Where Was The Accountant Filmed? A Striking Action Thriller Flick From 2016!!


Are you the one who takes pleasure in watching electrifying action movies? If you are, then do follow this article, where I discuss a similar film, The Accountant. And will also inform where was The Accountant filmed.

The American action-thriller genre film, The Accountant, was released in 2016. This movie starring Ben Afleck and Anna Kendrick, portrays the story of an accountant, named Christian Wolff. The protagonist is shown to embezzle the false and erroneous financial accounts of criminals, alongside handling his mental disorder.

Even though the movie failed to gain high praises from the critics, it still managed to do well commercially. Director Gavin O’Connor, received positive reviews from other action directors, for showcasing some of the best action sequences in the film.

For the time being, let’s go ahead and discuss the plot of The Accountant, succinctly. So that you can get a clearer picture of the actual storyline. Furthermore, in this article, I will also discuss where was The Accountant filmed.

Plot Of The Accountant | What’s It About

The film begins by introducing us to the character of Christian Wolff (played by Ben Afleck), living with his parents in a quiet neighborhood. The protagonist is shown to suffer from a longstanding mental illness. Christian’s mother at first is shown to advise him for taking medical help at Harbor Neuroscience. But eventually abandons the family, after not being able to cope up with Christian’s illness anymore.

Christian’s father, on the other hand, teaches both of his sons martial arts, and also encourages his elder son to take his primary education seriously! As the movie progresses into the present timeline, Christian is shown to work in an accounting office in Illinois, to hide his actual money laundering business. Later he receives a new task to audit the books of a bio-technology company, Living Robotics. 

After submitting the audit report, Christian is paid in full, and asked to leave by the CFO of Living Robotics, Lamar. But later on the same night the protagonist is ambushed by mercenaries and contract killers. The main lead, combats with the henchmen and neutralizes them in an exhilarating fight sequence. 

Subsequently, Wolff gets out to find the source of these contract killers and gets baffled on finding his brother Braxton responsible for the attacks. Soon after he realizes that Lamar was the main originator of the evil plan. 

A high flying combat breaks out between the brothers, as Christian overpowers Brax and teams up with him to kill Lamar. The movie ends as Christian returns back to his former office, with his reputation intact. About time for us to explore where was The Accountant filmed. So that you can learn more about the beautiful filming sites of this action thriller film.

Where Was The Accountant Filmed? Let’s Know The Flick Closely!! 

Where Was The Accountant Filmed? A Striking Action Thriller Flick From 2016!!

Director Gavin O’Connor along with his crew decided to shoot the film, The Accountant, in Switzerland and America. Important to mention, that majority of the filming was done in the USA, specifically in parts of Georgia. While only the establishing scene was filmed at the capital of Switzerland, in Zurich.

The principal photography of the film began in January 2015 and was completed in about 3 months time. The original filming schedule had to be changed due the non availability of actors at the time. But later director O’Connor counterbalanced the time gap, by working extra hard along with his other production unit members.

We are now going to take a closer look in no time and search more about where was The Accountant filmed.

Atlanta, Georgia

Where Was The Accountant Filmed? A Striking Action Thriller Flick From 2016!!

The filming in Atlanta, Georgia commenced on 9 January 2015 for four weeks, and again resumed from April 2015 and continued for two more weeks. The production unit was set up in downtown Atlanta, as most of the sequences were filmed in and around the city. Reportedly the total production cost while filming at this location came around $21 million.

It immensely helped the economy of Georgia to flourish. At the same time the production of the film, The Accountant took advantage of the lucrative Film Tax Incentive in Georgia and saved a lot of money during the post production. Even though the film is set in Chicago, Illinois the actual filming took place in the outskirts of Atlanta. The make believe home of Christian’s family that is shown during the opening scenes, had to be created by the crew from ground up, and was later taken down.

The Academy of Medicine at Georgia tech, was used to shoot the interior scenes of the press conference shown in the film. This is the scene where Christian and Living Robotics company’s CFO face charges from the investigating agency. The outdoor scenes of the academy were dubbed as the ‘Treasury Office’ in the film. Special permission had to be taken by the crew before filming at this historic location.

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Cartersville, Georgia

Where Was The Accountant Filmed? A Striking Action Thriller Flick From 2016!!

The final scene where Christian is shown to reunite with his brother Brax, after fighting with him, was filmed in Cartersville. Bethany Bridge featured in the film, where the protagonist bids farewell to Brax and rides back home to Chicago.

As the scene was filmed during the evening, the lighting issues haunted the production unit for a couple of days. But the predicament of lens glaring was resolved when director O’Connor decided to shoot early in the morning, and recreate the same look.

Final Words

So, I hope you will watch the film, after reading the plot and knowing where was The Accountant filmed. This movie is smart and entertaining at the same time. Not to mention the jolting action sequences which demonstrate the Indonesian, Pencak silat.

Although if you want to learn more about the filming locations, you can do that as well and maybe plan your next holiday in the state of Georgia. Be sure to visit Viebly, to read other informative and entertaining articles about distinct movies.

Until then, peace out!

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film The Accountant?

The cast of the film The Accountant, includes Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick, J.K. Simmons, Jon Bernthal, Jean Smart and Jeffrey Tambor

Who Produced The Film The Accountant?

Mark Williams and Lynette H. Taylor were the producers of the film The Accountant.

Who Directed The Film The Accountant?

Gavin O’Connor directed the film The Accountant.

What Is The Runtime Of The Film The Accountant?

2h 8m is the runtime of the film The Accountant.

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