Where Was A Country Wedding filmed? Amazing Romantic Movie By Hallmark


Do you love watching Hallmark original movies? Well, you should add the beautiful romantic drama A Country wedding (2015) to your watchlist. I assure you that the storyline is so interesting to watch. If you have a childhood crush, then it would bring back all the beautiful memories. Another fascinating thing about the movie is the breezy filming locations! If you want to know where was A Country Wedding filmed, read the entire article!

The romantic drama film, A country Wedding was directed by Anne Wheeler. The movie was aired on Hallmark Channel on 27,2015. One of the most enduring Hallmark romance movies in recent years is A Country Wedding. The story’s central character is a well-known country music performer who leads a fashionable and opulent lifestyle and is engaged to an actor.

But things get changed when he planned to visit his hometown. So, to know what disturbs his decision, you should read the plot given below. You know that Hallmark is well-known for its amazing visuals. It is because the filmmakers choose the filming locations carefully so that they can deliver a beautiful film to the audience.

If you have watched a few Hallmark movies like The Wedding March, Taking The Reins, and  The Hunters then you would know how the picturesque locations have attracted viewers. Continue reading the article to learn about the movie’s plot and where was  A Country Wedding filmed. By doing so, you could get an idea of movies as well as locations to plan for your next vacation.

Plot Of A Country Wedding | What Is The Movie About?

The focus of this narrative is Bradley Sutton (Jesse Metcalfe). Nothing has caused as much hype in the country music market since Bradley’s debut album. His impending marriage to his Hollywood girlfriend Catherine is causing him to make headlines once more, but this time they are of a different kind. Bradley, however, must finish a task first. He must go back to see his first girlfriend once more.

He returns to Texas as a result, where he will find memories. Once there, he runs into Sarah, a buddy from his teens (Autumn Reeser). He once “married” a 13-year-old girl with braids named Sarah. Despite Bradley’s surprise that she stayed, she is now at ease in her surroundings and enjoys referring to her family’s residence as “home.”

Bradley starts to think that Sarah’s farm is the only site that could be ideal for his wedding venue as being at home brings back memories for him. But first, he must persuade his anxious bride of the location. The movie’s message is admirable. Finding that time in your past where happiness is more than just a feeling and getting in touch with it is what it’s all about.

Do you want to reconnect with your past? Watch A Count Wedding movie that is available on Hallmark Channel.

Where Was A Country Wedding Filmed? Here Are The Locations Of Hallmark’s Romantic Drama

Where Was A Country Wedding filmed? Amazing Romantic Movie By Hallmark

A Country Wedding movie contains a lot of sequences with lovely settings and picturesque places, much like the other Hallmark romantic films. To know the exact details of where was A Country Wedding filmed, read on!

Vancouver, British Columbia | Canada

Where Was A Country Wedding filmed? Amazing Romantic Movie By Hallmark

A Country Wedding was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, where a significant amount of the film was recorded.  Another Hallmark movie that was filmed in this location is Cedar Cove. Vancouver is a seaport city along the Canadian province of British Columbia’s coast. Vancouver consistently receives high marks as one of the most livable cities in the world. It was recently named the best city in North America to live in.

Living in Vancouver provides an excellent launching pad for year-round exploration. Due to its picturesque setting close to the beach and nestled up against the North Shore mountains. So, the amazing locations in Vancouver attracted many filmmakers and so they prefer to use different places of Vancouver in their films.

Chilliwack, British Columbia | Canada

Where Was A Country Wedding filmed? Amazing Romantic Movie By Hallmark

Chilliwack is another location where A Country Wedding was filmed. Chilliwack is a district municipality in Canada’s southwest British Columbia. It is situated 55 miles east of Vancouver, close to the entrance of the Chilliwack River, along the Fraser River.

The city, which is brimming with unspoiled sightseeing beauty and has a panoramic backdrop, is the epitome of nature’s creation. Chilliwack is surely a gorgeous city, full of both indoor and outdoor adventures, with mesmerizing high peaks completely surrounded by enormous rivers. So, this would be the perfect vacation destination.

One of A Country Wedding’s most intriguing aspects is how it depicts the contrast between the beautiful countryside and the noisy and exciting urban lifestyle. This ultimately lays the stage for romance between the main protagonists.

Final Words

Well! I have discussed the movie plot in detail and also where was A country wedding filmed. The locations I have mentioned would be the perfect option to move with your partner. So, plan to visit Vancouver and spot all the amazing filming locations for different movies.

Also, I suggest you watch this beautiful romantic drama. A narrative with a charming script and a lot of tradition is told in 90 minutes. If you are looking to watch light-hearted movies, then do check out Chesapeake Shores, and Sundown.

Who Is The Writer Of The Movie, A Country Wedding?

Nancy Silvers is the writer of the movie, A Country Wedding.

Who All Acted In the Movie, A Country Wedding?

The cast members of the movie include Jesse Metcalfe, Autumn Reeser, and Lauren Holly.

Who Created The Music For The Movie, A Country Wedding?

Terry Frewer created the music for the film, A Country Wedding.

Who Is The Producer Of The Movie, A Country Wedding?

Harvey Kahn is the producer of the film, A Country Wedding.

Which Production Company Have Worked On The Movie, A Country Wedding?

The production company that has worked on the movie is Country Road Productions.

Who Is The Distributor Of The Movie, A Country Wedding?

Hallmark Channel is the distributor of the film, A Country wedding.

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