Where Was Unlocking Christmas filmed? A Hallmark Original Movie Filled With Mystery And Love!


The holiday season is coming soon, and It’s time to start channeling the Christmas mood. What can be better than a good Christmas movie to start with?  Well, we have got just the right one to get you started on that. Unlocking Christmas is one of those Christmas movies that got the audience raving with its story and serene locations and is a good watch. If you are also the one, who came here to find out where was Unlocking Christmas filmed, then you are at the right place.

Unlocking Christmas is a Hallmark Original movie that was released in December 2020. It is a romantic movie filled with mystery making it a unique experience for the viewers. Unlocking Christmas stars Taylor Cole and Steve Lund in the lead roles and is directed by Don McBrearty. If you haven’t watched this movie yet and have been looking for new movies to add to your list of Christmas movies, this one can be a perfect one.

Talking about the filming locations which you guys came here to know, Unlocking Christmas was filmed in various parts of Canada, but mostly in the Almonte region of Ottawa, Ontario. Keep reading the article as we are going to discuss where was Unlocking Christmas filmed in detail and also tell you about the plot of the movie so you can have a better idea about the movie.

The Plot Of Unlocking Christmas | Let The Mystery Unlock!

The story of Unlocking Christmas revolves around two people Kate (Taylor Cole) and Kevin ( Steve Lund). Both of these people are trying to figure out what to do with their lives next. Kate has just arrived in town for her one-year medical fellowship at a town hospital while Kevin is back home after a deployment in the Air Force.

Both of them find each other in a strange situation when a mysterious key and a riddle arrive at their doorsteps. As they start solving the Christmas-themed puzzles, they coincidentally meet each other and start working on the puzzles together, and they slowly start to fall for each other. 

Where Was Unlocking Christmas Filmed? Know all about the Quaint Locations!

Where Was Unlocking Christmas filmed? A Hallmark Original Movie Filled With Mystery And Love!

Most of the Hallmark movies are set in attractive old-fashioned towns to represent the Christmas Vibes. Watching the lead characters walk through the holiday-decorated streets makes the movie immersive and a joy to watch. Let’s go through all these major locations of the movie in detail now so you know where was Unlocking Christmas filmed.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Where Was Unlocking Christmas filmed? A Hallmark Original Movie Filled With Mystery And Love!

Ontario is home to the nation’s largest city, Toronto, and the capital of Ottawa. It is called Canada’s most dynamic province due to its wilderness, pristine lakes, and one of Canada’s most popular natural attractions, Niagara Falls. 

Ottawa is the capital city of Canada, located in the east of southern Ontario and close to Montréal and the American border. Sitting on the banks of the Ottawa River is the famous Parliament Hill, which features impressive Victorian architecture. It also has other institutions like the National Gallery of Canada, which is known for its collections of indigenous and Canadian art. In the summer, boats line the park-lined Rideau Canal, and in the winter, it is a bustling place for ice skaters.

The filming of Unlocking Christmas majorly took place in the Almonte Region of Ontario. Almonte is a small town with only 6,000 residents and has a lovely main street that is ideal for a holiday film. It is also referred to as “Mini Hollywood North”. Unlocking Christmas filming reportedly wrapped up in the second half of 2020, placing numerous restrictions on the schedule due to the Pandemic. 

Some scenes in the movie show a Canadian store buried in snow which was been tastefully designed to fit the vibe of Christmas. The store that we see is the LG Lee & Sons store and it has been featured in various scenes of the Unlocking Christmas.

Filming Locations of the movie are dispersed throughout various streets of the Ottawa region. The Mississippi Valley Textile Museum in Almonte served as the backdrop for some scenes in the movie. The scenes in which the two main characters attend a carnival were filmed at this museum, giving the scene an additional effect. The Santa’s Village seen in the movie is originally a vacant Ultramar Lot of the Mississippi Mills.

Some of the scenes in the movie also took place at some private residences on Elgin Street and Perth Street and you can also see the Superior Restaurant of Almonte in a scene as well.

The best sights, attractions, events, and cuisines in the nation can all be found in Ottawa, which is a warm and friendly city. The Ottawa region can be best experienced over three days or more due to its distinctive blend of urban and rural beauty, year-round outdoor activities, and active neighbourhoods. Ottawa and Ontario are also been a favorite filming location for many film and TV productions. Some of the movies that were filmed here are Dawn Of The Dead, The Man From Toronto, Source Code, etc.

Final Words

Alright, we have reached the end of the article and discussed the plot of the movie and its filming locations. Now, you have an idea about where was Unlocking Christmas filmed. The movie was filmed in the Almonte region of Ontario and some parts of Ottawa, and we have shared all the possible information regarding the place and the locations with you. 

If you are planning to visit Canada during the coming holidays then make sure to check out the places we have mentioned.

If you liked the article, then please let us know in the comments section below. Keep reading more interesting filming location articles on our website, like where was A Country Wedding And A Jazzman’s Blues filmed.

Where to watch Unlocking Christmas for free?

Unlocking Christmas is currently streaming on DIRECTV, but if you want to watch it for free, you can watch it on JustWatch

What is the runtime of Unlocking Christmas?

The runtime of Unlocking Christmas is 1 Hour and 25 Minutes.

What are some other Hallmark movies by Steve Lund?

Some Hallmark movies in which Steve Lund worked are The Christmas Cottage and The Art Of Us.

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