Where Was Chisum Filmed? John Wayne’s Western Flick From 1970!


Do you prefer watching John Wayne movies? If you do, you must be familiar with his works, especially western films like Chisum (1970). So, in this article, you will learn about where was Chisum filmed and other exciting details of the movie.

The American western film Chisum was written and produced by Andrew J. Fenady. It is based on his short story Chisum and The Lincoln County War. The movie is directed by Andrew McLaglen. The film received average reviews from critics and has an IMDb rating of 6.8/10.

The basic premise revolves around the character, John Chisum, a cattle owner who fights to protect his land from Lawrence Murphy, who’s forcibly buying the lands and stores in Lincoln County. It is one of the best western films, with many action sequences that are quite exciting.

The filmmaker perfectly showcases the Lincoln County War (1878) with historical places. So, are you curious to find out where was Chisum filmed? Continue reading to find out the details.

Where Was Chisum Filmed? Check Out The Location Details Here!

John Wayne liked Chisum’s script and wanted the film immediately under production. They wanted it to be produced by Warner Bros. Unfortunately, Fox production had already committed to many films for the year, so they asked the team to wait. 

John’s son Michael Wayne to make his father’s dream complete, ignited the project and took production into his hands. To make his 200th film memorable, the team decided to cast all the actors who acted in John’s previous films.

The team used different locations in Mexico and Arizona for filming. The principal photography began on 6 October 1969 and wrapped up the shooting in December 1969. Now, let’s discuss where was Chisum filmed to find the in-depth details of the filming locations.

Mexico | USA

Where Was Chisum Filmed? John Wayne’s Western Flick From 1970!

The vital sequence of the movie was filmed in Durango, Mexico. The team constructed a massive set in this location for filming. The production team also used an open range, Rancho Marley, for filming. With the perfect settings and areas, the cinematographer was able to take the perfect shots.

Next, the team used different locations in the Sonora state of Mexico for filming. The different towns in Sonora, including Yecora, Bacerac, and Granados, were used for filming a few scenes. Chihuahua is another prominent state used for filming. Here the team used the Janos and Parral towns for filming.

New Mexico | USA

Where Was Chisum Filmed? John Wayne’s Western Flick From 1970!

The team moved to the famous set in New Mexico, J.W. Eaves Movie Ranch, located at 75 Rancho Alegre Road in Santa Fe. This location is accessible only to filmmakers, and the general public is not allowed to enter for any kind of excursion. This location served as the ideal filming location for this western-themed movie.

California | USA

The production team of Chisum then traveled to California to film the remaining movie portions. The team used 20th Century Fox Ranch located at Las Virgenes Road in Calabasas for filming. It is a beautiful location surrounding green trees and clear water. Many western movies used this location for filming.

Arizona | USA

Where Was Chisum Filmed? John Wayne’s Western Flick From 1970!

A few scenes were filmed in Arizona. The filming occurred in different Arizona regions, including the Sonoita and San Pedro Rivers. Arizona is one of the prominent filming locations that served as the backdrop in many western movies, including Red River, Conagher, and Rio Bravo.

Well, these are the filming locations of the Chisum movie. Now, let me give you an overview of the plot of the Chisum movie.

Plot Of Chisum | What Is The Story About?

Where Was Chisum Filmed? John Wayne’s Western Flick From 1970!

The story revolves around a cattle king, John Chisum, who struggles to protect the lands from an unethical Lawrence Morphy, who purchases most of the lands in Lincoln County. He also bribes officer Brady to help him and get the land from the other people.

With the help of a few men, Brady kills the two men in the Chisum’s group and robs a few horses. Chisum then gets the help of Billy The Kid Bonney to fight against them and safeguard their lands.

Final Words

Well, the above-mentioned are all the details you need to know about where was Chisum filmed. If you haven’t watched this movie yet, then you can stream this classic movie on Amazon Prime Video. If you find this article helpful, check out other filming location articles on our website.

Who is the cinematographer of Chisum?

William H. Clothier is the cinematographer of the movie Chisum.

Which production company has worked on the movie Chisum?

The production company that has worked on the movie is Batjac Productions.

What is the runtime of the movie Chisum?

The runtime of the movie is 1 hour and  51 minutes.

What is the tagline of the film Chisum?

The tagline of the film is The Legend – John Wayne is “Chisum”

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