Where Was Little Dixie Filmed? John Swab’s New Action Thriller Flick Of 2023!!


Have you watched any good action thriller movies this year? If not, then let us help you with that! We can suggest you a similar action film, Little Dixie, which was released earlier this year. Read this article to learn more about this special film and find out where was Little Dixie filmed.

The American crime action film Little Dixie was released in the first week of February 2023. Frank Grillo featured as the lead character, while Eric Dane and Beau Knapp gave stellar on-screen performances in the supporting roles.

Besides writing this project’s screenplay, John Swab also pitched in as the director. The basic premise of Little Dixie is centered around the enigmatic character of Doc Alexander, a skilled special force officer. The story gets interesting when the lead actor has to protect his little daughter after a deal with the mafia goes horribly wrong.

Little Dixie was first screened at the International Film Festival Rotterdam earlier this year. Shortly after, this high-flying action flick was released in America for the general public. The commercial performance of Little Dixie was somewhat decent. However, the audience was absolutely captivated by the fantastic performance of Frank in the lead role.

Before I let you in on other interesting facts about this latest action film, let us first find out where was Little Dixie filmed.

Where Was Little Dixie Filmed? Let’s Know This Crime Action Flick Closely!

John Swab is famous for making gripping crime action movies. In the past, Swab has made films like Candy Land, Ida Red, Body Brokers, and many other incredible films, which became super popular amongst action movie lovers.

So to keep up the expectations of the same kind of audience and attract some new fans, John knew he had to be on his A-game while directing Little Dixie. Naturally, no stones were left unturned in creating the premise as captivating as it gets.

Plus, special attention was given while choosing the perfect filming location for this movie. The story of Little Dixie is set in and around the state of Oklahoma. You’d be delighted to know that the shooting of this movie also took place in the same location.

Swab wholeheartedly believed in filming around authentic locations rather than shooting somewhere else. So, after he was done writing the screenplay of Little Dixie, he asked the filming crew to scout around the state of Oklahoma.

After a month or so, the production members were finally able to identify a number of potential filming locations in Oklahoma. John reviewed the locations minutely and subsequently instructed the team to commence shooting.

The principal photography commenced in the summer of 2022 and continued for several months. While the production members were filming the outdoor scenes in Tulsa, one of the team members got injured while performing a stunt scene.

This incident delayed the shooting schedule for a week or so. But, luckily the production members finished shooting within the filming schedule by putting in extra hours.

So let us now take a closer look at where was Little Dixie filmed. Plus, I’ll also let you in on some iconic places in Oklahoma later in this article.

Oklahoma | USA

The movie’s opening sequence, where we see the character of Doc Alexander for the first time, was filmed in Tulsa. This beautiful city is located on the banks of river Arkansas and is famous for its art deco architecture.

The scenes depicting Alexander’s family home weren’t filmed in the downtown area of Tulsa, where other buildings of Deco architecture are located. The director, instead, asked the production members to arrange a small-sized home located on the outskirts of Tulsa.

The same property was later used to capture the emotional scenes where the lead actor appears to be spending some quality time with his little girl, Dixie.

Other important scenes in Oklahoma were captured around Owasso and Catoosa. Then finally, the production members moved to the city of Sand Springs.

The ending sequence of the movie was filmed in Sand Springs, which is considered a western suburb of Tulsa. The production members arranged make-believe firearms, which were specially brought in from California to capture the final fighting sequence of Little Dixie.

As promised earlier, let me share with you a couple of places in Oklahoma that are absolutely picturesque. Norman, Broken Bow, Edmond, and Wichita Mountains, are some of the most beautiful places in Oklahoma which are visited by photographers and tourists.

So, the next time you’re in Oklahoma, don’t forget to click some Instagram-worthy pictures and share them later.

Alright, guys, that brings us to the plot of Little Dixie. In the meantime, you can read some well-written blogs on our website, such as Day Shift, Cheaper By The Dozen, and Grave Of The Fireflies.

Plot Of Little Dixie | What’s It About

Where Was Little Dixie Filmed? John Swab’s New Action Thriller Flick Of 2023!!

The story of Little Dixie is centered around the character of Doc Alexander, a special force officer, and his little daughter. At the very beginning of the movie, the lead actor negotiates a deal between the governor of Oklahoma and a feared drug lord of the city.

But the story takes a sharp turn when the governor decides to back out from the illicit deal, jeopardizing the safety of Doc Alexander and his loved ones. The lead actor soon reaches out to the drug lord. However, his attempts to convince the demented criminal go all in vain.

Watch Little Dixie and find out how Doc manages to deftly take out the criminals and saves his daughter from getting killed.

Final Words

Now that was an interesting plot, wasn’t it? But thankfully, we do have several other blogs on Viebly, which will surely entertain you. So if you liked reading where was Little Dixie filmed, you can check out similar pieces on this website.

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