Where Was Infamous Filmed? Bella Thorne’s Crime Drama Film From 2020!!


Do you enjoy watching films starring Bella Thorne? If so, you must watch her crime drama film, Infamous. But, before you watch this gripping film, read this piece to know where was Infamous filmed.

The American crime action flick, Infamous, was released in the summer of 2020. Bella Thorne featured as the female lead, while Jake Manley and Amber Riley played the supporting roles. Apart from being at the helm of affairs, Joshua Caldwell also wrote the screenplay for this intense film.

The basic premise of Infamous is centered around the character of Arielle, a young American girl, and her boyfriend, Dean. The story gets interesting when Dean entices Arielle to partake in a bank robbery and later flees with her.

The makers of Infamous were hugely disappointed with the commercial performance. This action drama film only managed to gross over $450 at the box office. Audiences who enjoy watching riveting action thriller movies also reviewed this flick negatively, mainly because of the storyline.

But, the best thing about this crime drama film is its jaw-dropping filming locations, and in this article, we will discuss the same. So, without waiting any more, let’s discuss where was Infamous filmed.

Where Was Infamous Filmed? Let’s Know This Crime-Action Flick Closely!

The story of Infamous is set in and around the city of Los Angeles, or what many would call as Southland. However, the majority of the sequences of Infamous were filmed in the state of Oklahoma, which is located in the south-central part of America.

Although, it’s equally important to mention that some pivotal sequences of the movie were also captured in and around the state of Florida, specifically in Miami and Key Largo. Caldwell mainly wanted to keep the production budget low, which is why he refrained from shooting in California.

But eventually, the production cost exponentially increased, as the filming schedule was heavily delayed. The production members ran into major challenges during the course of the shooting, which kept them from filming.

The principal photography of Infamous commenced on the second of July 2019 and continued for several weeks. The original shooting process was supposed to end by the third week of August 2019. Still, as per reports, the production members weren’t able to wrap up the filming process within the estimated timeline.

So, without stalling anymore, let’s find out more about the main filming locations of Infamous and discuss where was Infamous in depth.

Oklahoma | USA

Principal photography commenced in the state of Oklahoma. The movie’s opening sequence, where we see the character of Arielle meeting Dean for the first time, was filmed in Oklahoma City. 

The production members took special shooting permission from the owners of a popular nightclub located in the downtown area of Oklahoma City. The scene where Arielle dances with Dean was filmed inside the same nightclub.

Other important scenes in Oklahoma were filmed in and around the city of Chickasha, which is an integral part of Grady County. The scene where Arielle and her friends get into a fistfight was filmed inside a parking lot located in the basement of a commercial building.

Although, before capturing the visuals of this scene, the production members had to make certain changes inside the parking lots. Neon tube lights were fixed, and special graffiti artists painted the walls to make the backdrop look cooler.

Special pieces of shooting equipment were also used to film the long-tracking shots inside the basement of the same building. The production members then moved to the city of Guthrie, which is located in Logan County. 

The scenes depicting the bank robbery and the car chase in the movie were then filmed in Guthrie.

Florida | USA

After a major delay, the second phase of filming began in the state of Florida. The sequences depicting the hideout of Arielle and her boyfriend were filmed near the city of Miami. The ending sequence, however, was filmed in Key Largo, where the female lead learns about a shocking truth.

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It’s time for me to walk through the plot of Infamous. Meanwhile, you can also read Hotel Rwanda, I Want You Back,

and 50 First Dates too.

Plot Of Infamous | What’s It About

Where Was Infamous Filmed? Bella Thorne’s Crime Drama Film From 2020!!

The story of Infamous revolves around the character of Arielle, a young American girl who gets involved in a criminal case. At the very beginning of the film, the female lead meets the character of Dean and gets into a relationship with him.

As the story builds further, the male lead devises a criminal plan and asks Arielle to join him. Reluctant at first, the female lead eventually gives in and decides to assist Dean in robbing a public bank. Shortly after the heist, the cops chase the bandit couple while they escape with a high-speed vehicle.

After reaching their hide-out, the female lead learns about Dean’s actual motive. Watch Infamous and find out what happens next!

Final Words

Ok, friends! I’ve listed all the main filming locations of Infamous above. Plus, I’ve also added a number of iconic places in Florida for you to check out. But if you still have any other questions regarding where was Infamous filmed, let us know in the comments.

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Film Infamous?

Eve Cohen is the cinematographer of the film Infamous.

What Is The Rating Of The Film Infamous?

The film Infamous has not been rated.

Who Is The Music Director Of The Film Infamous?

Bill Brown is the music director of the film Infamous.

Who Is The Producer Of The Film Infamous?

Colin Bates and Michael Jefferson are the producers of the film Infamous, amongst a few others.

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