Where Was Doc Martin Filmed? The Scenic Towns Of Cornwall!


There’s nothing more heartwarming than romantic comedies filled with beautiful storylines. There are multiple medical dramas like Doc Martin that present a beautiful love story while presenting the journey of various people. If you have been following the series, you might be curious to know where was Doc Martin filmed.

Doc Martin is a medical drama that features the journey of a doctor who moves to a small quaint village. After developing a severe case of Hameophobia the man had to give up surgery and works as a general practitioner. However, he unexpectedly finds that living in the village is not as bad as he thought it would be.

Doc Martin was filmed in Cornwall which is situated in England. The British series was primarily filmed in the regions of Port Issac and some scenes for the series were also filmed in Boscastle and Bodrin as well. The creators of the movie must have been enchanted by the beautiful sceneries of Port Issac, as the series is exceptionally beautiful to watch.

We will be checking out where was Doc Martin filmed and the general plot of the series. For people who love to explore filming locations, they can check out the places where titles like Mad Mad World and Sleepy Hollow were filmed as well.

Doc Martin | The Life Of Martin Ellingham!

Here’s the general plot of the medical comedy, before we further discuss where was Doc Martin filmed.

Doc Martin revolves around the life of Doctor Martin Ellingham who is a famous vascular surgeon in London. However, due to some incidents he suddenly develops hemophobia and is unable to conduct surgeries. Due to his disease, the doctor is then transferred to a small village called Portwenn in the countryside where he has to work as a General Practitioner. This results in the man feeling bitter and helpless, but he still chooses to stay in the village and work as a GP there.

After his arrival at the village, the doctor is appalled to see the state of the infirmary. However, he also faces multiple issues due to his inability to interact properly with people and the villagers find him rude and unbecoming. The show primarily presents Martin’s attempts at making a place for himself in the village, as he tries to come to terms with his disease.

Will Martin be able to cure his condition and return back to his surgical practice? Will he be able to mend his behavioral ways and find a place for himself amongst the villagers? The final season of the series is currently ongoing and it will be concluding after 10 seasons. You can check out the previous seasons online if you still haven’t watched the series.

IMDb Rating8.4
Runtime (per episode)46 minutes
Creator(s)Dominic Minghella, Mark Crowdy, Craig Ferguson
CastMartin Clunes, Caroline Catz, Ian McNeice
Release DateJanuary 1, 2004 (United States)
Production(s)Buffalo Pictures, Homerun Productions

Where Was Doc Martin Filmed? 

Where Was Doc Martin Filmed? The Scenic Towns Of Cornwall!

Doc Martin is a heart-warming comedy that presents the trials of a doctor suffering through a psychological condition. Without further delay, let us move further to explore where was Doc Martin filmed.

It is also notable that, if you love to travel to new places, and explore new destinations you can also check out the places that were used for filming Unlocking Christmas and The Exorcist.

Port Issac

Where Was Doc Martin Filmed? The Scenic Towns Of Cornwall!

Doc Martin is set in a fictional village called Portwenn, where the doctor has to move to work as a General Practitioner. Most of the series was filmed in Port Issac, which was used to portray the village of Portwenn. There are multiple tours for the fans of the series in the town if you plan to visit it.

Port Issac is quite a small region, yet it has a lot of scenic places that visitors can travel to. The best places to check out in Port Issac are, the Port Issac Harbour, South West Coast Path, Cornish Coats Adventures, and St Endellion War Memorial. Besides these locations, visitors can also check out local places like Harbour Treats, Port Issac Pottery, Fisherman Friends, Cliffside Gallery, and Collegiate Chruch of St Endellion.

Port Issac is quite a visually pleasing countryside region, which is also close to multiple beaches. Because of the picturesque scenery of the region, some films have also been filmed in the small region. It is a given that the series Doc Martin is one of the reasons the locality became well-known. However, some other titles that were filmed in the area are Fisherman’s Friends, Saving Grace, Swept From The Sea, and Oscar and Lucinda.


Where Was Doc Martin Filmed? The Scenic Towns Of Cornwall!

The small town of Bodmin was also used for filming some minor scenes in the series Doc Martin. The nearby town of Boscastle was also used for some other scenes of the series. It is notable that Bodmin was primarily used for showcasing Joan Norton’s house in the series, and the scenes filmed nearby the house.

The town of Bodmin is a quaint cozy town, that is equally picturesque as Port Issac. This small countryside region situated in Cornwall is also home to a lot of beautiful natural spaces which travelers can check out. The best places to check out in Bodmin are Lanhydrock Garden, Camel Valley Vineyard, Bodmin Moor, Roughtor, Respryn Circular Walk, and Dozmary Pool. Besides these lush green places, the town also has some beautiful attractions like Bodmin Information Center, Bodmin Town Museum, Bodmin Jail Attraction, and the Cornwall Army Museum.

It is also notable that despite being such a small town, there have been multiple movies and shows that were filmed in the area. It can be due to the scenic locations or the picturesque landscape that lured film creators to the region. Some of the titles filmed in Bodmin are The Three Musketeers, Poldark, Twelfth Night, Antiques Roadshow, and The Victorians.

Final Words

Here’s all the information that you will need to know about where was Doc Martin filmed. If you enjoyed this read on where was Doc Martin filmed, you can also check out the filming locations of other titles with us as well.

Besides filming locations, we have also covered the streaming options to watch titles like The Midnight Club and Werewolf By Night for movie fans. Stay tuned with us for more of such interesting content.

Which village is used for Doc Martin?

The filming of the series Doc Martin happened in Port Issac, which was used to portray the fictional village of Portwenn.

What is the cast of Doc Martin?

The cast of Doc Martin is Martin Clunes, Caroline Catz, Ian McNeice, Joe Absolom, John Marquez, Selina Cadell, Jessica Ransom, Eileen Atkins, Stephanie Cole, and Katherine Parkinson.

What beach was used in Doc Martin?

Port Gaverne was used for filming most of the beach scenes in the series Doc Martin.

Who owns the Doc Martin House?

The house featured in the series Doc Martin is owned by Anthony Hambly and was inherited by him.

Can you visit where Doc Martin is filmed?

Yes, you can check out the locations where Doc Martin was filmed. There is a guided tour available for visitors as well.

Where did the cast of Doc Martin stay when filming?

The cast of the series Doc Martin stayed in the village of Delabole while filming the show. 

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