Where Was Ex Machina Filmed? Locations That Look Almost Real!


I know you must have watched a lot of science-fiction movies. But have you tried finding out about their filming locations? If not, here’s a chance to learn about the same. I have brought to you an answer for where was Ex Machina filmed. It’s a fantastic science-fiction movie!

Ex Machina (2014) sheds light on the life of Caleb Smith, a young programmer. Luckily he gets an opportunity to showcase his skills by becoming a part of a scientific experiment. As a result, he is assigned the task to assess artificial intelligence. Also, he is supposed to interact with a female robot. 

The entire filming of Ex Machina took place in the UK. Within the UK, the exact filming locations are located in Norway and Buckinghamshire. And the exact locations are Valldal, Juvet Landscape Hotel, Pinewood Studios, Bloomberg Office, Jostedalsbreen National Park, and many more.   

That’s not it, we are going to talk in detail about where was Ex Machina filmed. Keep reading to know all about the locations!

Where Was Ex Machina Filmed? Unbelievable Locations Are Here!

The locations of Ex Machina were selected after hours of discussion. But let me tell you, all the effort was worth it because the locations complement the plot of the movie. Here’s all about where was Ex Machina filmed!

Valldal | Explore This Beautiful Valley Without Doubting Its Beauty!

Where Was Ex Machina Filmed? Locations That Are Almost Real!

Here comes the first location to answer where was Ex Machina filmed! Valldal is a beautiful valley situated in Fjord Municipality in Norway. Interestingly, a beautiful river named Valldola flows through the valley, enhancing the overall beauty. On the northwest side of Valldal, you can see the border of Reinheimen National Park. And the highlight of the valley is its high amount of berry production. 

Because of the scenic beauty of the valley, the makers decided to film a few outdoor scenes here. Also, the production unit was spotted at the various locations of Valldal. This location is as beautiful as the filming locations of The Wretched!

Juvet Landscape Hotel | A Luxurious Accommodation For Your Upcoming Vacations!

Where Was Ex Machina Filmed? Locations That Are Almost Real!

Juvet Landscape Hotel is an ideal place to witness nature, cultural history, and experimental architecture. That’s not it, the hotel lies on the bank of a river which adds more to the beauty of the hotel. So, what are you waiting for? Book your room as soon as possible!

Guess what! You can enjoy a glass-walled sauna and look out at the Norwegian wilderness at the same time. Also, it is the first hotel built among pine trees on a steep slope. 

Surprisingly, the hotel was redesigned to make it suitable to fulfill the needs of the plot of the movie. For the same, a team of Norwegian architects was appointed. 

Fjora House | Have You Visited A Summer House?

Where Was Ex Machina Filmed? Locations That Are Almost Real!

Fjora House is an exceptional summer house in Norway that looks more like a tree house. This house is a private residence built in 2014. The most interesting highlight of this house is its location. It is built in between pine trees. 

You will be taken aback after knowing that the house was designed with Juvet Landscape Hotel to make both of them look identical. Yes, the house you saw in the movie was filmed at Juvet Landscape and Fjora House. 

Pinewood Studios | Visit A World Class Film Studio!

Where Was Ex Machina Filmed? Locations That Are Almost Real!

Pinewood studios is an 80 years old studio located in the village of Iver Heath. Interestingly, this studio has been the main location for many large-scale movies and television shows. Further, this stage has 23 stages, accommodation for production units, backlots, and all other facilities. 

Surprisingly, this studio has an underwater stage where one can film phenomenal scenes. Well, I doubt whether the studio is open to the public. Check the official website to know about this!

A lot of indoor scenes such as the observation room were filmed at the Pinewood studios. Also, a lot of changes were made to the stages of the studio to make them look similar to Norwegian locations. In addition, the blue-screen technology was used to add effects. 

Besides Ex Machina, Dark Shadows was also filmed at Pinewood Studios!

Bloomberg Office | Here’s the Symbol Of Growth!

Where Was Ex Machina Filmed? Locations That Are Almost Real!

Bloomberg Office is a famous building nestled in London. This building is also assumed to be the key to the growth and the future of Europe. Sadly, this building is not open to the public, and only the staff members are allowed to enter with their identification cards. 

Interestingly, this building is responsible for the financial data and news insights of the U.K. Also, a lot of important financial activities take place here. 

Do you remember Caleb’s workplace? Yes, that workplace was shot at Bloomberg Office. I don’t know how the makers got permission to film the movie here. 

Jostedalsbreen National Park | Relax In The Laps Of Nature!

Where Was Ex Machina Filmed? Locations That Are Almost Real!

Jostedalsbreen National Park is home to one of the largest glaciers in Europe. This eye-catching park was established in 1991 and was revamped in 1998. Interestingly, you can enjoy the wilderness of southern Norway by having a tour of this park. 

Most importantly, the glacier covers almost half of the park and is characterized by lush and cascading waterfalls. That’s not it, you can enjoy the beauty of the jaw-dropping landscape. 

A lot of outdoor scenes were filmed at Jostedalsbreen National Park. Also, the waterfall hike scene was filmed here. In addition, it was no less than vacation for the production unit to film the movie here. 

Final Words

I know you are astounded after reading where was Ex Machina filmed. Interestingly, all these locations are highly mesmerizing and you are going to soon plan to have a real-life experience of these locations. Guess what! All these locations are as popular as the filming locations of Uncoupled!

1. Is Ex Machina Scary?

Ex Machina is an amalgamation of modern horror and science fiction.

2. Is Ex Machina Worth Watching?

Yes, the movie is worth watching because it was the best movie of 2014.

3. Where Can I Watch Ex Machina?

You can watch Ex Machina on Amazon Prime Video.

4. Who Are The Cast Members Of Ex Machina?

The cast members of Ex Machina are Oscar Isaac, Claire Selby, Alicia Vikander, Domhnall Gleeson, and many more.

5. What Is The IMDb Rating Of Ex Machina?

The IMDb rating of Ex Machina is 7.7 out of 10.


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