Where Was John Wick Filmed? The Super Action-Thriller Movie


Are you fond of watching thriller movies? Especially the movie that has received positive reviews from the critics? If yes, then I would suggest John Wick (2014) movie for you to watch. If you have heard about this movie before but missed out to watch it, then you’re in the right place to learn about it. We’ll also discuss where was John Wick filmed in this article.

The neo-noir action thriller film John Wick was directed by Chad Stahelski, and it is one of the best action-thriller movies of the 21st century. This film serves as the franchise’s debut entry. The film centers on the former assassin, John Wick. He serves as the titular character as he tries to find out who stole his vehicle and murdered his dog, a gift from his late wife.

You must question whether the movie is based on an actual event or person while being full of intellectual stunts and supported by a fantastic performance from Reeves. But the movie is not based on a true story. Screenwriter Derek Kolstad created the unconventional action hero by fusing imagination and realism.

The action sequences of the movie have earned huge appreciation as they are presented on the screen in some stunning locations. So, you might be curious to know Where Was John Wick Filmed. Scroll down to find the details of filming locations.

What Is The Movie About?

Where Was John Wick Filmed? The Super Action-Thriller Movie

John Wick is left with a beagle dog named Daisy, as well as a letter from his late wife pleading with him never to lose the ability to love. John’s sorrow, however, is cut short when Iosef Tarasov, a nasty thug, notices his 1969 Boss Mustang.

In response to John’s refusal to sell the vehicle, Iosef and his goons break into his home and seize it, beating John to unconsciousness and killing Daisy in the process. Unknowingly, they had just revived one of the most vicious killers the criminal underground has ever known. Do you want to know how John Wick finds the Victim and kills them? If so, then you should consider watching the movie.

Where Was John Wick Filmed? Find The Locations Here!

Where Was John Wick Filmed? The Super Action-Thriller Movie

The majority of John Wick’s filming took place in New York State, especially in New York City. In addition, a number of the villages close to Long Island and New York City served as locations for the production.

Filming started in October 2013 and went on for a few months until December of the same year. The specific locations used to shoot the movie are listed below.

Queens, New York

Where Was John Wick Filmed? The Super Action-Thriller Movie

One of the largest cemeteries in the nation, Calvary Cemetery, located at Laurel Hill Boulevard in Woodside, serves as a crucial filming location. The outside of Aurelio’s shop was a metal yard called Pine Scrap Metal, situated in the Maspeth neighborhood. A part of the studio filming took place in Queens as well, notably at York Studios in Maspeth, Queens, at 34-02 Laurel Hill Boulevard.

Long Island, New York

Where Was John Wick Filmed? The Super Action-Thriller Movie

John Wick’s residence was situated in the community of Mill Neck on the northern tip of Long Island. 112 Lower Horseshoe and 120 Lower Horseshoe were two neighboring properties that served as a stand-in for the building. On October 14, 2013, the village began to be filmed for the sequences.

Manhattan, New York

Where Was John Wick Filmed? The Super Action-Thriller Movie

The film was primarily shot in Manhattan. Locations include lower Manhattan’s Delmonico’s restaurant and the Cunard Building were used for filming. The Haru Sushi restaurant on 82nd Beaver Street was used to film outside scenes. The main antagonist in the movie, Viggo Tarasov, kept his hideout in the James Hotel on Gran Street.

John Wick murders Perkins, a lethal assassin and a former friend of his, against the backdrop of the Minton Tiles in the renowned Bethesda Arcade in Central Park. On October 6, 2013, the cast and crew were seen filming in the Financial District close to the Flatiron School on Broadway.

The crew also shot a few shots on Franklin Street. Additionally, they used Chambers Street and Lafayette Street for filming.

Brooklyn, New York

Where Was John Wick Filmed? The Super Action-Thriller Movie

On October 6, 2013, the cast and crew commenced filming in Brooklyn. The parking lot where Viggo attempted to be killed by John Wick is situated in the borough’s Williamsburg district. Around December 19, 2013, Keanu Reeves was spotted in the region filming shots.

In addition to Brooklyn Navy Yard, which is where the movie’s closing scene is located, some of the action was also filmed there in Brooklyn Bridge Park. The Saint Francis Xavier Church, which is situated at 6th Avenue in Brooklyn, is the church that appears in the movie. 

Additionally, the 6th and 7th Avenues were used for filming; numerous sequences were shot, in particular on President Street and Union Street.

Upper Nyack, New York

Upper Nyack is a village in the Rockland County town of Clarkstown. The movie’s initial encounter sequence—basically the act that sets the narrative in motion, takes place at the CITGO petrol station at North Highland Avenue. In Clarkstown, there was more shooting as well.

Final Words

Alright, thriller movie lovers! We’ve reached the bottom of the article Where Was John Wick Filmed? So you know all the filming locations, and you can start planning your trip. It is the best action-thriller movie that you can add to your watchlist for your weekend if you haven’t watched the movie yet.

If you have any other doubts regarding the location of the movie, then ask us in the comments section below.

Who Are The Producers Of The Movie John Wick?

The producers of the movie include Basil Iwanyk, David Leitch, Eva Longoria, and Michael Witherill.

Who Acted In The Movie John Wick?

The cast members of the movie include Keanu Reeves, Michael Nyqvist, Alfie Allen, Adrianne Palicki, Bridget Moynahan, Dean Winters, Ian McShane, John Leguizamo, and Willem Dafoe.

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Movie John Wick?

Jonathan Sela is the cinematographer of the film John Wick.

What Is The Release Date Of The Movie John Wick?

The release date of the movie is October 24, 2014.

What Is The Duration Of The Movie John Wick?

1h 41 minutes is the duration of the film, John Wick.

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