as an Airbnb, it would have made the perfect vacation spot.

Growing up in a house by the water, the O’Brien family surely had their own water vessels. We all have witnessed the O’Brien family sailing quite often on the show as they had a history of organizing and participating in the town’s boat races. 

Now, the spot where we see the boats getting parked in the show is a place known as the Fairwinds Marina, which is situated at Schooner Cove. And somehow, if you happen to be a kayaking enthusiast, you can definitely go in the water for a nice kayaking session.

However, what you should know is that Nanoose Bay is a community that lies on the east coast of southern Vancouver Island in the Canadian province of British Columbia. It is located at 26 km north of Nanaimo and 16 km south of Parksville.

Final Word

Well, now that you know everything about the filming locations of the drama show Chesapeake Shores, we would suggest you watch the series if you haven’t yet. It’s an inspiring story with some impressive performances. 

The show is a Hallmark Original and is currently streaming on Netflix. You can also watch it on a number of free websites as well. Now, speaking of the shooting locations, if you live in Canada you can pick a weekend and visit these places with your friends or family. And also, if you want to find out about more filming locations, then check out where was Samaritan and Wedding Season filmed.

Who Developed The Show, Chesapeake Shores?

John Tinker and Nancey Silvers developed the show, Chesapeake Shores.

Is The Show, Chesapeake Shores Based On A Book?

The show, Chesapeake Shores is based on the book series of the same name by Sherryl Woods.

Who All Acted In The Show, Chesapeake Shores?

The cast of the show, Chesapeake Shores includes actors like Jesse Metcalfe, Meghan Ory, Barbara Niven, Laci J. Mailey, Emilie Ullerup, Brendan Penny, Andrew Francis, Diane Ladd, Treat Williams, and Robert Buckley.

How Many Seasons Of Chesapeake Shores Are There?

There are 6 seasons of the show, Chesapeake Shores.

How Many Episodes Are There In Total?

There are 48 episodes in total.

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