Where Was Jesus Revolution Filmed? Jon Erwin’s Inspiring Drama Of 2023!!


Are you looking for an inspiring film to watch this weekend? Well, then you can follow this article, because we’ll discuss a similar film, Jesus Revolution which was released last month. Furthermore, I’ll also let you in on where was Jesus Revolution filmed.

The American Christian drama film, Jesus Revolution was released in the last week of February 2023. Jon Erwin, the director of this film, wanted to create a movie, which was starkly different from black comedy films like Nacho Libre.

The basic premise of Jesus Revolution revolves around a number of American drug addicts, who turned around their lives, during the late 60s. The story gets interesting when these characters not only change their own lives but also inspire other people to find happiness in religion.

The commercial performance of Jesus Revolution has exceeded the expectations of the makers. This awe-inspiring film went on to gross over $49 million to date and is projected to collect over $200 million by the end of this year. Movie fans who enjoy watching religious films thoroughly enjoyed the overall storyline of this movie.

So let us now take a closer look at the filming locations of Jesus Revolution, and find out where was Jesus Revolution filmed.

Where Was Jesus Revolution Filmed? Let’s Know This Inspiring Drama Flick Closely!

Faith-based films like  The Passion of the Christ are often inspired by fictional stories. However, Jesus Revolution was adapted from Greg Laurie’s novel of the same name. Laurie’s novel was actually inspired by true events, which were observed in different parts of America during the late 60s.

But the place where the majority of the drug addicts flocked around to change their lives, was in the southern part of California. However, the shooting of Jesus Revolution didn’t take place in California, mainly because the production budget was too low.

Erwin and his team scouted a number of potential filming locations in and around the state of California during the initial stages of production. However, when the team discovered that the location costs were too high to sustain filming in the southern part of California, they thought of exploring other locations in America.

After scouting through various locations around different regions of America, Erwin and his team finally spotted some ideal shooting locations around the southern state of Alabama.

Important to mention that, all major sequences of this movie were filmed in and around Baldwin County. The principal photography of Jesus Revolution began in the second week of May last year and continued for 6-7 weeks. During this time, the production members filmed a number of scenes in the city of Fairhope.

The shooting schedule remained unchanged for the most part, as the production members were able to complete the shooting in time. Plus, the filming crew also didn’t face any problems acquiring shooting permission from different churches.

So let us now find out where was Jesus Revolution filmed and know more about this brilliant film.

Fairhope, Baldwin County | Alabama

Where Was Jesus Revolution Filmed? Jon Erwin’s Inspiring Drama Of 2023!!

The opening sequence of the movie, where we see a group of hippies wandering around the city of Los Angeles, was actually filmed in Fairhope. This iconic city is an integral part of Baldwin County, located near the east coast of Mobile Bay.

The outdoor shots were captured on the outskirts of Fairhope, near a sparsely populated area. The mobile camps which were set up by the drug addicts were actually put up by production members on a barren piece of land.

The production members also had to bring in special lighting equipment, to capture the sequences of the mobile campsite, during the night. Additional outdoor sequences for the first portion of the movie were filmed around the same area in Fairhope.

The second half of Jesus Revolution was mostly filmed inside a number of churches. The production members had shot these breathtaking scenes inside actual churches, located in the eastern region of Fairhope.

However, the filming crew made sure to maintain the overall sanctity of these places, while shooting inside the premises of these prayer houses. None of the fixtures inside the property were damaged during the course of filming.

A large auditorium located in the downtown area of Fairhope was also booked by the crew. The final sequence of the movie, showcasing the events of the conversion and religious seminars was filmed there.

And now, let’s learn more about the plot of Jesus Revolution. In the meantime, you can also read Major League, Trust Nobody, and Failure to Launch.

Plot Of Jesus Revolution | What’s It About

Where Was Jesus Revolution Filmed? Jon Erwin’s Inspiring Drama Of 2023!!

The basic premise of Jesus Revolution is centered around a number of American social outcasts, who turned their around during the late 60s. At the very beginning of the film, a group of drug addicts appears to live in horrible conditions, by setting up unhygienic mobile camps in California.

As the story progresses further, the passion of Christ takes them over and inspires them to find happiness and peace in religion. The movement snowballs into something big when the previous addicts decide to spread the word and motivate others to give up substance abuse.

Watch Jesus Revolution and be inspired by a life-changing story!

Final Words

Alright, friends! It’s time for me to say goodbye. I’ve listed all the filming locations of Jesus Revolution in this article, so if you wish, you can note them down as well. If you’re interested in reading similar pieces like, where was Jesus Revolution filmed, then let us know in the comments section below.

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film Jesus Revolution?

The cast of the film Jesus Revolution includes Joel Courtney, Jonathan Roumie, and Kelsey Grammer along with some others.

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Film Jesus Revolution?

Akis K, is the cinematographer of the film Jesus Revolution.

What Is The Rating Of The Film Jesus Revolution?

The film Jesus Revolution has a PG-13 rating.

Who Is The Music Director Of The Film Jesus Revolution?

Brent McCorkle is the music director of the film Jesus Revolution.

What Is The Runtime Of The Film Jesus Revolution?

2h is the runtime of the film Jesus Revolution

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