Where Was Mad Mad World Filmed? Filming Locations Of The Adventure Comedy Film! 


Have you ever watched a comedy film that involves all of its characters running around in search of a treasure? If not, may I suggest Mad Mad World (1963)? It’s one of the greatest comedy films in the history of Hollywood. What makes the film even more engaging to watch is its filming location! So, in this article, we’re going to discover where was Mad Mad World filmed! Knowing the answer will help you visit all those places in case you ever decide so! 

So, Mad Mad World was filmed in and around California. In other words, the movie was filmed all over California. Different places were used for filming different scenes. Filming of Mad Mad World took place at Portuguese Point, John Wyne Airport, State Highway 74, Long Beach, Peck Park, and more. 

But hey, if you really want to visit the filming locations of Mad Mad World, you’ll need a lot more information than this! Knowing what scene of the movie was filmed where will be particularly helpful! And this article will help you with just that! So, if you want to know where was Mad Mad World filmed in greater detail, keep scrolling! 

The Plot Of Mad Mad World | What Is Mad Mad World About?

The storyline of Mad Mad World follows a group of motorists on a mad, mad, mad chase to a $350,000 ($3.2 million today) buried treasure. You must be wondering how it started. Well, “Smiler” Grogan, a released convict, had crashed on California State Route 74. The motorist had stopped to help him. Before dying, he told these people about his hidden and buried robbery win. 

He told them that the stash was hidden under ‘a big W’ in Santa Rosita Park. When the motorists fail to arrive at an agreed method of sharing money, they decide to race. Whoever wins the race will take the prize with them. Unbeknownst to them, Captain Culpeper, who is aware of the treasure and is keeping track of the motorists, is also on his way to claim it before any of them. 

The motorists devise their own ways of reaching the treasure. Each of them faces their own setbacks on the crazy chase. Their journey and problems will have anyone rolling on the floor with laughter. 

Who do you think will win this rambunctious race? Who do you think will claim the fortune? Or will Captain Culpeper, with the most resources and selfish intentions, reach the place first and take the whole of it for himself? 

Before we proceed any further, here are some more details about the film:

Release DateNovember 7, 1963
Running Time3h 30m
Directed ByStanley Kramer
Produced ByStanley Kramer 
StarringSpencer Tracy, Milton Berle, Sid Caesar, Buddy Hackett, Ethel Merman, Mickey Rooney, Dick Shawn, Phil Silvers, Terry- Thomas
IMDb Rating7.5/10

 Now, without further ado, let’s see where was Mad Mad World filmed! 

Here’s Where Was Mad Mad World Filmed | Explore All Filming Locations Below!

What makes this crazy race for a $350,000 fortune even more fun is the locations it’s been filmed at! These locations are so fun that you, too, would want to visit them at some point in time! And, for that, you’ll need to know where was Mad Mad World filmed. Don’t worry, though! This article has got you covered! It’s the only tour guide you’ll ever need! 

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State Highway 74, California, USA

Where Was Mad Mad World Filmed? Filming Locations Of The Adventure Comedy Film!

In the movie Mad Mad World, this is where the main story starts. This is where Smiler crashes his car and tells the motorists about his hidden robbery stash before he dies. This is where –State Highway 74, Palm Desert– the chase for the treasure actually starts. 

The early mountain highway driving scenes that you will see in the movie were filmed here too. Apart from Mad Mad World, a documentary called It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World (it’s made on this very movie) was filmed here as well. 

John Wayne Airport, California, USA

Where Was Mad Mad World Filmed? Filming Locations Of The Adventure Comedy Film!

If you’ve seen Mad Mad World, I bet you remember the iconic scene where a plane flies right through a billboard. That scene was filmed at John Wayne Airport located at 18601 Airport Way, Santa Ana, California, USA. 

Apart from Mad Mad World, this famous airport has been used as a filming location for other movies like Jerry Maguire, Clear And Present Danger, The Insider, Elizabethtown, The Out-Of-Towners, Up Close & Personal, Gleaming The Cube, etc. 

Long Beach, California, USA

Where Was Mad Mad World Filmed? Filming Locations Of The Adventure Comedy Film!

A part of the filming of Mad Mad World happened at Long Beach, located in California. Scenes that depicted a hardware store where The Crumps went to buy supplies were filmed here. The Crumps were accidentally locked in the basement of this very hardware store and had to blow the walls of the basement with explosives to escape. Yeah, I know, the film is that dramatic. 

The scene where cars cross the Harbor Pontoon Bridge and the car chase through urban areas was filmed in Long Beach, California as well. Apart from Mad Mad World, Netflix’s biggest action-thriller, The Gray Man was filmed here as well. It has also been used as a filming location for drama shows like Fear The Walking Dead, Dexter, True Blood, Criminal Minds, etc. 

Portuguese Point, California, USA

Where Was Mad Mad World Filmed? Filming Locations Of The Adventure Comedy Film!

One of the most important scenes of Mad Mad World was filmed at Portuguese Point, located at 5500 Palos Verdes Dr. S., Palos Verdes, in California, USA. This is the place where the ‘Big W’ is located. 

Yes, you guessed it right, scenes involving Santa Rosita Beach State Park were filmed here. When the motorists finally reach the Park, they roam all over the place–which is actually built like a maze–to find the Big W. 

Final Words

Alright, folks! We’ve reached the bottom of this post, so by now, I hope you all know where was Mad Mad World filmed! This means you can go to all the filming locations of this comedy film and try to recreate all of your favorite fun scenes! Let me know in the comments which scene you loved the most and would want to recreate first! 

When Was It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World Filmed?

It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad was filmed in 1963.

Are Any Actors From It’s A Mad Mad Mad World Still Alive?

Nicholas Georgiade passed away on 19 December 2021, and ever since, Barrie Chase is the only cast member who’s still alive. 

How Much Did It’s A Mad Mad Mad World Cost To Make?

It’s A Mad Mad Mad World was made with a budget of 94 lakhs USD.

Where Was The Money Buried In It’s A Mad Mad Mad World?

The dying man told the drivers that a $350,000 fortune was buried below a giant W in Santa Rosita, around 200 miles away from where they were. 

Who Played Schwartz In It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World?

Madlyn Rhue plays the role of Secretary Schwartz in It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World. 

What Was The Last Movie Spencer Tracy Made?

Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner? Was Spencer Tracy’s last movie. 

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