Where Was Chupa Filmed? Latest Adventure Flick On Netflix!!


Are you looking for a new adventure drama flick? Then you stop your search here. In this article, I’ll discuss the new Netflix movie, Chupa and also tell you where was Chupa filmed.

The American gripping adventure movie Chupa premiered on Netflix earlier this month. This heart warming movie was actually inspired by Joe Barnathan’s fictional story. However, other famed screenwriters like Sean Kennedy and Marcus Rineheart later joined the project and also contributed to developing the screenplay.

The basic premise of Chupa revolves around the character of Alex, a young Mexican boy who discovers a young mythical creature. The story gets interesting when Alex and his cousin embark on an adventurous journey to save the chupacabra.

The critical response of Chupa is quite positive. Fans, especially kids who enjoy watching fantasy adventure films, thoroughly enjoy the captivating storyline. Important to mention that the stellar on-screen performance of the actors in this Netflix original film was also commended by many audiences.

However, before I share other information about this super-intriguing film, let’s first find out where was Chupa filmed.

Where Was Chupa Filmed? Let’s Know This Adventure Drama Film Closely!

The story of Chupa is set in parts of America and Mexico. But you’d be surprised to know that none of the sequences of this movie were filmed in Mexico. The entire movie was filmed in America, specifically in and around the state of New Mexico.

Although during the initial phase of production, Cuaron and his team weren’t completely sure about the filming location. Thus after completing other tasks, the production members began scouting for ideal locations.

In fact, the director even sent a special team to search for suitable shooting spots in Mexico. On the other hand, Cuaron scouted the potential locations in person, along with other team members.

Eventually, Cuaron was satisfied with the overall look of the identified potential shooting  locations in New Mexico. The director then asked the other team members to return from Mexico, as he found the location he was looking for.

The principal photography began in the final week of August 2021 and continued till the end of November of the same year. The shooting schedule wasn’t delayed, as the production members were able to follow the original filming schedule.

However, after the shooting ended, the production members faced major challenges during the post-production process. The makers were initially hoping to release Chupa last year, but the release date was apparently delayed for several reasons.

But today, we will take a closer look at Chupa’s filming locations and discuss where Chupa filmed in depth.

New Mexico | USA

Where Was Chupa Filmed? Latest Adventure Flick On Netflix!!

The movie’s opening sequence, where we see the character of Alex inside his home in Kansas, was actually filmed in the town of Mesilla. 

This sparsely populated town is located in Dona Ana County, New Mexico. It’s also important to mention that Mesilla was also considered to be the capital of the Confederate Territory of Arizona for some time. 

Coming back to the filming locations of Chupa, the opening sequence depicting Alex’s family home in America was filmed inside a small house located in the southern part of this town. The production members only filmed a handful of scenes around this property in Mesilla and then moved to the next location.

Other important outdoor sequences were filmed in and around the town of Estancia. This town is an integral part of Torrance County. Estancia also serves as an important part of the Albuquerque Metropolitan Statistical Area.

All major outdoor sequences from the second part of Chupa were captured in and around this beautiful town in New Mexico. In fact, the sequences where we see Alex’s ancestral home in Mexico were also filmed here.

Finally, the production members of Chupa moved to Sandoval County. The ending sequence of the movie was filmed around the census-designated area of Zia Pueblo. Shortly after, the filming process of Chupa ended by the final week of November 2021.

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And now, let me walk you through the plot of Chupa. In the meantime, you can also check out Unstable, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and House of the Dragon.

Plot Of Chupa | What’s It About

Where Was Chupa Filmed? Latest Adventure Flick On Netflix!!

The basic premise of Chupa revolves around the character of Alex, a young Mexican boy who discovers a mysterious creature. At the beginning of the film, the lead actor travels to Mexico from Kansas City to see his family members.

As the story progresses further, Alex gets overjoyed to meet his family members after ages. Shortly after, he decides to look around his grandfather’s farm and suddenly comes across a mythical creature named Chupacabra. What happens next completely changes Alex and his cousin’s life forever.

Watch Chupa on Netflix now!

Final Words

Alright, friends! I hope now you finally know where was Chupa filmed. I’ve mentioned all the filming locations of Chupa. Plus I’ve also added a number of popular tourist locations in New Mexico.

But if you still have any other questions regarding Chupa, feel free to drop a comment below. To read other interesting pieces, browse through other articles on Viebly.

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film Chupa?

The cast of the film Chupa includes Demian Bichir, Christian Slater, and Evan Whitten, along with some other notable actors.

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Film Chupa?

Nico Aguilar is the cinematographer of the film Chupa. 

What Is The Rating Of The Film Chupa?

The film Chupa has a PG rating.

Who Is The Music Director Of The Film Chupa?

Carlos Rafael Rivera is the music director of the film Chupa. 

What Is The Runtime Of The Film Chupa?

1h 25m is the runtime of the film Chupa. 


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