Where Was Dirty Grandpa Filmed? Best Comedy Flick Of 2016!!


Are you searching for a comedy movie featuring some of the best actors in hollywood? Well, then make sure to read this article, where I discuss the best comedy flick of 2016, Dirty Grandpa. And also share with you where was Dirty Grandpa filmed.

Dirty Grandpa is an American comedy-drama film starring Robert De Niro and Zac Efron. The movie was released in the first month of 2016. The basic premise of the movie revolves around the characters of Jason and Dick Kelly. The grandfather and grandson duo go on a crazy trip and party all over california.  

The film grossed over $100 million in worldwide box office collection and was a commercial success! Strangely enough, though, the film did not receive a positive review from the critics and was written off as a bad film.

For now, let’s go ahead and discuss the plot of the film in brief. So that you can formulate your opinion about this movie and have a better understanding of the storyline. And later in this article, I will also discuss where was Dirty Grandpa filmed.

Plot Of Dirty Grandpa | What’s It About

The film begins by showing Jason Kelly (played by Zac Efron) attending the funeral of his grandmother. Jason later meets his grandfather Dick and consoles him for the loss. As the day falls and the other family members gather to leave, Jason decides to stay back with his grandpa.

Dick, however, comes up with a plan to get out of the mourning and tells his grandson to come along on a road trip with him. Hesitant at first, Jason later tags along with Dick on an adventure and fun-filled ride to Daytona beach in California.

What started off as an adventure to get out of sadness turned out wild pretty quickly. Dick began partying like an animal and spoiled his meek and timid grandson into doing all sorts of mischievous things. The film ends on a happy note as Jason marries his fiance, and Dick continues to enjoy his life like an energetic and lively teenager.

Dan Manzer did an excellent job as a director by portraying the frolic relationship between an old man and his grandson. Along with the absolute hysterical events that take place in the film, there is an underlying story of bonding and love. The story is well-paced, and not to mention the locations shown in the backdrop are totally breathtaking!

Even though the movie did not receive positive reviews from the critics, I’d definitely recommend you watch this comedy drama flick. Now let’s find out where was Dirty Grandpa filmed. For you to be able to dote on the locations that were used for filming.

Where Was Dirty Grandpa Filmed? Let’s Know The Movie Closely!!

Where Was Dirty Grandpa Filmed? Let’s Know The Movie Closely!!

Director Manzer, along with his production team, did not choose to film in Daytona, California. They consciously avoided shooting at the same location where the film is set in because of a couple of reasons, which we will discuss.

Firstly, the filming schedule was really tight, and the team could not procure filming permission from the authorities in Daytona. And secondly, the logistics that were required for filming did not reach the location on time, as it got delayed in transit.

Thus finally, the production unit arrived at a conclusion to shoot the entire film in Atlanta, Georgia. So let us check out the major locations in Georgia that were used for shooting Dirty Grandpa.

Atlanta, Georgia

where was grandpa filmed

The city of Atlanta has always proven to be a favorite filming site for cinematographers and directors from all over the world. This historical city in the state of Georgia not only preserves and celebrates art, culture, and history. But also encourages artists and art enthusiasts to create more substantial content by using the infrastructure that the city provides.

And most of all, the hefty tax exemption that filmmakers receive really helps the production to utilize the financial relief in other areas, such as marketing, post-production, etc. 

Thus, by keeping the same advantages in mind, the crew commenced principal photography in the city on 5 January 2015. And continued for the next 4 weeks shooting in and around Atlanta.

Major sequences, such as the first time Jason attends his grandmother’s funeral, was filmed at a location in the outskirts of Atlanta.  Special lighting equipment had to be brought in, as the scene was filmed during the evening. Other minor scenes were filmed in The Grand Atrium, located at 200 Peachtree and Riverside in Atlanta.

Meanwhile, you can also look up these popular films and TV shows such as Do Revenge, She-Hulk: Attorney At Law, Cobra Kai, The Walking Dead, and Stranger Things, that were also filmed in the city of Atlanta, Georgia.

Tybee Island, Georgia

Where Was Dirty Grandpa Filmed? Let’s Know The Movie Closely!!

Tybee Island, as you might have guessed from the name, is an island-city located near Savannah in Georgia. The production unit of Dirty Grandpa arrived at this location to shoot and replicate the scenes from Daytona beach.

As a significant number of sequences were required to be filmed at this location, the filming schedule had to be stretched for 2 weeks over the projected time. 

Nonetheless, the crew managed to pull it off seamlessly, and no issues were reported while filming at this location. Director Manzer, along with his crew, had acquired all necessary permissions from the authorities in advance. And they received the same amount of support from the cast members as well.

Sequences such as the street brawl that grandpa gets involved in (you have to watch, to believe it, lol!) was filmed at the 16th St in Tybee Island, Georgia. Not to mention the infamous wild beach party that’s shown in the movie was also filmed at the same place. 

The production officially announced the completion of filming for Dirty Grandpa in May 2015.

Final Words

Alright, now that you’re well acquainted with the plot of the movie and know where was Dirty Grandpa filmed. I hope you’d give this a shot! The film not only entertains you with the brilliant script and on-screen performance by veteran actor Robert De Niro. But also subtly implies the value of relationships that transcends the boundary of age.

Although, if you’re rather interested in the filming locations, you can definitely look them up and plan your next trip to Atlanta or even the beach city, Tybee Island. 

Whichever may be the case, be sure to visit Viebly for more such informative and entertaining articles about other films and TV shows. Until then, keep it 8 more than 92 is.

I’m outtie!

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film Dirty Grandpa?

The cast of the film, Dirty Grandpa, includes Robert Deniro, Zac Effron, Aubrey Plaza, Zoey Deutch, and Dermot Mulroney.

Who Produced The Film Dirty Grandpa?

Barry Josephson and Bill Block were the producers of the film Dirty Grandpa.

Who Directed The Film Dirty Grandpa?

Dan Menzer directed the film Dirty Grandpa.

Who Wrote The Screenplay Of The Film Dirty Grandpa?

John Phillips wrote the screenplay for the film Dirty Grandpa.

What Is The Runtime Of The Film Dirty Grandpa?

1h 42m is the runtime of the film Dirty Grandpa.

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