Where Was Fresh 2022 Filmed? Beautiful Locations Unlocked!


Fresh (2022) movie has brought a fresh wind of romance and thrill in a hilarious twist. Moreover, the brilliant cinematography and exotic locations of Fresh have bewitched the audiences. Do you know all the filming locations for the movie? Where was Fresh 2022 filmed? Let’s find out! 

Mimi Cave’s directorial debut movie Fresh was finally released on 4 March 2022. The movie has a powerful screenplay by Lauryn Kahn and stunning performers like Sebastian Stan and Daisy Edgar-Jones. Fresh boasts of a 7 IMDb score, and currently the movie is available to stream on Hulu.

Fresh is earning praise for its thrilling yet comic storyline based on couples obsessed with dating and for all the beautiful locations. The major filming locations of the movie are – Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, and Los Angeles, California. Read all the specific and interesting details of the movie’s mesmerizing locations ahead!

If you are curious to know about the stunning and iconic landmarks shown in Fresh, you are on the right page. Here, you will find all the details related to the shooting places. Read ahead to know more and mark the places for your next trip here!

The Plot Of Fresh | What Is The Movie All About?

Before we move on to see where was Fresh 2022 filmed, we need to check out what the movie is about! Fresh is based on a horribly–gone-wrong dating scenario, which changes the life of the protagonist Noa. Noa is a simple, charming, delicate young woman struggling hard to find her soulmate. However, she bumps into handsome Steve, and things seem pretty perfect! Well, beware ahead! Steve is not that simple and has hidden agendas.

Fresh is hauntingly beautiful in depicting different emotional tones set in the most perfect locations. Looking at the gorgeous backdrop of the movie, all want to know about the movie’s locations in detail. So, here is everything that you need to know!

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Where Was Fresh 2022 Filmed? Explore All The Exotic Locations!

Where Was Fresh 2022 Filmed? Locations Found!

It’s hard to notice that Fresh is Mimi’s directorial debut. The cinematography, choices of location, the aesthetics, all seem to be on point. That is the reason, the movie has struck a chord with its audience as well. Fresh has been praised by audiences and critics alike.

So, with all that out of the way, now let’s see where was Fresh 2022 filmed! All the locations are going to be somewhat of a surprise to some of you!

The Beautiful Streets Of Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Where Was Fresh 2022 Filmed? Beautiful Locations Unlocked!

As per the sources and our knowledge, Fresh was shot in multiple locations. However, Metro Vancouver (British Columbia) and Los Angeles (California) were the prime locations in the movie. Some of the iconic scenes of Fresh belong to only these two beautiful cities. Here are the details about the specific scenes filmed in these gorgeous locations.

The major filming of Fresh took place in Metro Vancouver Regional District (MVRD) in British Columbia. It was the prominent movie production site for Fresh. Some of the street scenes were filmed in Surrey suburban city too.   

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The supermarket movie sequence where Noa runs into Steve for the first time was shot in the Greystone SuperValu grocery store located in Burnaby city. A few of the bar scenes of the movie might have been filmed in Hollywood North Bar in Vancouver because paparazzi had spotted the Fresh’s cast outside the bar. No wonder Canada is called the Hollywood of the north.

Los Angeles, California

Where Was Fresh 2022 Filmed? Beautiful Locations Unlocked!

Apart from filming in British Columbia, some iconic scenes were also shot in Los Angeles, California as well. The city boasts of its scenic coastal beauty and surely has many stunning beaches. Thus, the makers of Fresh picked this location for filming geographical diversity to enhance the movie’s cinematography.

Los Angeles also makes for some good outdoor scenes. While the backdrop is much appreciated, so are the people that feature behind the scenes. The culturally diverse landscape of LA, California makes it an awesome place to be and ideal to shoot outdoor scenes as well! And when all the outdoor scenes are done, filming shifts indoors to studios.

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Final Words

Now you all know where was Fresh 2022 filmed! Well, if your eagle-eyes have already spotted any of the iconic places and locations in Fresh, do not forget to brag about it in the comments section below. Are you ready for the challenge? Go ahead and make a try! If you have a favorite movie or a show that you would like to be covered then mention them below! We would love to get you all the information you need!

Is Fresh 2022 Scary?

Yes, Fresh is a scary horror thriller movie. The movie contains violence against women, cannibalism, assault and drug use in it.

Where to watch Fresh movie in 2022?

You can watch Fresh either on Hulu or on Disney + as well!

Can you watch Fresh on Netflix?

Unfortunately, no, the film is not available to watch on Netflix. The movie premiered earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival, and Searchlight Pictures acquired the rights. It’s premiering on Hulu right now!

Is fresh on HBO Max?

Sorry, but no. Fresh is a Hulu original film and hence, streams exclusively on Hulu.

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