Where Was The Way West Filmed? Navigate Through The Western World!


There have been multiple iconic western movies over the decades that have provided viewers with some amazing action-packed storylines. For people who love to watch movies that present the western world filled with outlaws and sheriffs, The Way West will make for an intriguing watch. If you enjoyed the movie, you will for sure be curious to know where was The Way West filmed.

The Way West is an action-packed movie that presents the journey of a senator with a couple of other people in a wagon train. However, they are soon forced to deboard due to an incident and flee for their lives. But the senator’s behavior put his peers against him multiple times throughout the journey.

The Way West was filmed majorly in Oregon and some parts of Arizona as well. It is a given that these locations were chosen due to their relevance to such stories. The dry and arid lands and the secluded fields make for a perfect backdrop for a western movie. Besides that, there have been multiple movies that were filmed in the region due to their geographical accuracy with respect to the plot of the movies.

Mentioned below are the filming locations for the western movie, as we will explore where was The Way West filmed. Travel enthusiasts will also be glad to find the locations where other movies like A Love Song and Luckiest Girl Alive were filmed.

The Way West | The Journey To The West!

Here’s the general storyline of the movie, before we further discuss where was The Way West filmed.

The Way West is a typical action-packed western movie that features the journey of a couple of people across the western lands. Tadlock is a US Senator, who is traveling on a wagon train with a couple of other people. However, when one of the men ends up killing a native chief’s son, he takes the decision to hang him so that the others are not attacked by the native people.

Soon the people had to flee, and Tadlock decides to take matters into his hand. However, the people traveling with him do not like his harsh ways and decide to kill him and let someone else be in charge. Even though his life is spared, he is forced to stay low while the crowd tries to reach safety.

What will happen to Tadlock and the people that he is leading to safety? Will Tadlock run out of his time, or will he be able to prove himself to the people with him? How will the people make peace with the various deaths that happen during their journey? You can check out the movie online to find out what happens next.

IMDb Rating6.2
Runtime2 hours 2 minutes
Director(s)Andrew V. McLaglen
Writer(s)Ben Maddow, Mitch Lindemann, A.B. Guthrie Jr.
CastKirk Douglas, Robert Mitchum, Richard Widmark
Release DateMay 24, 1967 (United States)
Production(s)Harold Hecht Company

Where Was The Way West Filmed? 

Where Was The Way West Filmed? Navigate Through The Western World!

The Way West was adapted from a 1949 novel that was written by A.B. Guthrie Jr. We will be exploring where was The Way West filmed and which locations were used for filming the movie.

However, if you want to explore other filming locations, you can also check out where Friday The 13th and SEAL Team were filmed among other movies.


Where Was The Way West Filmed? Navigate Through The Western World!

Most of the filming for the movie The Way West was done in Oregon. Major regions from the state that were featured in the movie are Bend and Eugene. Other locations from Oregon that were used to film the movie are Crooked River Gorge, Mount Bachelor, and Willamette Valley. The opening scene of the movie in the wagon train was filmed in Eugene.

If you loved the backdrop of the movie and want to explore it yourself, you can check out multiple amazing locations in the region. Scenic locations like Crater Lake National Park, Wizard Island, Umpqua National Forest, and Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest are situated in the state only. Besides that you can also travel to the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, Cannon Beach, Washington Park, and Mount Hood National Forest.

Since Oregon is a state, it is undeniable that a lot of movies and TV shows must have been filmed there. Famous titles like Wild, Green Room, and Twilight were filmed in Oregon. Other movies and shows that feature Oregon in their backdrop are Short Circuit, The BoxTrolls, Kansas City Bomber, Without Limits, and Maverick.


Where Was The Way West Filmed? Navigate Through The Western World!

The later part of the movie The Way West was filmed primarily in the state of Arizona. The regions of Arizona that were featured in the movie are Old Tucson, Yuma, and Castle Dome Peak. It might not come as a surprise to you that most of the filming happened in Tucson, since the region is known for being a major filming location in Western movies.

It is quite obvious that there are multiple places across Arizona for you to travel to despite the arid climate and vast drylands of the region. One of the best places to travel in America is the Grand Canyon, which is situated in Arizona. Other than that there are multiple picturesque locations like Sedona, Monument Valley, Phoenix, Hoover Dam, and Glen Canyon National Recreation Area that you must not miss out on.

As we have already mentioned, besides scenic picturesque locations, there are many classic movies that have been filmed in Arizona. Some of the greatest movies that were filmed in Arizona are Psycho, Planet of the Apes, Little Miss Sunshine, Return of the Jedi, and Raising Arizona. Movies like Into The Wild, Tombstone, and Jerry McGuire were also filmed in Arizona.

Final Words

Here’s all that you needed to know about where was The Way West filmed. You will be glad to know that other than covering the filming locations, you can also find streaming platforms for various movies like Blue Lock and Lyle Lyle Crocodile on Viebly.

You can also suggest to us your favorite movies and TV shows if you enjoy this read on where was The Way West filmed.

What is the cast of The Way West?

The cast of the movie The Way West consists of Kirk Douglas, Robert Mitchum, Richard Widmark, Lola Albright, Jack Elam, Sally Field, Stubby Kaye, Katherine Justice, and Eve McVeagh.

Is The Way West adapted from a book?

The movie The Way West is an adaptation of the 1949 novel titled The Way West by A.B. Guthrie Jr.

Can you watch The Way West on Youtube?

No, you can not stream The Way West on YouTube, but you can watch the trailer for the movie on the platform.

How old was Sally Feild in the movie The Way West?

The actress Sally Field, was barely 19 when she made her debut with the film The Way West.

What year was the movie The Way West filmed?

The filming for the movie The Way West happened in 1966 summers.

What river is in The Way West?

The river featured in the movie The Way West is the McKenzie River.

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