Where Was Kitz Filmed? Mesmerizing Austrian Locations!


Thriller shows are one of a kind with a sense of mystery shrouding the whole plot. There are many amazing mystery thrillers out there for you to watch. One of these shows is the German series, Kitz. If you loved the series, you might be wanting to know where was Kitz filmed.

Kitz is a mystery thriller series that follows the quest of a 19-year-old who plans to expose the glamorous lives of an influencer clique. The series also presents the mystery behind the death of her brother and the possible involvement of the clique. The eight-episode German series is currently being renewed for a new season as well.

Kitz was filmed primarily in Germany and Austria. Most of the parts of the series were filmed in the real town of Kitzbuhel situate in Austria. Some parts of Munich and Bavaria were also used for filming the series. It is undeniable that the beautiful locations of the region were perfect for the series creators, while using the real location for filming, provided a more authentic look to the series.

We will discuss where was Kitz filmed and the filming locations for various scenes in the series. If you want to explore the filming locations for other titles like Cracow Monsters and The Man From Toronto, you can also check out the places where the movies were filmed.

Kitz | Reveal Your True Nature!

Let us briefly explore the plot of the mystery thriller, before further discussing where was Kitz filmed.

Kitz is a romantic thriller that revolves around the life of Lisi who has been unable to move on from the death of her brother. A year after her brother’s death, she ends up becoming a part of an influencers clique. However, the more time she spent with the supposedly perfect people she started to realize that there was a lot of darkness beneath the shining and glamorous lifestyle.

Lisi then makes it her motto to expose the dirty secrets of the group, and the heinous acts that are being done by them. She ends up unraveling some murky events and incidents that end up creating a storm of problems for the group.

What did Lisi discover about the group? What will happen after the truth about the group’s behavior is exposed? Who will take the fall for committing such acts? Explore the mysterious journey of Lisi on Netflix now, and find out what happens next.

IMDb Rating5.7
Runtime (per episode)45 minutes
Writer(s)Vitus Reinbold, Niko Schulz-Dornburg
CastValerie HuberSofie EifertingerBen Felipe
Release DateDecember 30, 2021 (United States)
Production(s)Odeon Fiction

Where Was Kitz Filmed? 

Where Was Kitz Filmed? Mesmerizing Austrian Locations!

Kitz was mainly filmed in Austria since the town of Kitzbuhel is situated there. However, parts of the series that feature the lives of the influencer clique were also filmed in Germany as that is where they are from. You can explore the filming locations of Reservation Dogs and Sister Swap if you already know the filming location of the mystery series.

Without much delay, let’s hop on the journey to explore where was Kitz filmed.


Where Was Kitz Filmed? Mesmerizing Austrian Locations!

Kitz was mostly filmed in Austria, but all the interior scenes for the series were filmed in Munich. Also known as the state of Bavaria, the scenes for the series were filmed at the Klosterhof Alpine Hideaway & Spa. The hotel is situated on the outskirts of Munich and the production of the series was done in a studio located in Munich.

Munich is the capital city of Germany and is quite famous for its scenic beauty. The city is quite vast and features a lot of small towns and suburbs making it a relaxing place to visit. If you are touring Europe or regions of Europe, the city of Munich is undeniably one of the places you must go to.

Munich is famous for its breweries and is home to one of the finest beer breweries in the world. The city is also quite famous among travelers for its beautiful architecture of the city. Other than breweries the city is also home to a lot of production studios, as well as book publications.

The best places to visit if you are traveling to Munich are the multiple castles that are situated in and around the city. Besides that, the city is also home to a lot of parks, and historical sites as well. You can also explore a lot of German food in Munich, as it is one of the best places to experience authentic German food.


Where Was Kitz Filmed? Mesmerizing Austrian Locations!

The story of the series Kitz is set in the town of Kitzbuhel which is situated in Austria. The filming for all the exterior scenes for the series was done in the town itself. It is also notable that the town is heavily known for housing the best ski resorts in the world.

Kitzbuhel is a small town surrounded by the Alps and is known for being a part of the region of Tyrol. The town is not only surrounded by mesmerizing landscapes, and beautiful sceneries, but is also known for its historical significance. The origin of the town can be traced back to the time of the Roman Empire, and it might have been established even before that.

Kitzbuhel as of now is heavily dependent for its economy on the influx of tourists. The town is not only known for its skiing activities but also provides hiking and trekking opportunities for travelers. It can be said that it is a paradise for people who like to enjoy outdoor activities.

Other than being quite famous, and apt for people who like being outdoors. The medieval town is also known for its cafes and restaurants. You will also be able to visit the Museum Kitzbuhel if you are interested in knowing the historical significance of the small town in different eras.

Final Words

We have compiled all the information about where was Kitz filmed. If you are interested in watching movies and TV shows for free you can also check out the free streaming options for I Came By and Armie Hammer Documentary.

This was all we knew about where was Kitz filmed if you want to know the places where your favorite movies and TV shows were filmed you can suggest them to us. We will make sure to cover the filming locations for more of your favorite titles in the future.

What is the cast of Kitz?

The cast of the series Kitz is Valerie Huber, Sofie Eifertinger, Ben Felipe, Zoran Pingel, Bless Amada, Felix Mayer, Florence Kasumba, and Souhaila Amade.

Where can you watch Kitz?

You will be able to watch the series Kitz exclusively on Netflix.

How many seasons are there in Kitz?

There is only one season of Kitz, the series is however renewed for a second season.

Can you watch Kitz on Youtube?

No, you can only watch the trailer of the series Kitz on Youtube.

Who is the director of Kitz?

The directors for the series Kitz are Lea Becker and Maurice Huebner.

Who wrote the script for Kitz?

The script for the series Kitz was written by Nikolaus Schulz-Dornburg, Daniela Baumgartl, Janina Dahse, Tanja Bubbel, and Korbinian Hamberger.

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