Where Was Dexter New Blood Filmed? A Thrilling Crime Drama!


Are you a big fan of the Dexter series? If yes, then I guess you are searching for the details of its sequel, Dexter: New Blood(2021). So, you have come to the right page to know about this hit crime mystery drama and where was Dexter New Blood filmed.

The American crime mystery series Dexter: New Blood is based on the book series Dexter Novels written by Jeff Lindsay. Clyde Phillips developed Dexter as a standalone series for the channel Showtime that premiered from October 2006 to September 2013. After eight years, the team returned with their miniseries for the same network. 

The story is set ten years after the final episode of the Dexter series; the serial killer moves from Miami to Iron Lake, hides his all identity, and works in a store. He tries to control his dark urges, but when his son reaches him, the dark passenger is about to emerge again.

The crime drama series received positive reviews from critics and has an IMDb rating of 8.1/10. The series earned six nominations in different categories. So, are you excited to know where was Dexter New Blood filmed? If yes, continue reading the article to find the filming locations’ details.

Where Was Dexter New Blood Filmed? Check Out The Location Details Here!

The original series Dexter was set in Miami, and the sequel is in the fictional town of Iron Lake. So, the team decided to shoot in different towns in Massachusetts. Unlike most crime series with dark themes, Dexter: New Blood is shown with a bright snow backdrop. So, you will significantly enjoy the breezy locations of this crime drama.

The filming of Dexter: New Blood began in February 2021 and lasted till July of the same year. Now, let’s discuss where was Dexter New Blood filmed in detail.

Franklin County, Massachusetts | USA

Where Was Dexter New Blood Filmed? A Thrilling Crime Drama!

Most of the series’ sequences were filmed in Franklin County, located in the northwestern region of Massachusetts. Some lake shots were filmed in this region. The team also filmed in various famous spots in this region, including Odd Fellows’ Hall and Iron Bridge. The filming also took place in State Street. The other parts of this region, Whately and Sunderland, were used for filming a few shots.

Worcester County, Massachusetts | USA

Where Was Dexter New Blood Filmed? A Thrilling Crime Drama!

The filming crew next moved to Worcester town to shoot a few sequences. The production team used different regions of Worcester, including Lincoln Street, Denison Road, and Colby Avenue. A few portions were filmed in the hotel located at Front Street.

Many pivotal scenes of the series were filmed in Camp Collier in Gardner. A few cities of Worcester County were used for filming, including West Boylston, Sterling, and Grafton.

Devens, Massachusetts | USA

Where Was Dexter New Blood Filmed? A Thrilling Crime Drama!

Devens is another primary location of the series Dexter: New Blood. Here the team used the New England Studio to shoot the interior portions of the series. This studio has four soundstages, and many famous shows like The Society and Castle Rock were filmed here. The team also used different regions of Devens for filming.

Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts | USA

Shelburne Falls is used for shooting Dexter’s home scenes. It is a small town with cold, snowy surroundings. So, this served as the perfect location for Dexter’s misdeeds.

Middlesex, Massachusetts | USA

Where Was Dexter New Blood Filmed? A Thrilling Crime Drama!

A few portions of the Dexter: New Blood series were filmed in Middlesex County. Some scenes were recorded in Nagog Hill Road. The other parts of the County used for filming included Shirley, Westford, and Boxborough.

Well, these are the fantastic locations Where was Dexter New Blood filmed that you need to know. Now, let me give you an overview of the plot of the Dexter: New Blood series.

Plot Of Dexter: New Blood | What Is The Story About?

Where Was Dexter New Blood Filmed? A Thrilling Crime Drama!

The story follows Dexter Morgan, who moves to Iron Lake and lives in the name of Jim Lindsay. He works as a clerk and also develops a relationship with a police officer, Angela Bishop. He suppresses his serial killing urges and tries to live a peaceful life.

However, Dexter’s son arrives at his place, which makes Dexter worry whether his dark urges will appear again. So, to know how the story progresses, watch the series on Hulu.

Final Words

So, I hope now you know where was Dexter New Blood filmed. Do you like the above-mentioned locations? If yes, then you can plan a trip to visit and spot those filming locations. If you want us to cover any of the movie titles, then let us know in the comments section below.

Who are the cinematographers of the series?

The cinematographers of the series are Hillary Fyfe Spera and Michael Watson.

How many episodes are in the series Dexter: New Blood?

There are ten episodes in the series Dexter: New Blood.

What is the tagline of the series?

The tagline of the series is Long Time No Spree. 

What is the certification of the series Dexter: New Blood?

The certification of the series is TV-MA.

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