Where Was Flipped Filmed? Extraordinary Locations Of A Romcom!


If you want to enjoy a perfect rom-com movie, then Flipped (2010) is the movie for you. Romcom is the best genre that you can choose to watch after a hectic day. Because it makes you feel relaxed. Also, the filming locations of the romantic movie give you the best visual treat. So, in this article, you’ll learn about where was Flipped filmed. Read on to get all the interesting details about the movie.

The romantic comedy-drama, Flipped was directed by Rob Reiner. The story is adapted from the novel of the same name written by Draanen in 2001. It is the tale of a young boy and a girl. Immediately after meeting the boy, the girl falls in love with him. The boy isn’t sure if he still loves her, though. The little girl must express her feelings to him and maintain her grip.

Will the two youngsters be able to reconcile their divergent worldviews, though? This subject is thoroughly explored in the film. It also creates an unforgettable story between two young guys that makes an imprint on the audience.

Fans of the cult favorite might frequently ponder where was Flipped filmed. There is no need to seek elsewhere if you are one of such folks. Here is all the information you require.

The Plot Of Flipped | What Is The Story About?

When Julianna Baker first meets Bryce Loski, she is a second-grader. Bryce captures her heart at first sight. She’s bound to obtain her first kiss, despite the fact that he’s quite bashful and easily embarrassed. Bryce tries for a total of six years to avoid Julianna. It isn’t as simple as he anticipated, though, as they go to the same school and reside on the same block. 

In order to convince Julianna to leave him alone in sixth grade, Bryce invites someone else out. Chet, Bryce’s grandfather, tries to persuade him to recognize Julianna’s greatness in the seventh grade. The next event at the school is a basket boy auction, and Julianna wants to place a bid for Bryce.

Bryce becomes envious when Julie finds up seated with another boy. She rejects Bryce’s attempts to kiss her and flees. Continued attempts by Bryce to get Julianna back result in success.

Where was Flipped Filmed? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Where Was Flipped Filmed? Extraordinary Locations Of Romcom!

The entire movie “Flipped” was filmed in Michigan. The movie’s production began in July 2009 and ended a little over a month later, in August 2009. For the spectator to have a sense of the era because the film is set in the late 1950s, vintage cars and specially created costumes for the performers were employed.

Several areas in the upper midwestern state were used for filming. Let’s study more about where was Flipped filmed in the below points.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

flipped Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ann Arbor served as the location for the film’s primary shooting. The city, which is home to Michigan University and is situated in Washtenaw County, was a hub of anti-Vietnam War political agitation in the 1960s. The Ann Arbor school administration required the producers to sign a contract before they could film there. So, they can erect a makeshift residence at Thurston Pond next to Thurston Elementary School. 

The parking lot and gym at Nixon Road’s Clague Middle School were also utilized by the filmmakers. Additionally, several of the spaces of Prairie Street’s Thurston Elementary School were utilized for filming. One of the many locations used to shoot the romantic movie is Virginia Park, which is located on West Liberty Street.

It’s at this park that you can find the Sycamore tree that plays a significant role in the film. Interestingly, a few weeks before the start of filming, branches of the trees were also trimmed to meet the needs of the filmmakers. Furthermore, digital technology was employed to eliminate trees after shooting the scenes.

Filming was done on a set that was built specifically for Juli’s home. Whereas a real apartment and a replica set constructed in a General Motors warehouse were used for the inside scenes of Bryce’s home. Slauson Junior High School, located on West Washington Street, is said to have also seen filming during this time. Additionally, a few sequences were filmed in Ann Arbor Public Schools.

Saline, Michigan, USA

Where Was Flipped Filmed? Extraordinary Locations Of Romcom!

Additionally, Saline Middle School, which is situated on Nort Maple Road in Saline, Washtenaw County, served as the backdrop for several significant sequences of the rom-com movie. 

According to reports, more Saline locations were also used for filming. In Manchester’s downtown, a few sequences were filmed. Additionally, the crew filmed in the adjacent countryside ten miles to the west of Ann Arbor.

Final Words

Now, I hope you got a detailed answer to the question of where was Flipped filmed. If you get a chance to visit Michigan, then try to explore these locations. Also, I guess you’ll watch this movie with your loved one, which helps to recollect some memories. This is also the time to discuss the first love with your partners if you haven’t said them before.

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What does the sycamore tree represent in the movie Flipped?

The sycamore tree serves as a symbol for Juli’s character growth at several stages throughout Flipped.

What can we learn from Flipped?

This tale teaches us that we must look at characters rather than performances to understand people.

Is it worthwhile to see Flipped?

Even if the plot was somewhat predictable, the film is nonetheless entertaining and one of the few that we can relate to.

What Is The Release Date Of The Movie, Flipped?

The release date of the movie is August 6, 2010.

What Is The Running Time Of The Movie, Flipped?

The duration of the film is 1h 30 minutes.

Will a Flipped 2 be released?

Sorry, “Flipped” enthusiasts, but it’s unlikely that will happen.

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