Where Was Jesse Stone Filmed? The Badass Saga Of A Diligent Cop!!


Do you take delight in watching movies made for television? If you do, then be sure to read this article where I discuss a popular film, Jesse Stone: Stone Cold, made for tv. Furthermore, I’ll also share with you where was Jesse Stone filmed.

This American crime drama film, Jesse Stone: Stone Cold, was released in 2005, for TV! Inspired by the 2003 novel Stone Cold by Robert B. Parker, this film was exclusively made for CBS television network. The first instalment of the Jesse Stone film series, the basic premise revolves around the character of Jesse Stone, the chief police officer of a New England town. Who is shown to investigate a number of homicides in his town, with the same pattern of killing. 

Needless to mention, the film was well received by audiences and critics as the director went on to make 8 films in the series, after the success of Jesse Stone: Stone Cold. However, the movie still received an R rating from the censor board, due to the portrayal of violence and explicit content.

Now, let’s go ahead and examine the plot of the film. So that you can take a closer look at the actual storyline. Plus, later I’d also let you in on where was Jesse Stone filmed.

Plot Of Jesse Stone | What’s It About

Jesse Stone: Stone Cold, begins by acquainting us with the character of Jesse Stone (played by Tom Selleck), who is posted at the coastal town of Paradise, Massachusetts, as a chief of police. Stone’s former habit of alcoholism, made him lose his job at LAPD.

The previous experience of working as a detective, handling numerous homicide cases, came in handy for Stone. Although the main reason for his transfer to Paradise was because of the ill will of the corrupt president of the town council.

Soon after Stone’s new posting, he discovers a number of murders taking place within a shor span of time. The striking thing about those murders were the manner of killing. All the victims had been shot in their heart with a .22 caliber gun. Bewildered by not finding any evidence at first, Stone eventually stumbles upon an eye witness, who had spotted the getaway vehicle of the killers!

After getting clued in, Stone sharply investigates the case and finds the car and the owner, Brianna and Andrew Lincoln. The police chief then, pries more to find out that the couple took sadistic pleasure in killing the victims.

Finally, after getting substantial evidence, Stone approaches the killers to confront them. A duel breaks out between the police chief and the murderers. Jesse Stone was prepared in advance, armed with a bullet proof jacket. He easily subdues the criminals, as the film ends.

Time for us to investigate (pun intended), where was Jesse Stone filmed. So that you can enjoy the scintillating locations that were used for filming this crime thriller film!

Where Do Actors Stay When Filming o...
Where Do Actors Stay When Filming on Location?

Where Was Jesse Stone Filmed? Let’s Know The Crime Thriller Film Closely!!

Important to mention, Jesse Stone film series has a total of 9 films and in this article we are discussing the first instalment, Jesse Stone: Stone Cold. And the filming locations used for this particular film.

Even though the film is set in Massachusetts, America, majority of the filming took place in one of the thirteen provinces in Canada, Nova Scotia. Locations such as Lunenburg and Halifax were used for filming. 

The principal photography began in the early months of 2004 and was completed by mid November of the same year. Let us dive deep and find the specific locations that were used for filming.

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Where Was Jesse Stone Filmed? The Badass Saga Of A Diligent Cop!!

Located in the Lunenburg Municipal District, Blue Rocks, featured in the film, where majority of the filming took place. This fishing village was explored by many artists and photographers who were in a pursuit to find inspiration from nature. The blue still water and the snowy mountain peaks of the region attracted director Robert Harmon as well to use it as a filming site.

The sequences at the beginning of the film showcase the outdoor scenes of this fishing town in Lunenburg. Specifically the house where Jesse Stone first arrives after being sacked from LAPD, is located at this place.

Other outdoor scenes such as the parking lot scenes, where the police chief discovers the disfigured bodies of the victims, were filmed at the outskirts of Lunenburg. The crew was well prepared in advance, and arranged all necessary equipment for lighting. As most of the scenes here were filmed during the end of the day.

Here’s a list of films and shows such as The Covenant, Locke & Key, Dolores Claiborne, Haven, Simon Birch, Moby Dick and The Healer (IV) which were also filmed in this location. Apart from the other instalments of Jesse Stone film series.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Where Was Jesse Stone Filmed? The Badass Saga Of A Diligent Cop!!

Subsequently, the production traveled to the capital city of Nova Scotia, Halifax. Director Harmon had planned to shoot the interior scene of the final sequence at this location. The last scene in the film where Stone finally kills the murderers was filmed in a studio. The production asked the actors to improvise the scene to add more natural effect. The filming finally wrapped up by the end of November 2004.

Besides, Halifax hosts a number of major business’ headquarters and corporate offices, which was later utilized during the post production.

You can also find these sought after places in Halifax such as Point Pleasant Park, Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Halifax Public Garden, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and Halifax Citadel National Historic Site. Even though these places were not used for filming, they are absolutely beautiful enough to make your visit memorable.

Final Words

Alrighty folks, now that you know where was Jesse Stone filmed, I hope you’d watch the film! You can always checkout Viebly to read other articles discussing the latest movies and series, and where to watch them! Until then, peace out!

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film Jesse Stone?

The cast of the film Jesse Stone includes Tom Selleck, Jane Adams, Reg Rogers

Who Wrote The Novel Stone Cold?

Robert B. Parker wrote the novel Stone Cold.

Who Directed The Film Jesse Stone?

Robert Harmon directed the film Jesse Stone.

Who Wrote The Screenplay Of The Film Jesse Stone?

John Fasano and Michael Brandman wrote the screenplay for the film Jesse Stone.

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