Where Was Scarface Filmed? A Guide To All Magnificent Locations!


You must have heard the famous line, ‘Heroes are made, they are not born.’ But what if those heroes lose track of honesty and dedication? The outcome is movies like Scarface! Interestingly, such movies are incomplete without ideal locations, that’s why the makers of Scarface opted for exceptional filming locations. And you will be able to learn about them after reading where was Scarface filmed!

Scarface (1983) is a life story of a Cuban refugee, Tony Montana. After experiencing the challenge of life, Tony and his best friend think of building their own empire. After a few days of discussion, they decide to establish a huge empire of dr*gs. As time passes,the empire reaches the height of success. At the same time, Tony starts experiencing paranoia. Due to deteriorating health, Tony fails to run his empire. 

The entire filming of Scarface took place in various cities in the United States Of America. But the specific locations within the United States Of America were California, Florida, New York, and many more. 

If you are excited to learn more about these locations, you have landed on the right article. Read all the relevant information about where was Scarface filmed!

Where Was Scarface Filmed? A Thrilling Crime-Drama!

Do you have a doubt whether Scarface is based on a true story or not? Well, it’s not you and me, a lot of people have doubted the same. Besides this, many viewers have also questioned the authenticity of the movie’s filming locations. 

If you also have some questions about the filming locations of Scarface, here’s some information for you. Let’s start learning where was Scarface filmed!

485 West Matheson Drive, Key Biscayne, Florida 

Where Was Scarface Filmed? A Guide To All Magnificent Locations!

The pool scene of Alejandro Sosa was shot in this spectacular house. Interestingly, not even a single change was made to the location. So, all that you saw was the real look of the house. 

With a heavy heart, I need to share that this house is not open to the public. Also, it’s not available for sale. You can just look at it from the outside.

631 Para Grande Lane, Santa Barbara, California 

The outside look of Tony and Elvira’s house was shot at 631 Para Grande Lane. Like other locations, this house was also untouched by the makers of Scarface. And they preferred shooting with the natural beauty. 

This is a single family house situated in Santa Barbara. Luckily, this property is available for sale. So, if you are interested in cracking an amazing deal, approach the agent today!

Sun Ray Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida 

Where Was Scarface Filmed? A Guide To All Magnificent Locations!

The chainsaw scene was filmed outside the Sun Ray Hotel. Besides this, the sequence of the Coke deal with Columbians was shot inside a few rooms. For this, the makers had to ensure that they didn’t disturb the guests of the hotel. 

Sun Ray Hotel was a prominent location because the real Tony Montana was killed here several years back. That’s not it, the hotel had links to several murders in the past. So, think twice before making your bookings in this hotel!

16000 Ventura Boulevard, Encino, California 

The Tri American City Bank you saw in the movie was, in reality, 16000 Ventura. Luckily, the makers got cooperation from the tenants of the building and managed to shoot all the crucial sequences on time. 

This high-rise building offers spacious apartments for single families. Guess what! This building is close to the beautiful views of the San Fernando Valley, surrounded by picturesque meadows. And you may find this building as stunning as the filming location of Floribama Shore.

8623 West Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, California 

Where Was Scarface Filmed? A Guide To All Magnificent Locations!

Here comes another charming location to learn where was Scarface filmed! The office of the vast empire of Tony was shot inside 8623 West Sunset Boulevard. Only a few scenes of the office were shot here. 

This is a 2 story commercial building defined by Classical Revival style. And the overall beauty of this building is worth witnessing. Interestingly, this property is available for sale and lease. What are you waiting for? Have a word with the real estate agent!

Tudor City, Manhattan, New York City, New Tork 

The car bomb scene was shot outside Tudor City when there were less visitors. While filming this action sequence, the production team took all the preventive measures. And luckily, no one was harmed while filming this scene. 

Situated on the Southern edge of Turtle Bay, Tudor City is an apartment complex. Do you know what’s special about this complex? It’s architecture! The unique architecture is eye-catching and perfect to reside with your family. 

3501 Southwest 130th Avenue, Florida 

Where Was Scarface Filmed? A Guide To All Magnificent Locations!

The outside look of Babylon Club was shot at 3501 Southwest 130th Avenue. This house looked stunning and the epitome of modernity to the makers. So, they decided to film the club scenes in and outside this house. 

This amazing house is ideal for a single family with a spacious room and a small garden. Right now, the house is not available to rent or purchase. But still, you can witness the beauty of this house from the outside. 

Final Words 

I think you have marked all the beautiful locations to share where was Scarface filmed with your family. When you have listed all the locations, why not plan a trip with your loved ones? I am also going to visit these locations soon. So, let’s catch up at these locations!

After exploring these locations, you can consider the filming locations of Tokyo Vice for your next trip. 

Is Scarface Based On A True Story?

Scarface is based on a movie that appeared in 1932 with the same name.

Where Can I Watch Scarface Online?

You can watch Scarface online on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, and Netflix with a paid subscription.

Is Tony Montana Still Alive?

Tony Montana died in 2016 after his gang members murdered him.

Why Is Scarface Rated R?

Scarface is rated R because of the presence of cumulative violence and language.

Who Are The Cast Members Of Scarface?

The cast members of Scarface are Steven Bauer, ALPacino, Paul Shenar, Mark Margolis, Michelle Pfeiffer, and many more.

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