Where Was Friday The 13th Filmed? A Bone Chilling Slasher Flick!!


Are you addicted to slasher films? Do the gore scenes of bloodshed and carnage get you going? Because if they do, make sure to read this article, where I discuss the infamous horror flick, Friday the 13th. And later in this article I’ll also let you know, where was Friday the 13th filmed.

The American horror flick, Friday the 13th, released in 2009, is a reprisal of the movie released earlier in 1980, with the same name. This movie stands as the twelfth edition of Friday the 13th franchise. Director Marcus Nipsel, known for his remakes in Hollywood, presents the origin story of Jason Voorhees in this film.

Friday the 13th was pretty hyped up by the fans upon its release. This slasher flick turned out to be a decent hit at the box office, earning over $90 million in worldwide collection. Although the film received negative reviews from the critics! Nevertheless, Friday the 13th still managed to bag a couple of awards, including the Teen Choice Awards in 2009 and Fangoria Chainsaw Awards, the year after.

Now, let’s briefly discuss the plot of the film. So that you get an overview about the actual storyline. Furthermore, I’ll share with you where was Friday the 13th filmed, too.

Plot Of Friday The 13th | What’s It About

Friday the 13th opens by establishing the origin story that led Jason Voorhees (played by Derek Meres) to turn into a monster! The lead actor is shown to watch his mother get decapitated by a camp counsellor at Crystal Lake. The horrific event leaves Jason mentally scarred!

Later in the film, a group of young boys and girls are shown to arrive at Crystal Lake. A beautiful girl named Whitney Miller, catches the attention of Jason as she looks like his mother. Voorhees readily kills all the members of the group and captivates Whitney in his dungeon. Few weeks later Whitney’s brother, Clay, comes to Crystal Lake searching for his sister. And stumbles upon a group of teenagers who were camping at the same location. 

Jason starts killing each member of this new group, but somehow misses Clay and Jenna. But, he quickly arrives back at his lair, sensing something is wrong, and encounters the trio. Jenna gets killed in trying to escape, but Whitney along with his brother successfully flee after stabbing Jason in the heart with his machete! Voorhees, however, doesn’t die, and comes back to kill Whitney, as the credits roll!

Ok, so it’s time for us to find out where was Friday the 13th filmed. So that you can enjoy the beautiful locations that were used to shoot this horror thriller flick!

Where Was Friday The 13th Filmed? Let’s Know This Horror Movie Closely!!

The original movie Friday the 13th released in 1980, was filmed in New Jersey! However, director Marcus Nipsel in his rendition of the film, decided to shoot the entire film in and around the state of Texas in America. Reportedly Asylum Visual Effects were used in the film. But, later they were toned down, and a couple of grotesque sequences were digitally recreated!

The principal photography of the film began on 21st April 2008 and was completed in about two months! The production unit arrived at the filming location by making sure all the permissions required from the government for shooting were in place.

So without any further ado, let’s dig deep and find out exactly where was Friday the 13th filmed.

Austin, Texas

Where Was Friday The 13th Filmed? A Bone Chilling Slasher Flick!!

The state capital of Texas, famous for its wide lakes and lush parks, was deemed perfect by the director to recreate the look required in the film. The crystal clear lakes, with tall oak trees in the background, that look beautiful during the day. Appears totally devilish during the night!

The sequence featuring Bubba’s Country Store in the film, was shot here. Located at 11606 FM 1826, Austin, this place was perfect to shoot the outdoor scenes of the store where the character of Clay is introduced in the film.

Other interior scenes were filmed in Austin Studios, located at 1901 East 51 St. The sequences filmed inside the studio were vital to create the creepy vibe of the film. Thus the production crew were extra cautious during the filming process.

Here’s a list of famous films and shows that you might want to watch, such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Dazed and Confused, Kill Bill: Vol. 1, Look Both Ways, True Grit, Miss Congeniality and The Leftovers which were also filmed in the same location!

Other Filming Locations Of Friday The 13th

Where Was Friday The 13th Filmed? A Bone Chilling Slasher Flick!!

The most important scene of the film that featured the vacation home, was filmed in the city of Wimberly. Located at 1190 Red Hawk Rd, the outdoor scenes of the house were used in the film to portray “Trent’s House”. The production crew had to make certain changes to the structure, in order to make it look more old. 

Other notable scenes of the outdoors were filmed in Bastrop. Such as the police intervention sequence in the film, where the police officer is shown to encounter Jason. It was filmed at 1370 Chestnut St in Bastrop.

Here are a bunch of places that you might wanna look up, such as Barton Springs Municipal Pool, Zilker Metropolitan Park, McKinney Falls State Park, Blanton Museum of Art and Lady Bird Lake, if you choose to visit the state capital of Texas!

Final Words

Alright amigos, now that you’ve gone through the plot of the film. And know where was Friday the 13th filmed. I hope you liked reading this article. Do let us know about your thoughts in the comment section below. Plus, if you are intrigued to find out about the latest flicks and shows, be sure to check out the other articles on Viebly.

Who Is In The Picture In Jason’s Cabin In The Film Friday The 13th?

Jason’s deceased mother’s picture hangs on the wall of his cabin in the film Friday the 13th.

Is The Background Music Of The Film Same As Other Friday The 13th Films?

No, the background music in the film Friday the 13th, is different from its prequels

Who Wrote The Screenplay Of The Film?

Damian Shannon and Mark Swift wrote the screenplay of the film Friday the 13th.

Who Was The Music Director Of The Film?

Steve Jablonsky was the music director in the film Friday the 13th

What Is The Runtime Of The Film

1h 37m is the runtime of the film Friday the 13th

Is The Film Based On A True Story?

No, the film Friday the 13th is inspired from the character by Victor Miller.

What Is The Rating Of The Film Friday The 13th?

Friday The 13th has a R Rating.

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