Where Was Home Team Filmed? Filming Locations You Haven’t Visited In Louisiana!


Finding locations for sports comedy is one of the most difficult challenges for the makers. Of course, it’s not easy to find a stadium or a sports complex. That’s because these days a lot of sports activities are taking place. And it’s not possible to cancel them for a film shoot. So, how did the makers of Home Team manage to find an ideal filming location? If you are also curious to know about it, have a close look at where was Home Team filmed!

Home Team (2021) is a comedy storyline featuring a former football coach, Payton, who got suspended. All this happened in 2012 when he became a part of the team’s Bountygate scandal. After all this, he decides to go back to his hometown. Upon reaching there, he starts reconnecting with his 12-year-old son. Furthermore, Payton decides to become the coach of his son’s football team. Will he be able to guide the team well?

The entire shooting of Home Team took place in Louisiana and California. Within these states, the specific locations were Joe Yenni Stadium, East Jefferson High School, Los Angeles, and many more

If you are ready to locate all the real-life locations, join me on my journey. Here’s sufficient information for you on where was Home Team filmed!

Where Was Home Team Filmed? Locations Of A Comedy Flick!

You’ll be taken aback after learning that the plot of Home Team is set in Argyle, Texas. But the makers did not opt to shoot here. Rather, they traveled to some other filming location. And the crew members were able to create an impression of Argyle. Hats off to their hard work!

Here’s a guide for you to check out where was Home Team filmed. Go through it today!

Louisiana And California 

Where Was Home Team Filmed? Filming Locations You Haven’t Visited In Louisiana!

Shooting in Louisiana was a tough call for the makers. That’s because not all the team members were up with this idea. But when they started filming here, it turned out to be a cakewalk for them. Also, they were able to locate many suitable backdrops that assisted them in adding an authentic touch to the plot. 

Within Louisiana the primary lensing of the movie took place in New Orleans. No other place could have made the plot look close to reality. 

Well, I guess most of you are aware of the fact that California is the foundation of the entertainment industry. That’s why many blockbuster movies and shows like 90210 have been filmed in California. For Home Team, the production team moved to Los Angeles and got access to multiple studios. 

Joe Yenni Stadium, Metairie

After extensive research, the makers found Joe Yenni Stadium. And it was tough for them to find a vacancy here. But a few production members had good connections with the management of the stadium, who helped in wrapping up the shooting in a few days.  

This location helped the production team in lensing the sequences that picture the events of the North Central Texas Championship. So, yes, the championship was shot in a real stadium!

This is a very famous stadium where numerous sports matches and events are organized every year. Besides the matches, people come here to enjoy lip-smacking snacks. Over and above, it offers all the basic facilities so that audiences can fully enjoy themselves. 

East Jefferson High School, Metairie 

Where Was Home Team Filmed? Filming Locations You Haven’t Visited In Louisiana!

Before the ending scene, you must have seen a few school sequences. These were shot on the premises of East Jefferson High School. Luckily, the makers got permission without wasting much of their time. And within a week, filming of all the sequences was completed. 

East Jefferson High School is a renowned public school built in 1955. Currently, this school is imparting quality education to students belonging to grades 9 to 12. And I would like to share that the school has an ideal environment for the overall growth of your kid. 

Los Angeles 

Sadly the makers did not share any details about any of the filming location in Los Angeles. We just know that some suitable backdrops were picked, and within a few days, the shooting concluded here. They might have also opted for studios, I guess! Well, we can only make a rough guess!

The vibrant city in California, Los Angeles, is perfect for enjoying the Mediterranean climate, cultural diversity, and ethnicity. But if you are planning to relocate here, you need to be financially sound. That’s because everything is very expensive here. For some adventure time, you can plan your trip anytime without any doubts. 

Interesting Facts About Where Was Home Team Filmed 

Where Was Home Team Filmed? Filming Locations You Haven’t Visited In Louisiana!

The shooting of Home Team commenced in May 2021 and was wrapped up in June of the same year. Let me tell you that the production team was very quick in completing the filming on time. 

Deciding on the filming location of Home Team was not an easy nut to crack for the makers. For this, they performed extensive research and then finalized the locations. Because other projects were lined up, they could not afford traveling to distant locations. At last, the mentioned locations were decided. 

Final Words 

I guess you are the first one in your peer group to learn about where was Home Team filmed. Now, when you have so many locations, why not share them with your friends? So, drop a message to meet and spill the beans today!

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Which School Was Home Team Filmed At?

Home Team was filmed at East Jefferson High School.

What City Is Home Team From?

The story of Home Team reveals the true story of head coach Sean Payton which took place in New Orleans.

Did The Film Home Team In Texas?

No, Home Team was not filmed in Texas. Rather, it was filmed in New Orleans.

Where To Watch Home Team Online?

You can watch Home Team with a paid monthly or yearly subscription on Netflix.

Who Are The Cast Members Of Home Team?

The cast members of Home Team are Taylor Lautner, Sean Payton, Tait Blum, Kevin James, Gary Valentine, Jackie Sandler, and many more.

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