Where Was Clueless Filmed? Amy Heckerling’s Teen Comedy Flick!!


Have you watched Amy Heckerling’s teen comedy flick, Clueless? Would you like to know where was Clueless filmed? Then, you can follow this piece and find everything you need to know about this vintage film.

Clueless is an American comedy flick that was written and directed by Amy Heckerling. Alicia Silverstone and Stacy Dash played the lead roles, while Brittany Murphy was featured as the supporting character.

The basic premise of Clueless revolves around the character of Cher, a rich young American girl living in Beverly Hills. The story gets interesting when Cher convinces her high school teachers to date each other.

Clueless was released on 19th July 1995. Within the first two weeks following the release, this rib-tickling flick became super popular. Clueless went on to gross over $56 million against a very nominal shooting budget. Other than that, this vintage comedy film also collected several nominations and won 6 major awards.

Are you really excited to find out the filming locations of this award-winning comedy film? Well, then, all you have to do is read this piece till the end. Because now, I’ll discuss where was Clueless filmed.

Where Was Clueless Filmed? Let’s Know This Romantic Comedy Flick Closely!

Where Was Clueless Filmed? Amy Heckerling’s Teen Comedy Flick!!

As I mentioned earlier, the story of this romantic comedy movie is set in California, specifically in Beverly Hills. However, apart from a few pivotal scenes, Amy decided to shoot the majority of the outdoor scenes in and around different locations in California.

The fact that Amy wrote the screenplay for this project, apart from being at the helm of affairs, helped her in deciding the filming locations without any confusion. So, while Amy was writing the screenplay for this movie, she almost made up her mind to shoot the entire film in California.

But, in order to make sure the filming locations were available and whiting the shooting budget, Amy asked a couple of members of her team to scout in and around the state of California. After the main filming locations were selected in Los Angeles County, Amy pitched in to scout the rest of the shooting sites in person.

A couple of weeks later, the director arrived in Long Beach and searched for potential shooting locations. As soon as all the filming locations of Clueless were selected by Amy and her team, she asked the crew to start shooting.

The principal photography of Clueless commenced in the third week of November 1994 and was over by the end of 1994. The shooting schedule of Clueless lasted less than a month since the production members only had to shoot in and around the state of California.

The logistics were arranged by the crew before the shooting started to avoid any sort of disruptions during the filming process. By and large the production members were able to complete the shooting process of Clueless without any issues.

Let us now go ahead and take a closer look at where was Clueless filmed. Later, I’ll give you an overview of this romantic comedy flick as well.

California | USA

Where Was Clueless Filmed? Amy Heckerling’s Teen Comedy Flick!!

The opening scene of the film, where we see the character of Stacey Dash for the first time, was filmed in Beverly Hills. The production members selected a medium-sized mansion located at 705 North Sierra Drive, Beverly Hills.

A couple of other outdoor shots were captured around the Beverly Hills area. Such as the scene where the character of Cher appears to be walking down the street was filmed near 150 North Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills.

Meanwhile, the scenes depicting Cher’s home were captured outside of a medium-sized house located at 5148 Louise Avenue, Encino, Los Angeles. The remaining outdoor scenes of the movie were filmed near Long Beach.

The iconic skateboarding scene in the movie was filmed near Shoreline Village, located at 407 Shoreline Village Dr, Beverly Hills. On the other hand, the sequences depicting Cher and Stacey’s high school were filmed inside Ulysses South Grant High School, located at 13000 Oxnard St, Van Nuys.

Additional outdoor scenes of Clueless were captured near 1600 Campus Road, Eagle Rock, and 5600 Vineland Avenue, North Hollywood. After all these scenes were filmed, the production members used a film studio in Los Angeles to capture the remaining interior scenes.

The shooting process of Clueless was over by the final week of December 1994, after which the production members began working on the promotion of this romantic comedy flick.

Guys, these were the main filming locations in California that were used in the making of Clueless. If you’re planning to visit California later this year, then you can look up San Francisco, Yosemite National Park, Daytona Beach, and San Antonio. 

These are some of the most sought-after places in this state. So, before you make your travel arrangements for your next trip, make sure to check out these places in California.

And now, let me give you an overview of Clueless. Meanwhile, you can also read What does PYO mean on Instagram, How to turn off Snapchat Writing notification, and Strongest Female Nen Users.

Plot Of Clueless | What’s It About

The story of Clueless revolves around the character of Cher, a young and rich American girl living in Beverly Hills. At the very beginning of the movie, the female lead gets into an argument with one of her friends at the school.

As the story progresses further, Cher is able to mitigate the long-standing issue with one of her friends. Later, the female lead and her best friend plan to pull a prank on one of their teachers. Soon, these goofy high school girls end up convincing two teachers to date each other.

Watch Clueless now and find out the full story.

Final Words

Friends, this is the final segment of this piece. So before I part ways with you, let’s recall what we’ve discussed today. I’ve mentioned the main filming locations of Clueless and also walked you through the plot of this romantic comedy flick.

So, if you think the plot was interesting, you can definitely go ahead and watch this film. Otherwise, if you wish to read more pieces like where was Clueless filmed, then you can browse through other blogs on Viebly.

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