Where Was Girlfriendship Filmed? Hallmark’s Best TV Movie Of 2022!!


“Who run the world? Girls.. Girls..” Remember that lyric from Beyonce’s song that took the world by the storm? Well, this article isn’t about “Queen B”, but it sure is about girls, doing crazy fun in the movie, Girlfriendship. And alongside I’ll also let you in on Where was Girlfriendship filmed.

The American TV movie, Girlfriendship, was released on Hallmark channel in 2022! The basic premise of the film revolves around the central character, Samara and her friends. As they plan to set on a short trip to celebrate Samara’s birthday, but end up partying for an entire week! The adventure and the bonding shown in the film comes out prominently, as the characters get to spend more “girl time” together, and find love in their lives along the way.

Despite a heartwarming story, the film was not received well by the audience, upon its release. Many critiqued the storyline of the film to be somewhat predictable. However, you necessarily don’t need to concur with those opinions, right off the bat.

As I will briefly discuss the basic storyline of the film, so that you can formulate your own views about Girlfriendship. And get a better understanding of the plot! Plus, later in this article I will also share with you, where was Girlfriendship filmed.

Plot Of Girlfriendship | What’s It About

The film, Girlfriendship, begins by introducing us to the central character of the film, Samara (Tamera Mowry-Housley), a young African girl in her late 20s. The female lead is shown to live in an upstate neighbourhood in Charleston, South Carolina.

Apart from establishing Samara as a strong and independent young woman, at the initial stages of the film. The director also portrays her as a hoyden, who doesn’t step back when it comes to taking part in eccentric plans, made by her “girl-friends”. The supporting characters played by Krystal Brown and Lyndie Greenwood are shown to indulge in a surprise getaway plan, for three. Hoping to surprise Samara on her birthday!

However, things don’t go as planned, due  to a “mix up” which leads them to Edisto Island, on the coast of South Carolina. The confusion does startle the girl gang at first, but as they explore the beautiful location more, the getaway turns out even better than they anticipated.

Furthermore, Samara is shown to get into a relationship with a young man whom she meets on the island. The girls are finally shown to return home, with a bond stronger than ever before. Only waiting to rekindle the friendship on a sudden trip again!

Now, I’ll share with you, where was Girlfriendship filmed. So that you can enjoy the alluring locations that were used for shooting this romantic flick!

Where Was Girlfriendship Filmed? Know The Romantic Film Closely!!

The TV movie, Girlfriendship, is Keshia Knight Pulliam’s directorial debut, albeit it could hardly be identified, considering the splendid job she did. The director along with the cinematographer decided to shoot at the same location, the film was set in South Carolina.

The reason for taking this decision was not to complicate the filming process. However, the production managed to save a lot of money, by not using extra studio sessions. The amount was well used for post production, referring to the marketing strategy.

The principal photography of the film began in February 2022 and was completed in about 2 months time. The majority of the filming took place in Edisto Island and Charleston, South Carolina. Now, let’s discuss the specific filming location of Girlfriendship in detail.

Edisto Island, South Carolina

Where Was Girlfriendship Filmed? Hallmark’s Best Romantic TV Movie Of 2022!!

Director Keshia and filming crew thought to use the location to the full extent. A lot of scenes are from Edisto Island. Edisto Island’s outskirt were featured in the sequence where Samara and her friends arrive at the location for the first time. The Inn shown in the movie, that the lead actress booked for spending the night, was also located at the same location.

Furthermore, as the “girl gang” explored the other parts of Edisto Island in the film, the Edisto river was also featured in one of the scenes. Finally, Samara and her two best friends arrive at the Edisto Beach, where they enjoy the retreat with nature, and bond over a bonfire at night. Special lighting equipment had to be transported for filming the scenes during the dusk. 

Here’s a couple of great films that you can watch such as The Notebook, Full Metal Jacket, The Patriot, Harriet, The Stand, Cold Mountain, and Fear which were also filmed in South Carolina.

Charleston, South Carolina

Where Was Girlfriendship Filmed? Hallmark’s Best Romantic TV Movie Of 2022!!

The establishing scenes in the film were shot in and around the city of Charleston. The city, which used to be one of the wealthies cities in America, was chosen by the director to portray the affluent background of Samara.

Additionally this location was nearest to Edisto Island, which made the transportation of logistics easier for the unit. The scenes of the house that Samara is shown to live in, were filmed at this location. Mostly the sequences when the girls are shown to leave for the trip and return home, featured locations from Charleston.

But there are other notable places in the city such as, Fort Sumter National Monument, Rainbow Row, Magnolia Plantation and Garden, South Carolina Aquarium, and Joe Riley Waterfront Park. You can absolutely visit here and have a good time, even though they did not feature them in the film.

Final Words

Right guys, now that you’ve read the plot of the film, and also know where was Girlfriendship filmed. I hope you will give this newly released film a go! Even though it’s the first film that director Keshia directed, she did a brilliant job in choosing the perfect location and cast for the movie.

However, if you want to check out the filming locations of latest films and shows, and know where to watch, be sure to visit Viebly. Until then, peace out!

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film Girlfriendhship?

The cast of the film Girlfriendship includes Helen Goldsby, Samantha Beaulieu, Krystal Joy Brown, Tamera Mowrey-Housley, Lyndie Greenwood, and Brad James

Who Directed The  Film Girlfriendhship?

Keshia Knight Pulliam directed the film Girlfriendship.

Who Wrote The Screenplay Of The  Film Girlfriendship?

Jessiline Berry wrote the screenplay for the film Girlfriendship.

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