Where Was Love Takes Flight Filmed? A Vintage Drama From The Late 1930s!!


If you’re someone who enjoys watching old classic films for pleasure, then you’ve come to the right place. Follow this article to know more about one such film, Love Takes Flight, which was released in 1937. Plus, I’ll also let you in on where was Love Takes Flight filmed.

The American romantic drama flick, Love Takes Flight released in 1937 is still considered to be one of the best black & white films of all time. Conrad Nagel directed this classic film after taking inspiration from a fictional story, which was written by Anne Chapin. Mervin and Lionel Houser later joined the project and worked to make the screenplay more interesting.

The basic premise of Love Takes Flight revolves around the character of Joan Lawson, a young flight attendant of a leading American aviation company. The story gets interesting when the female lead turns down a lucrative offer from a filmmaker, in order to stay loyal to her lover.

Love Takes Flight performed pretty decently, considering the tumultuous times this film was released. In fact, the makers were more than happy with the overall collection of this romantic film, which was way higher than the production budget. However, Love Takes Flight didn’t manage to win any major awards, over the years.

Now, if you’re intrigued to find out where was Love Takes Flight filmed, then without waiting any longer, let’s get started.

Where Was Love Takes Flight Filmed? Let’s Know This Romantic Drama Flick Closely!

The story of Love Takes Flight is set in New York. However, the majority of the sequences are filmed inside a commercial aircraft, depicting the journey through the air. So while choosing the filming locations for his film, Conrad paid special attention to selecting the best film studio.

The production members, on the other hand, were given the task to scout for ideal filming locations, where the outdoor sequences of the movie could be filmed. So, after the filming crew gathered all the necessary information from the director, they began looking for ideal shooting locations around the city of New York.

After a few weeks, the potential filming locations in New York were finalized, after which Conrad asked the production members to prepare for shooting.

The principal photography began in the summer of 1938 and continued for several weeks. During the entire course of the shooting, no major incidents took place on set. As per reports, the production members were able to film around the public areas in New York, without any hassle.

Thankfully, the director made sure to acquire the shooting permission from the authorities of the city in advance, which immensely helped the crew to stay on top of shooting dates. So if you’re eager to know where was Love Takes Flight filmed, then let’s discuss the locations in detail.

New York | USA

Where Was Love Takes Flight Filmed? A Vintage Drama From The Late 1930s!

The opening sequence of the film, where we see the character of Joan Lawson preparing to board the transcontinental flight, was actually filmed in New York. The production members took special shooting permission from the owners of a hotel, which was located near lower Manhattan.

The interior sequence where the female lead meets with her lover before boarding the flight from New York airport was filmed inside the same hotel. Other pivotal sequences of the movie were captured outside of JFK airport.

The production members had to take special security clearance from the authorities of the airport, before shooting the outdoor scenes.

Los Angeles | USA

Where Was Love Takes Flight Filmed? A Vintage Drama From The Late 1930s!

The second half of the movie was filmed inside a studio in Los Angeles. The production members built a make-believe aircraft seating and cockpit area on one of the sound stages. The interior sequences depicting the journey inside the transcontinental flight were filmed inside this studio in L.A.

However, in order to capture the sequences of the arrival, the production member also captured a few outdoor sequences near LAX airport. Then finally the filming process was wrapped.

Now, if you’re planning to visit Los Angeles anytime soon, then you can look up the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Griffith Observatory, La Brea Tar Pits and Museum, Santa Monica Pier, and Descanso Gardens. 

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Alright friends, now let me walk you through the plot of Love Takes Flight. In the meantime, you can check out A Few Good Men, Gladiator, and Only Lovers Left Alive too.

Plot Of Love Takes Flight | What’s It About

Where Was Love Takes Flight Filmed? A Vintage Drama From The Late 1930s!

The basic premise of Love Takes Flight follows the character of Joan Lawson, a young American woman, who attended flights. At the very beginning of the film, the female lead prepares to board the transcontinental plane from New York to Los Angeles.

Later on the same flight, a famous filmmaker approaches Joan and lures her to join the film industry.  The female lead, however, stays clear of the lucrative offer and pays no attention to the demented director. The plot thickens, when the pilot decides to intervene and control the situation, who also happens to be the actual lover of Joan. 

Watch Love Takes Flight to witness the awe-inspiring love story of a flight attendant, who refused to be persuaded by a big shot.

Final Words

Alright friends, so I’ve shared all the necessary information regarding where was Love Takes Flight filmed. However, if you’d still like us to add anything else, then do let us know in the comments section below. To read similar informative and entertaining articles, don’t forget to check out other pieces on Viebly.

Who Are The Cast Members Of The Film Love Takes Flight?

The cast of the film Love Takes Flight includes Bruce Cabot, Beatrice Roberts, and John Sheehan, along with some others.

Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Film Love Takes Flight?

Mack Stengler is the cinematographer of the film Love Takes Flight.

Is The Film Love Takes Flight, Based On A True Story?

No, the story of Dead For A Dollar is based on a fictional story by Anne Chapin.

What Is The Runtime Of The Film Love Takes Flight?

1h 11m is the runtime of the film Love Takes Flight

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