Where Was Gone With The Wind Filmed? Amazing Locations Of Epic Drama!


Are you looking to watch an epic drama movie? If yes, you can consider watching the movie Gone With The Wind (1939). To learn more about this film and where was Gone With The Wind filmed, follow this article till the end.

The American epic historical romance movie is based on Margaret Mitchell’s novel of the same name. Sidney Howard wrote the screenplay for the movie, and Victor Fleming directed the film. The movie received excellent reviews from critics and has an IMDb rating of 8.2/10. The film’s mesmerizing cinematography beautifully showcases the contrast between wars and romance.

So, if you are curious, where was Gone With The Wind filmed? Keep reading to find out the filming location details.

Where Was Gone With The Wind Filmed? Everything You Need To Know!

Where Was Gone With The Wind Filmed? Amazing Locations Of Epic Drama!

The story is set during Civil War and focuses on the life of Scarlett O’Hara, a beautiful girl. She is seen juggling through the tangled mess of her married life while subsequently having an extra-marital affair. The movie perfectly balances the war sequences and romance. So this movie has different themes like tragedy, romance, and fights, and it is one of the greatest classic movies ever.

The film Gone With The Wind movie was filmed in different regions, including California and Arkansas. The production team constructed the Southern Plantation House Tara for filming. The principal photography of the film began on January 26, 1939. The filming of the movie began on March 11, 1939, and the cinematographer was Lee Garmes.

The production team was not satisfied with his shots because it was too dark, so they hired Ernest Haller and Technicolor cinematographer Ray Rennahan for filming. This movie is the second most expensive film of that time; the production budget costs $3.85 million, and it is the highest-grossed movie with an earning of $390 million.

The film’s production ended on July 1, 1939, and the production team completed their post-production work on November 1. Now, let me tell you the exact locations where was Gone With The Wind filmed.

California | USA

Where Was Gone With The Wind Filmed? Amazing Locations Of Epic Drama!

The major filming of Gone With The Wind was done in and around the California region. The team utilized the studios and many popular attractions for filming movie sequences. The significant Shantytown attack sequences were filmed in different locations, like Big Bear Valley in San Bernardino National Forest and Bidwell Park-Manzanita Avenue in Chico.

The Twelve Oaks Gardens scenes were filmed in the Busch Gardens – S. Grove Avenue and Arroyo Boulevard in Pasadena. A few sequences between Gerald O’Hara and Scarlett were filmed in the regions like Calabasas and Reuss Ranch. Some portions of the movie were filmed in the areas like Lasky Mesa, Simi Valley, and West Hills.

Next, the team moved to the Culver Studios at W. Washington Blvd for filming. Most interior sequences of Twelve Oaks Mansion were filmed in these studios. The Rhett’s house scenes were filmed in Stage 14 of Culver Studios. The London hotel room scenes were filmed in Stage 7. A few other movie sequences were filmed in Stage 8, Stage 9, Stage 11, and Stage 12. The production team also utilized Sony Pictures Studios and United Artists Studios for filming a few movie portions.

The team utilized a few regions in the Los Angeles region for filming, including Ahmanson Ranch at Victory Boulevard, Woodland Hills, West Hills, Slauson Avenue, and Hollywood. Apart from these, a few other regions of California were used for filming, including Pentz Road, Northern California, and Agoura Hills.

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Arkansas | USA

Where Was Gone With The Wind Filmed? Amazing Locations Of Epic Drama!

The opening scenes in the mill were filmed in the Arkansas region. Arkansas is a state in the southern part of the USA famous for its numerous parks, rivers, and hot springs. With its stunning backdrops, this state served as the filming location for movies like Mud, Plus One At An Amish Wedding, and True Detective.

The title scenes of the movie were filmed in Georgia. So, these are different regions where was Gone With The Wind filmed. Now, read below to learn more exciting details of the production.

Interesting Production Details To Know

Where Was Gone With The Wind Filmed? Amazing Locations Of Epic Drama!

Many production companies like MGM, Warner Bros, and 20th Century-Fox studios neglected to buy the rights for the novel and do the film before its publication. After the novels’ publication, Selznick bought the rights because of one of his business partners’ compulsion.

Next, the team began auditioning the cast members. But it wasn’t easy to choose the right actors because all the actors they had in mind were working under different productions. Selznick preferred to select Clark Gable for one of the lead roles of Rhett Butler. But Gable was under an MGM contract. So, Selznick made a deal with MGM to get Gable for the role.

MGM accepted, but there was some delay in the process, so Selznick used the time to publicity the film by announcing a casting call. Many actresses auditioned, and some famous actresses were also considered; the team finally selected Vivien Leigh for the female lead role.

Plot Of Gone With The Wind | What Is The Story About?

The film is set during the American Civil War when Scarlett O’Hara lives in Tara with her family. She has a huge attraction to Ashley and asks him to marry her. But Ashley reveals that he is going to marry her cousin Melanie Hamilton. Scarlett is upset with him, and she decides to marry Charles, a young brother of Melanie, but he dies during the war.

Also, her family’s situation becomes worse, and to maintain her social status, she decides to marry another wealthy man Frank Kennedy, but he also dies in an accident. Later, Rhett Butler proposes to Scarlett, and she accepts him. But Scarlett is still attracted to Ashley. Watch the movie on Amazon Prime Video to know how the story progresses.

Final Words

So, the above are all the details you need to know about where was Gone With The Wind filmed. If you enjoyed this article, read other engaging filming locations articles, including Chupa, Blue Beetle, and Breakheart Pass.

Who is the music composer of the film?

The music composer of Gone With The Wind is Max Steiner.

Who is the costume designer of the film?

The costume designer of the movie is Walter Plunkett.

Did the movie receive any awards?

Yes, the movie won many awards, including eight Oscar Awards.

What are some best attractions to visit in California?

The best attractions in California are Golden Gate Bridge, Joshua Tree National Park, Disneyland Park, Death Valley National Park, and Big Sur.

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