Where Was Parks And Rec Filmed? Filming Locations Of The Greatest Sitcom Show Of All Time!  


Is watching sitcom shows your source of happiness and relaxation? Your life may be falling apart in the background, but at least people in entertaining shows like The Office have it together. So, if this is the case, Parks And Rec (2009) is for you. This show has no less than 126 episodes that you will probably binge-watch! But, after you’re done, you’d want to visit its filming locations. That’s why I’ll tell you where was Parks And Rec filmed

Or, maybe you’re someone who’s already watched Parks And Rec. Maybe you’re terribly disappointed that the show has ended. And maybe you’re not ready to bid adios to the Pawnee Parks Department Team (spoiler: you will never be). But, you can cherish all the memories that you guys made by visiting the filming locations of Parks And Rec. You might find solace in being in the same places as Leslie, Chris, and Ann. 

So, we know that Parks And Rec is set in the fictitious city of Pawnee, Indiana, which stands first in friendship and fourth in obesity. But, (surprise, surprise) Indiana is not where the show was filmed! The production unit actually decided to film the show in Los Angeles, California. So, that’s where Parks And Rec was filmed in its entirety. 

Oh, but don’t you want to know the details of the filming location? Don’t you want to know what scene was filmed where and why? If you don’t have all the details, how are you going to travel there?! That’s why, keep scrolling through, and I’ll tell you everything about where Parks And Rec was filmed! 

The Plot Of Parks And Rec | What Is Parks And Rec About?

Parks And Rec follows Leslie Knope (played by Amy Poehler), an over-enthusiastic, mid-level bureaucrat. She works for the parks and recreation department in Pawnee, Indiana. Health and fitness (over) enthusiast Chris Traeger, fashion freak Tom Haverford, boss Ron Swanson, and best friend Ann Perkins are her colleagues in the department. 

Leslie wants to beautify her town by converting a deserted construction site into a community park. This project, if successful, will also help in boosting her career. But, there are way too many obstacles in her path.

For her dreams to see the light of the day, she’ll have to deal with oaf-like bureaucrats, mean neighbors, government, etc. On top of that, Tom Haverford likes to use his position for personal gain, no matter how hard it makes someone else’s life. And Ron Swanson, her boss, can’t keep his personal differences with the government aside to help Leslie. 

Before we proceed any further, here are some more details about the film:

Release DateApril 9, 2009
Running Time22– 42 minutes
Created ByGreg Daniels, Michael Schur
Produced ByAmy Poehler
StarringAmy Poehler, Rashida Jones, Paul Schneider, Aziz Ansari, Nick Offerman, Aubrey Plaza, Chris Pratt
No. Of Seasons7
No. Of Episodes126
IMDb Rating8.6/10

Now, without further ado, let’s see where was Parks And Rec filmed! 

Here’s Where Was Parks And Rec Filmed | Explore All Filming Locations Below!

Don’t you want to see how Leslie achieves her dream of constructing a community park despite all the obstacles that stand in the way? And you might be feeling sorry for Leslie at this point, but there’s no need! Because that’s where the show gets its humor from! You might even be thinking that Rob and Tom are villains of Parks And Rec, but you’ll end up falling in love with them too! So, keep reading to know where was Parks And Rec filmed! 

Also, because you’re interested in the filming locations of sitcom shows, don’t forget to check out where The Office and The Andy Griffith Show were filmed. Since you already love everything about The Office, you might as well read about and visit its filming locations! 

100 Garfield Avenue, Pasadena

Where Was Parks And Rec Filmed? Filming Locations Of The Greatest Sitcom Show Of All Time!  

The Pawnee City hall is probably the most important place in the show. This is where the Pawnee Parks Department Team works. This place has witnessed some of the most important work relationships as well. Needless to say, the majority of the show was filmed here. In real life, The Pawnee City Hall is actually 100 Garfield Avenue, Pasadena. 

To be more specific, scenes involving The Pawnee City Hall were filmed at the beautifully designed Pasadena City Hall. You’re not even going to be surprised when I tell you that this place is mentioned on the National Register of Historic Places! Pasadena City Hall has previously been used in films like Rumor Has It, Charmed, and series like Mission: Impossible. 

Hazeltine Avenue and Collins Street, Van Nuys

Where Was Parks And Rec Filmed? Filming Locations Of The Greatest Sitcom Show Of All Time!  

Remember the Sullivan Street Pit? Well, Of course, you do! It is where the show actually begins! Had Andy not fallen in the Sullivan Pit and got both of his legs broken, we wouldn’t have Parks And Rec! This is where Ann and Leslie met, and that’s why we got to see the best on-screen friendships ever. 

This is the place Leslie wants to convert into a community park. It was originally purchased by a real estate developer and later abandoned because he went bankrupt. Scenes involving The Sullivan Street Pit, also known as Lot 48, were filmed at the southeast corner of Hazeltine Avenue and Collins Street, Van Nuys. 

175 North Garfield Avenue in Pasadena

Where Was Parks And Rec Filmed? Filming Locations Of The Greatest Sitcom Show Of All Time!  

The enmity between the Pawnee Parks Department Team and the Pawnee Library Department is no joke, bro. Leslie hates every single person that belongs to the latter. She even calls them punk-as$ book jockeys (it’s hilarious). 

Scenes involving the Pawnee Library Department were filmed at 175 North Garfield Avenue in Pasadena. It’s located not very far from the Pasadena City Hall. You can visit it if you want to; the place is open to visitors. 

Final Words

Alright, guys! I hope you know where was Parks And Rec filmed! The show was wholly filmed in Los Angeles, South California. So, you can visit all the iconic filming locations the next time you travel to California! Tell me, which location would you like to visit first?! 

What Production Companies Have Worked On Parks And Rec?

Deedle-Dee Productions, 3 Arts Entertainment, and Universal Media Studios are the production companies that have worked on Parks And Rec. 

Is Parks And Rec Available On Apple TV?

Parks And Rec is available on Apple TV. 

Is Parks And Rec Available On Amazon Prime Video?

Parks And Rec is available on Amazon Prime Video. 

Is Parks And Rec Available On Peacock TV?

Parks And Rec is available on Peacock TV. 

Is Parks And Rec Available On Spectrum TV? 

Parks And Rec is available on Spectrum TV. 

Who Is The Writer Of The Movie Parks And Rec?

The movie Parks And Rec was written by Greg Daniels, Michael Schur, and Harris Wittels. 

What Are Some More Movies Like Parks And Rec?

If you liked watching the movie Parks And Rec, then you can also watch Arrested Development, Community, The Office, 30 Rock, The Good Place, A Parks And Recreational Special, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, New Girl, It’s Always Sunny Philadelphia, etc.  

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