Where Was Country At Heart Filmed? An Enticing Musical Drama Film From 2020!!


Have you been looking for something starkly different from high-flying action films to watch this weekend? Then I’d suggest you read this piece to know all about the musical-drama flick, Country At Heart. Furthermore, I’ll also let you in on where was Country At Heart filmed.

The American romantic drama flick Country At Heart was released on Hallmark channel back in 2020. However, the makers of this Tv movie later sold the filming rights to Netflix, which means you can definitely stream this movie on Netflix this weekend. Bradley Walsh was at the helm of affairs for this project, working alongside skilled screenwriters.

The basic premise of Country At Heart revolves around the characters of Duke Sterling and Shayna Judson, two talented musicians from Nashville. The story gets interesting when the lead singer proposes to the famed songwriter at a live musical concert.

Country At Heart didn’t manage to collect prestigious nominations or win any major awards, as such. But this heart-warming film definitely left romantic movie fans satisfied. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the stellar performance of Lucas Bryant and Jessy Schram in the lead roles. The critics also reviewed this Tv movie positively, as the overall storyline was pretty interesting.

So, if you’re ready to know where was Country At Heart filmed, then continue to read this article till the very end.

Where Was Country At Heart Filmed? Let’s Know This Musical Flick Closely!

The story of Country At Heart is set in America, however, the shooting of this Tv movie didn’t take place on location. The creative heads of this project decided to shoot the majority of the sequences in and around Canada.

Thus after the shooting budget was reviewed, the production members started looking for perfect filming locations around various places in Canada. The makers didn’t want to shoot in British Columbia, like most other Hallmark original films, thus, they particularly asked the crew to look for ideal shooting locations in Ontario.

After several weeks, the filming crew came up with a number of potential shooting locations around the beautiful province of Ontario and submitted the same list. The creative heads checked the list and selected suitable locations, and then instructed the crew to commence shooting.

The principal photography began in the first week of August 2019 and was astonishingly completed by the end of the same month. The production members pre-arranged most of the logistics, way before the actual filming began. This immensely helped the crew to stay on top of the shooting dates, and finish shooting even before the estimated timeline.

Now, if you’re all set to know where was Country At Heart filmed, then let’s dive right in and discuss the filming locations, one by one.

Sudbury, Ontario | Canada

The opening sequence of the movie, where we see the character of Duke Sterling, returning back to his home in Nashville, was actually filmed in Ontario. The production members arranged a small-sized house in Sudbury, which is located near the northern part of Ontario.

The sequences depicting the return of the lead actor to his family after the shambolic musical concert was then filmed inside this same property. No major changes were made to the overall structure of the property, as the director found it to be perfect, just the way it was.

The production members then turned around a vacant commercial space, into a lively coffee shop. The sequence where we see the lead character meeting Shayna for the first time in the movie was then captured inside this place. 

Additional sequences were also captured in several areas of Sudbury, depicting the surrounding of Duke’s home. Then finally the production members moved to the next filming location and captured the remaining sequences of the movie.

Sturgeon Falls, Ontario | Canada

Where Was Country At Heart Filmed? An Enticing Musical Drama Film From 2020!!

The final quarter of the movie, depicting the scenes where Duke and Shayna gear for the major musical concert in Alabama, was actually shot near Sturgeon Falls. This world-famous natural waterfall is located in the municipality area of West Nipissing. 

Each year around autumn and spring, tourists from all parts of the world often visit West Nissiping to witness the sheer beauty of this natural waterfall. So, in order to shoot the final sequence of the movie, the production members located a sparsely populated area near the falls. The outdoor sequence of the final musical concert was then shot.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the plot of Country At Heart. Meanwhile, you can check out Stay Close, 1899, and Queen of the South as well.

Plot Of Country At Heart | What’s It About?

Where Was Country At Heart Filmed? An Enticing Musical Drama Film From 2020!!

The basic premise of Country At Heart revolves around Duke Sterling, a talented young musician from Nashville, who is hoping to make a successful career in music. At the very beginning of the film, the lead actor returns to his home after the performance, which went horribly wrong.

But, as the story progresses further, Duke is able to revive his musical career, with the help of an old friend. While returning from an audition, the lead actor runs into the character of Shayna, an old friend, who later writes the lyrics for Duke’s new song. The lead actor soon gets romantically attached to his friend. Watch Country At Heart to find out what happens when Duke finally proposes to Shayna.

Final Words

Alright, folks, I hope you enjoyed the read, and finally know where was Country At Heart filmed. However, if you have any other doubts regarding this piece, do let us know in the comments section below. We’d be more than glad to resolve your queries. But, if you’re intrigued by reading other pieces like this, then you can certainly check out other articles on Viebly too.

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Film Country At Heart?

Brett Van Dyke is the cinematographer of the film Country At Heart

What Is The Rating Of The Film Country At Heart?

The film Country At Heart has a TV-G rating.

Who Is The Music Director Of The Film Country At Heart?

Christopher Gulick is the music director of the film Country At Heart.

Who Is The Producer Of The Film Country At Heart?

Julia Currie and Eric Jarboie are the producers of the film Country At Heart, amongst a few others.

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