Where Was Tokyo Vice Filmed? Explore Tokyo Like Never Before!


Some jobs are full of risks and dangers. Would you like to know about one such job? Then, you should watch Tokyo Vice. If you have already watched the series, it’s time to shed some light on the filming locations. Keep reading to update yourself about where was Tokyo Vice filmed!

Tokyo Vice (2022) is a spine-chilling story of an American journalist, Jake, who travels to Tokyo to pass a written exam. Luckily, he manages to crack the exam and gets an opportunity to work with a reputed Japanese newspaper. After some time, he starts working under a renowned veteran detective in the vice squad. But the moment Jake starts working there, he gets acquainted with the harsh realities of his job. Also, he learns about the prevailing dangers in the world of the Japanese Yakuza (a criminal organization). 

The entire filming of Tokyo Vice took place in various locations in Tokyo, Japan. In Tokyo, the specific backdrops of the movie were neon-lit alleyways of Kabukicho, Shinjuku Golden Gai, and many more.  

With most of the names of the filming locations available to us, it’s time to learn about them in detail. Keep a notepad ready to note down where was Tokyo Vice filmed!

Where Was Tokyo Vice Filmed? The Action Series Was Filmed Here!

Since the release of the series, there has been an upsurge in the number of fans. That’s why Tokyo Vice has 86% approval ratings on Rotten Tomatoes right now. As per the reviews, the series touches on a very significant and sensitive theme of crime syndicates. 

Not only the plot of the series but the filming locations also got thumbs up from the viewers. If your excitement to know about the filming locations is rising to another level, here’s all about where was Tokyo Vice filmed!

Tokyo, Japan 

Where Was Tokyo Vice Filmed? Explore Tokyo Like Never Before!

Well, I think it’s not rocket science to understand why the makers opted to shoot in Tokyo. Surprisingly, the makers were determined to shoot the series in Tokyo to add credibility and authenticity. Also, the makers thought that nothing could suit better than Tokyo for the filming location of Tokyo Vice. 

The luminescent beauty of Tokyo did magic on the makers. As a result, they explored the entire city to mark some suitable backdrops for the series. Guess what! Their choice proved to be the best for Tokyo Vice!

Let me tell you that Tokyo is an amalgamation of modern and traditional buildings. That’s not it, you get historic temples and the opulent Meiji Shinto Shrine. Further, the highlights of the capital of Japan are manga (comic or graphic novels), anime series, electronics, video games, and many more. 


Where Was Tokyo Vice Filmed? Explore Tokyo Like Never Before!

Several outdoor scenes were filmed in the alleyways of Kabukicho. Yes, you saw Jake exploring the alleys of this place. Fortunately, the cast members had a very nice experience shooting the climax scene here. Even the production unit was impressed with the captivating look of Kabukicho. 

Here comes a dreamy place to hook yourself with! Known as the entertainment district, Kabukicho has small pubs and late-night snack bars to add fun to your nights. For daytime visitors, this place has a Samurai Museum where you can learn combat tactics. I had an amazing time here, when are you planning to visit Kabukicho?

I am pretty sure that the beauty of this location is similar to the filming location of Practical Magic. Do you also feel the same?

Shinjuku Golden Gai

Where Was Tokyo Vice Filmed? Explore Tokyo Like Never Before!

Shinjuku Golden Gai was chosen to shoot some predominant sequences. Because the makers wanted to depict the reality of crime syndicates, they thought Shinjuku to be a suitable location. At some point, they were at a crossroads, but they did not give up. Rather, they encouraged the production team to complete what they started. 

Hey, it’s not an ordinary place! We are talking about a major tourist attraction in Tokyo. Shinjuku Golden Gai is a small area comprising six narrow alleys. These alleys are narrow to the level that only one person can walk. I don’t know how the production team managed to shoot some crucial sequences in such a narrow space. 

Interesting Facts About Where Was Tokyo Filmed 

Where Was Tokyo Vice Filmed? Explore Tokyo Like Never Before!

The principal photography of the series commenced in March 2020. While filming the series, there was a break of more than two weeks because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But the shooting resumed in November and concluded in June 2021. As a result, the shooting wrapped up after the scheduled time. 

In an interview, the executive producer of Tokyo Vice shared that it was quite challenging for the production to resume the shooting after a long break. Also, many production members were afraid of the contagious disease. But luckily, everything was under control. 

While shooting the series, the entire production team faced numerous challenges. But all of them decided to stay strong and positive. I think it’s rightly said, ‘All well that ends well’!

Final Words 

I hope I have succeeded in imparting knowledge on where was Tokyo Vice filmed. Now, the rest of the parts need to be done by you. Of course, I am indicating towards visiting these mesmerizing locations in Tokyo. Have an amazing trip!

Hold on! If you are up with the idea of noting down the locations of another interesting drama, check the filming locations of Pale Rider.  

Is There A Season 2 Of Tokyo Vice?

After the demand of the fans, the makers of Tokyo Vice have agreed to bring season 2.

Is Tokyo Vice Based On A True Story?

Yes, Tokyo Vice is based on the life of Jake Adelstein, an American Journalist.

Are There Yakuza In Japan Right Now?

After a survey, it was found that there are more than 24,000 people associated with Yakuza.

Where Can I Watch Tokyo Vice Online?

You can stream Tokyo Vice on Amazon Prime Video with a monthly or yearly subscription.

Who Are The Cast Members Of Tokyo Vice?

The cast members of Tokyo Vice are Rachel Keller, Ella Rumpf, Ken Watanabe, Ansel Elgot, Rinko Kikochi, and many more.

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