Where Was Christmas Made To Order Filmed? An Upbeat Romantic Flick From 2018!!


More often than not people struggle to find the right movie to binge during the holidays. And if you’re one of those people, then you need not worry at all. As today I will acquaint you with a perfect upbeat TV movie, Christmas Made to Order. And also let you in on where was Christmas Made To Order filmed.

The American romantic film, Christmas Made to Order, was released by Hallmark channel during the holidays in 2018. This Christmas special flick, even though was not thoroughly enjoyed by the audiences upon its release, gained a considerable amount of popularity in the later years. Sam Irvin did a marvelous job as a director in masterfully presenting the romantic story of Steven, as he finds the love of his life in the most unlikely of places.

Christmas Made to Order failed to captivate the audiences and critics initially, thus it did not win any major awards. Nevertheless, this Hallmark original film has featured one of the best idyllic places in America and used it as a backdrop.

Now before I briefly discuss the plot of the film, let’s check out where was Christmas Made To Order filmed. So that you can examine the beautiful filming locations closely.

Where Was Christmas Made To Order Filmed? Let’s Know This Romantic Flick Closely!

The production unit of Christmas Made to Order was specifically inclined to shoot this jovial flick, outside of America. However, after director Sam Irvin came on board, he reviewed and changed the list of potential filming locations. Christmas Made to Order was filmed entirely in America. The majority of the filming took place in the state of Utah, while the remaining portion was captured in California.

The principal photography commenced towards the end of October 2018 and was completed within a short span of 6 weeks. The production unit originally planned to shoot the film within an even tighter schedule, in 4 weeks. However, due to the mismanagement of the crew, the filming schedule was slightly delayed. Now, without further ado, let’s have a detailed discussion about where was Christmas Made To Order filmed.

Where Was Christmas Made To Order Filmed? An Upbeat Romantic Flick From 2018!!

Utah | USA

The beautiful state of Utah, was the first choice of Sam when it came to deciding on a perfect filming location. As the picturesque backdrop of the capital city of Utah was ideal to depict Steven’s hometown in the film. Thus the opening sequence, where we see Steven inside his bachelor pad, was in fact filmed in Salt Lake City. A medium-sized, well-designed house located in an uptown area of the city was used to capture the exterior shots of the architect’s home. The filming crew also took several outdoor shots of the said neighborhood, to depict the surroundings of Steven’s home.

Other outdoor sequences in the film featured Temple Square, located at 50 North Temple, Salt Lake City and the lush Liberty Park. This park, situated at a prime location in the city, was used to shoot the scene where Steven meets Gretchen for the first time. The production unit then moved to the next location after filming a couple of the other scenes.

California | USA

Where Was Christmas Made To Order Filmed? An Upbeat Romantic Flick From 2018!!

After arriving in California, the production unit immediately started looking for a well-equipped studio to shoot the interior sequences. Thus after finding and contacting one of the renowned studios in Los Angeles, the remaining part of the movie was shot. However, during the filming of the interior sequences inside the studio, the filming crew struggled to get the logistics delivered on time. 

One thing led to the other, and soon the entire filming schedule was delayed, as the unit had to change the studio in between the filming process. Nonetheless, the unit soon finished the entire filming process, including the Christmas party scene and then commenced to work on post-production and other parts of filmmaking.

Alright dear friends, now allow me to discuss the plot of the film in brief. So that you can understand the actual narrative of the film. Meanwhile, you can also check out, Eyes Wide Shut, Noel Next Door and Pretty Woman which I guess would turn out to be equally entertaining.

Plot Of Christmas Made To Order | What’s It About

Where Was Christmas Made To Order Filmed? An Upbeat Romantic Flick From 2018!!

At the very beginning of the film, we see the character of Stevens, a young and talented architect by profession, enjoying his bachelor’s life. But later as the story progresses, the veil of superficial happiness is lifted, when Steven is shown lamenting over missing his parents and childhood friends.

Soon after, the architect starts looking for ideas, to reconcile with his family and friends and spend some quality time together. But no major thoughts strike his mind, as Steven has always been socially awkward, and not well-versed with social norms. Nevertheless, one fine day while on his way to work, Steven gets acquainted with Gretchen, an ambitious party planner at a park, and swiftly asks her to join him for a cup of coffee in the evening. Later the duo meet and strike up a conversation about their lives when Stevens suddenly asks Gretchen if she could plan a Christmas party for him, to which she happily agrees.

In the final quarter of the film, Gretchen eventually visits Steven’s house to draft a working plan for the Christmas party. The female lead soon arranges all the decorations and fun items for the gala evening, as Stevens writes and makes phone calls to his family and friends. Finally, all the invitees arrive at the party, making it a huge success. Stevens pumped up with happiness and joy, and thanks Gretchen from the bottom of his heart. 

Now in order to find out how Steven and Gretchen end up getting into a serious romantic relationship, you’d have to watch this film. As I don’t think you’d enjoy getting all the spoilers here!

Final Words

Ok guys, now that I’ve narrated the basic premise of the film, and also shared with you where was Christmas Made To Order filmed. I hope you enjoyed the read and found what you were looking for. Be sure to check out other amazing articles on Viebly, as well.

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film Christmas Made To Order?

The cast of the film Christmas Made to Order includes Alexa PenaVega, Jonathan Bennett, Jacob Young, Chelsea Gibson and Andrew Roach along with some other actors.

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Film Christmas Made To Order?

Theo Angell is the cinematographer of the film Christmas Made to Order.

What Is The Rating Of The Film Christmas Made To Order?

The film Christmas Made to Order has a TV-G rating.

What Is The Runtime Of The Film Christmas Made To Order?

1h 20m is the runtime of the film Christmas Made to Order.

Who Is The Music Director Of The Film Christmas Made To Order?

Marc Ferrari is the music director of the film Christmas Made to Order.

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