Where Was American Horror Story Filmed? Real Locations Of The Paranormal Series!!


Do you take an interest in knowing about things that transcend death? Whether ghosts are real? Or do cursed souls come back to haunt? Well, I’m not sure if I can offer you the answers! But, I can surely let you know about a show, American Horror Story, and also where was American Horror Story filmed.

The bone-chilling horror series, American Horror Story, has been going strong since its inception in 2011! The most scarily beautiful factor about the show is, some episodes are based on real-life paranormal events! Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy originally launched this show for the FX network. American Horror Story has an average of 10-12 episodes per season! And has recently released its 11th season in October 2022. 

The astonishing achievement of the show is that it won over 100 prestigious awards over the years. And has kept the audience and critics engaged since the premiere of the 1st season. 

Now, let’s quickly discuss the plot of the show in brief. So that you can take a closer look at the basic premise. Furthermore, I’ll let you in on where was American Horror Story filmed, too.

Overview Of American Horror Story | What’s It About

The basic concept of American Horror Story, is to present an independent riveting story in each season. Which begins with a backstory, deals with the present events in the middle and the story is concluded by the end of the season. However in this article, we will give you an overview about the show and discuss the notable episodes and seasons.

Starting with the pilot season of the show, it portrays the hauntings of the Harmon family. They are shown, to arrive at a haunted house in Los Angeles, that leaves the family of three disintegrated. 

Another notable season of the show, was the 5th season where the paranormal events in a hotel (Hotel Cortez) is shown. The story of this season is loosely based on the real horrific happenings that took place in Cecil Hotel in 1920. Now, as mentioned before there are a total of 11 seasons in American Horror Story available for to you to watch. Don’t let me give all the spoilers!

OK, so let’s begin to find out where was American Horror Story filmed. So that you can enjoy the beautiful filming locations of this horror series!

Where Was American Horror Story Filmed? Let’s Know This Series Closely!!

Throughout the course of 11 seasons, the production crew of American Horror Story, has traveled to several parts of America. A number of locations appear in the show more than once! But they are usually fabricated by the production unit, to make it appear as a different setting!

Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy, the creators of the show, decided to shoot on location in California, for the pilot season. The shooting commenced in Los Angeles, right after the filming crew scouted a house, that looked perfect to portray the “Muder House”. 

Principal photography began in the summer of 2010 and was completed in 2 months time. Let us now dig deep, and unveil the specific locations that were used for filming season 1 of American Horror Story.

Country Club Park, Los Angeles

Where Was American Horror Story Filmed? Let’s Know This Series Closely!!

Majority of the filming took place in the meek neighbourhood of Country Club Park in Los Angeles. The story of the first season, which mainly dealt with a haunted house and its surroundings, was filmed here. The filming crew had to take special permission from the administration of the community, to use the neighbourhood for filming the outdoor sequences. That featured in the show as the new locale of Harmon family

The outdoor scenes of the “Murder House” were filmed at 1120 Westchester Pl, Los Angeles. The production unit had to summon special lighting equipment required to film the outdoor scenes of the mansion at night. The house was vacant during filming, although was sold later in 2015 by the owners for a hefty amount. However, the same property featured again in the series, in season 8!

Here’s list of notable shows and films that you might like, such as Dahmer- Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, House of The Dragons, Hocus Pocus, Blonde, Cobra Kai, Grey’s Anatomy, and Everything Everywhere All At Once that were also filmed in the same location.

Hollywood, Los Angeles

Where Was American Horror Story Filmed? Real Locations Of The Paranormal Series!!

The filming crew then moved to Hollywood, to shoot the interior scenes. The Paramount Studios located at 5555 Melrose Ave was selected to recreate the interior sequence of the “Murder House”. A set was built at the backstage of the studio, to film the scenes of the basement where “infantata” is shown in the series. Other interior scenes that portrayed the murder of the family were also filmed here.

Here are a couple of places such as Hollywood Walk of Fame, TCL Chinese Theatre and Universal Studios. These places were not used for filming, but still could be the perfect place for you to check out, if you wish to visit Hollywood anytime soon!

Final Words

Alright friends, now that you’ve gone through the plot of the series. And know where was American Horror Story filmed. I hope you liked reading this article! But if you wish to know about other famous shows and films, and know where to watch them. Make sure to check out other articles on Viebly. Do let us know about your thoughts, in the comment section below.

Who Produced The Show American Horror Story?

Ned Martel and Lou Eyrich were the producers of the show American Horror Story

Who Directed The Show American Horror Story?

Craig Zisk and John Scott directed of the show American Horror Story

Who Wrote The Composers Of The Theme Music Of The Show American Horror Story?

Cesar Davila-Irizary and Mac Qyuale were the theme music composers of the show American Horror Story

How Many Seasons Are There In The Show American Horror Story?

There are a total of 11 seasons in the show American Horror Story

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