Where Was Windfall Filmed? A Hypnotic Crime Thriller Film!!


It’s shocking how many people love watching riveting thriller films! And if you’re interested in a similar kind of films, be sure to follow this article where I discuss the thriller movie, Windfall and also let you in on where was Windfall filmed. 

The American crime-thriller genre based film Windfall, released in 2022 was directed by Charlie Mcdowell. The Netflix original film is about a wealthy businessman and his wife who end up as hostages in their own vacation home, as they unknowingly walk-in to an ongoing robbery.

The plot thickens as the past relationship constraints between the couple makes the situation worse and eventually fatal for them. Director Charlie Mcdowell’s feature film Windfall, starring Jason Segel, Lily Collins and Jesse Piemons revolves around the story of an arrogant tech-billionaire played by Jesse and his wife played by Lily. 

Even though the film was not received well by the critics and audience, the locations shown in the film are absolutely amazing, to say the least. But for now, allow me to discuss the plot of Windfall in brief just so you may have a better concept of the actual storyline. And, also I will be sharing the filming locations with you.

Plot Of Windfall | What’s It About

The billionaire businessman, after securing a tech deal, decides to spend some quality time with his wife. After the couple reach their vacation home, they are surprised to find a robber inside their property. 

The CEO at first agrees to pay without intimating the police, to which the robber agrees as he locks the couple inside a sauna and tries to flee. He then returns back to extort more money from the CEO, and keeps the couple as hostage until the money arrives.

Meanwhile, the tense situation, triggers the couple to break out an argument over their past altercations and soon escalates into a serious matter. On an attempt to escape, the wife gets into a tussle with the robber and kills him with a statue. She later shoots the CEO and plants the gun alongside the dead body of the robber, staging him as the killer.

Now we’ll find out where was Deadly Yoga Retreat filmed, so that you may have a significantly improved experience the next time you watch this mystery-thriller film!

Where Was Windfall Filmed? Let’s Know The Movie Closely!

This Netflix original movie was filmed entirely in one location Ojai,California. The entire plot of Windfall being set around the vacation home, made the director shoot interior scenes inside a 3 star Inn at the same location.

Ojai, California is a small city set in the picturesque valley of Topatopa. This location served majorly two purposes for the production team. Firstly, the remoteness of the site made it easier for the crew to shoot flexibly without any external disturbance. Secondly, the beautiful backdrop of the valley made the vacation home appear more realistic and charming, which was perfect for shooting the outdoor sequences.

Now, let’s find out more about these specific locations that were used for filming in depth!

Casa Ojai Inn, Ojai

Where Was Windfall Filmed? A Hypnotic Crime Thriller Film!!

The vacation home which is shown in the film, is actually a 3 star hotel Casa Ojai Inn, located near the Soule Park Golfcourse. The principal photography of the film began shooting most of the sequences in March 2021 and finished it in about three months time. 

Majority of the filming took place at this location, as most of the scenes in the film are in and around the vacation home. The interior scenes were majorly focused to shoot in a certain way that the lighting looked perfect. 

While the outdoor scenes overlooking the Topa Topa Mountain valley appeared in the film as beautiful as one could imagine. 

Another advantage of shooting at this location could be the fact that director Mcdowell, was born in Ojai, California. Thus being well acquainted with the surrounding idyllic locations definitely helped the crew to set up the production unit for filming, without scouting much. The plot of the movie was devised, keeping this location in mind.

Locations You Can Visit In Ojai, California

Where Was Windfall Filmed? A Hypnotic Crime Thriller Film!!

Most of the locations that were shot in the film Casa Ojai Inn, the Topa Topa Mountains and Los Padres National Forest, can be easily accessed by tourists. However, keeping a check on the timings and availability of nearby hotels, or Inn’s would be a good idea!

Ojai, California  has featured in a number of movies as a perfect location for filming. Movies like Easy A, Smokey and The Bandit, The Disaster Artist and The Ugly Truth that captured this beautiful backdrop.

Final Words

So, now that you’ve read the narrative of the film and know where was Windfall filmed, I hope you’ll give it a watch if you haven’t already. This film will certainly immerse you into the riveting mystery story, brilliant screenplay and dialogues. 

But if the filming locations excite you more, then you can definitely look them up and plan your next trip to Ojai, California! If you enjoyed this post, please visit Viebly to read more informative and entertaining articles about filming locations of other movies and shows. Until then, peace out!

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film, Windfall?

The cast of Windfall includes Lilly Collins, Jason Segel, Jesse Piemons and Omar Levya.

Who Produced The Film, Windfall?

Charlie Mcdowell, Lilly Collins, Jason Segel and Jesse Piemons were the producers of the film, Windfall.

Who Directed The Film, Windfall?

Charlie Mcdowell directed the film, Windfall.

Who Wrote The Screenplay Of The Film, Windfall?

Justin Lader and Andrew Kevin Walker wrote the screenplay for the film, Windfall.

What Is The Runtime Of The Film, Windfall?

1h 32m is the runtime of the film, Windfall.

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