Where Was The Office Filmed? Exciting Real-Life Locations!


If you are looking forward to finding ideal places to hang out with your friends, I would recommend checking out where was The Office filmed. Luckily, all the filming locations have something distinctive about them. So, don’t delay in checking out where was The Office filmed!

The Office (2005-2013) is a mockumentary sitcom television series that deals with the employees of an office. The workplace is based out in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and is a branch of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. Interestingly, the workplace becomes a hub for a series of misadventures experienced by the employees.  

The Office was shot in California and Burbank, the U.S.A. Within California and Burbank, the exact locations are Pickwick Ice Center, Larry’s Chili Dog, Chandler Valley Center Studios, 7303 Bonnie Place in Reseda, First Church Reseda, Pickwick’s Pub, and many more. 

If your curiosity to know where was The Office filmed is rising to another level, here’s how you can calm it!

Where Was The Office Filmed? Locations That Are Worth Visiting!

You will be astounded to know that most of the locations of The office are real. That’s why the series is winning hearts even today. Even shows like The Office also opted for real-life locations. So, let’s find out all about where was The office filmed!

Pickwick Ice Center | Enjoy Ice Skating Here!

Where Was The Office Filmed? Exciting Real-Life Locations!

Pickwick Ice Center was opened in 1960 for the common masses in Burbank. Let me share that this is a safe place to learn and practice ice skating. Interestingly, there are different time slots for young and adults. Guess what! You can host a birthday party, enjoy hockey programs, and enroll in ice skating classes. 

If you have already watched The Office, you must have seen Michael having a great time enjoying ice skating. Yes, this place was Pickwick Ice Center! Not only Michael but other employees would often come here to relax. 

Larry’s Chili Dog | Have You Tried Out A Delicious Hot Dog!

Larry’s Chili Dog is an old-school eatery known for serving delicious hot dogs with different toppings. That’s not it, the restaurant serves sandwiches, burgers, and much more. So, if you plan to have lunch outside, consider the hotdogs by Larry’s Chili Dog!

The scene where Michael ordered a hot dog but did not pay for it was filmed at Larry’s Chili Dog. The eatery appeared only once in the series. But you must know that even the production unit enjoyed mouth-watering hot dogs at Larry’s Chili Dog.

Chandler Valley Center Studios | Central Location For Blockbuster Movies!

Where Was The Office Filmed? Exciting Real-Life Locations!

Chandler Valley Center Studios is a high-tech studio perfect for filming commercials, sitcoms, and movies. In total, the studio expands by over 20,000 square feet. Besides this, the studio has a parking space for over 300 vehicles. In addition, it is just a few minutes away from Warner Bros and Disney Studios. This office is similar to the filming location of Ex Machina!

Dunder Mifflin, the core working place of The Office, was filmed at Chandler Valley Center Studios. After the filming of the series, the studio’s management decided to keep the gates closed. That’s because people would often try to peep into the studio to explore Dunder Mifflin. It’s quite hilarious!!

7303 Bonnie Place in Reseda | A Dream-Like Residential Place!

7303 Bonnie Place is a beautiful house not available for sale as of now. Further, this house is perfect for a neutral family as it has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Also, the rooms have enough space for ventilation. 

Michael’s condo (apartment) that appeared in the Dinner Party episode was filmed at 7303 Bonnie Place. Luckily, the makers got a perfect condo to film some crucial episodes. 

First Church | It’s Time For Prayer!

Where Was The Office Filmed? Exciting Real-Life Locations!

First Church is located at 4390 Colfax Avenue, Studio City. This church is a popular one known for spreading the Gospels of Jesus Christ. Above all, this church is open to multicultural and non-traditional families. That’s because it believes in spreading love and peace in the world. 

While watching The Office, you must have attended Phyllis and Bob’s marriage. The marriage took place at First Church. Before starting the filming, the production team had to get a written permit from the managing authorities of the church. 

Pickwick’s Pub | Book Your Weekend Here!

Pickwick’s Pub is amongst some of the most popular places for locals since 1974. Interestingly, the pub was revamped in 2005 after it met with a fire accident. This place is suitable for brunch, birthday parties, refreshing drinks, and many more. 

Surprisingly the Pub was used to film Poor Richard’s Bar, where Meredith and Pam had karaoke time after their working hours at their workplace. For filming The Office at Pickwick’s Hub, a special board was designed with Poor Richard’s Bar written on it. 

Interesting Facts About Where Was The Office Filmed 

Where Was The Office Filmed? Exciting Real-Life Locations!

After wrapping up the filming of the series, the fans would enter Pickwick Pub to see the real Poor Richard’s Pub. That’s not it, the fans were crazy about exploring the filming locations. As a result, the makers decided not to reveal the locations. Eventually, the locations were released due to the love of the fans for the show. 

Final Words 

You must be feeling amazing after finding out where was The Office filmed. Now, it’s time to have a real-life experience at these locations and relive all the episodes of The Office.

Why Is The Office Popular?

The Office is popular because it can be enjoyed by kids and even adults who have never worked at an office.

Why The Office Ended?

The viewers of the show did not want the show to end. But the cast members were leaving the show due to other projects. As a result, the makers decided to call off the show.

How Much The Office Is Scripted?

The show is 100% scripted.

Which Season Of The Office Is The Best?

Season 4 of The Office is known to be the best season with hour-long episodes.

Why Was Michael Removed From The Office?

Michael shared that he wanted to spend more time with his family. That’s why he decided to quit the show.

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