Where Was Good Witch Filmed? Mesmerizing Ontario Romance!


Fantasy dramas are one of the more magical genres that present the viewers with exceptional and otherworldly stories. There are many fantasy series like Good Witch that present an exceptional story while indulging in the world of comedy and drama. If you have watched the series you might be curious to know where was Good Witch filmed.

Good Witch follows the lives of the people of a fictional town named Middleton where a mother-daughter duo also lives. The duo has a magical gift that allows them to have a far better intuition than a normal person. The series follows their day-to-day lives as they tackle multiple challenges with the help of their abilities while struggling because of their abilities at the same time.

Good Witch was filmed in multiple regions across Ontario which is situated in Canada. Most of the filming for the series happened in Hamilton, Dundas, Toronto, and Cambridge. The production studio for the series is also situated in Ontario as well. The visually pleasing backdrop of the cities as well as the weather conditions made these locations perfect for the filming of the series.

We will be discussing in detail about where was Good Witch filmed and all the filming locations that were featured in the series. We have also covered the shooting locations of other titles like Parks And Rec and Shanghai Noon for travel enthusiasts.

Good Witch | Charmed By The Neighbors!

Here is the general storyline of the fantasy drama before we further discuss the details regarding where was Good Witch filmed.

Good Witch presents the life of two women who have some magical gifts. Cassie and her daughter Grace can perceive things in advance and have a great sense of intuition. The duo lives in a small town named Middleton which is a small close-knit town. However, their lives start to change after a father-son duo moves into their neighboring house.

Sam Radford and his son move into the house beside Cassies and Grace’s house. The father-son duo is instantly charmed by the women and they find themselves feelings attracted to the mother-daughter duo. But what will happen once they come to know of the magical abilities of the two women?

Will Cassie and Grace find the men trustworthy with their enhanced intuitions? Why are the men interested in the duo, and how will it complicate things for the two women? You can find out about the magical journey of the four people by streaming the series on Netflix.

IMDb Rating7.3
Runtime (per episode)48 minutes
Creator(s)Craig Pryce, Sue Tenney
CastCatherine Bell, Catherine Disher, James Denton
Release DateFebruary 28, 2015 (United States)
Production(s)Whizbang Films, ITV Studios

Where Was Good Witch Filmed? 

Where Was Good Witch Filmed? Mesmerizing Ontario Romance!

Good Witch presents a beautiful and visually pleasing backdrop making the story more magical for viewers. The backdrop of the series feels ethereal at times and the locations were chosen by creators for specifically this reason only.

So, without further ado, let’s go on a journey to explore where was Good Witch filmed. For people who love to tour new places and visit exciting destinations, we have also covered the filming locations of other titles like One Tree Hill and The Big Short.


Where Was Good Witch Filmed? Mesmerizing Ontario Romance!

Most of the filming for Good Witch took place in Hamilton. The Grey House aka the house in which Sam and his son live is situated in Hamilton, as well as the scenes from the town of Middleton were also filmed in Hamilton.

Hamilton is not a very large city but is quite popular among travelers for its various local attractions. Some of the places in Hamilton that you might love to visit are Dundurn Castle, Tews Falls, and Battlefield House Museum. Besides these places, the city also has a couple of conservation areas, parks, and a lot of waterfalls that you will love to explore.

Hamilton has also been used to film a lot of other movies and TV shows as well. Some of the movies and shows that were filmed in Hamilton are The Handmaid’s Tale, The Umbrella Academy, Locke & Key, Titans, It, The Queen’s Gambit, and Murdoch Mysteries.


Where Was Good Witch Filmed? Mesmerizing Ontario Romance!

The small town of Dundas was also used for filming multiple scenes of the series Good Witch. The town is the primary location and was used to present the town of Middletown. The town was perfect because of its geographical location and it provides a whimsical and magical look to the series.

Some of the places in Dundas that you should check out consist of Dyment’s Farm, Carnegie Gallery, Dundas Museum and Archives, Webster Falls, and Urquhart Butterfly Garden. The town also has a couple of waterfalls and conservation areas for people who love to experience nature.

Despite having a small community, the beauty of the town has attracted a lot of film creators to use the location as a backdrop in many movies and TV shows. The titles that feature Dundas as a filming location are Suicide Squad, The West Wing, Chucky, The Incredible Hulk, The Shape Of Water, and Orphan Black.


Where Was Good Witch Filmed? Mesmerizing Ontario Romance!

Good Witch was majorly filmed in Hamilton, however, some interior scenes for the series were also filmed in Toronto. The Pinewood Toronto Studios and Cinespace Film Studios were used for the filming of these interior scenes. These production houses were also used for the post-production of the series.

Toronto is not a small city and is quite popular among tourists as well. The city features a lot of places that travelers will love to explore. The best places to visit in Toronto are Ripley’s Aquarium, Toronto Island Park, Royal Ontario Museum, Hockey Hall Of fame, Casa Loma, and Art Gallery of Ontario. 

Besides travel attractions, the city of Toronto has also been featured in a lot of titles as the backdrop. Some of the movies and TV shows that were filmed in Toronto include Total Recall, Hairspray, Robocop, Resident Evil: Afterlife, Good Will Hunting, Chicago, and X-Men.

Final Words

We have discussed in detail about where was Good Witch filmed. We have also provided a lot of detailed information about the filming locations and streaming options for various other titles like Out Of Office and A Private Affair as well.

If you are interested to explore similar reads to where was Good Witch filmed, you can suggest to us the names of more movies and TV shows. We will make sure to cover the filming locations of your favorite titles in the future as well.

What is the cast of Good Witch?

The cast of Good Witch consists of Catherine Bell, Bailee Madison, James Denton, Rhys Matthew Bond, Catherine Disher, Anthony Lemke, Kylee Evans, Peter MacNeill, Sarah Power,  and Dan Jeannotte.

Where can you watch Good Witch?

You will be able to stream the Hallmark series Good Witch on Netflix and Hallmark channel.

How many seasons are there in Good Witch?

There are a total of seven seasons for the series Good Witch. The last season of the series premiered in 2021.

What is Good Witch based on?

The series Good Witch is a fantasy series based on a set of characters that were created by Rod Spence.

Is the trailer of Good Witch available on Youtube? 

Yes, you will be able to stream the series trailer for Good Witch with the help of Youtube.

Who composed the music for Good Witch?

The music for the series Good Witch was composed by Jack Lenz.

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