Where Was Mary Poppins Filmed? Julie Andrews’ Enchanting Film From The 60s!!


Are you looking for an iconic film from the 1960s? Well, in that case, we suggest you watch Mary Poppins starring Julie Andrews. Read this article to know everything about this fantastical film, and also find out where was Mary Poppins filmed.

The award-winning musical film Mary Poppins was released back in 1964. However, this fantasy-adventure film is still popular among kids and movie buffs who like watching light-hearted cinemas.

The basic premise of Mary Poppins revolves around an enchanting English nanny who motivates two neglected children to come closer to their father. The story gets absolutely interesting when the female lead casts magical spells to fix the broken relationship between the tiny tots.

Mary Poppins was a worldwide success. This children’s film not only captured the attention of young movie fans but also piqued the interest of audiences of other age groups. Mary Poppins grossed over $103 in total collections against the production budget of just $5 million.

Are you all set to find out where was Mary Poppins filmed? Then without stalling anymore, let’s dive right in.

Where Was Mary Poppins Filmed? Let’s Know This Children’s Classic Closely!

Mary Poppins won 5 Academy awards, other than bagging several other awards over the years. This roaring success can definitely be attributed to the awe-inspiring on-screen performance of Julie Andrews.

However, the contribution of Robert Stevenson, who was at the helm of affairs for this project, cannot be overstated. Before joining Walt Disney Productions, Robert had previously made films like King Solomon’s Mine and Jane Eyre, which were hugely successful as well.

But, since Mary Poppins was based on P.L. Travers’ fictional novel series of the same name, Robert had to change his approach. The screenplay of this movie was developed by Bill Walsh and Don DaGradi.

Meanwhile, Robert invested most of his time working closely with a number of product designers and other creative heads. During this time, the director and a few other members of the team searched for a number of filming locations in America.

Since the makers wanted to keep the production budget down to a bare minimum, they refrained from filming in England, where the actual premise of the movie is set.

As Walt Disney Productions was backing this project, it only made more sense for the makers to utilize the filming studios of the same company, which is located in California. But, you’d be actually surprised to know that the majority of the scenes of this film weren’t captured in any outdoor locations.

The principal photography of Mary Poppins commenced in the first week of May 1963 and continued till the starting week of September of the same year. Since seasoned filmmaker like Robert was at the helm, the majority of the scenes were filmed without any issues as such.

But, as per reports, while the production members were capturing the sequences of the iconic flying scene, the harness which was being used malfunctioned. This incident stopped the shooting process for a couple of days. 

However, after a replacement was made, the shooting process resumed. Other than this incident, the production members didn’t face any other trouble during the course of the shooting.

So, let us now take a closer look at where was Mary Poppins filmed.

California | USA

The filming process of Mary Poppins commenced in California. The opening sequence of the movie, where we see the character of George Baskins returning to his home in London, was actually filmed in California.

The production members filmed this scene on Soundstage 1 of Walt Disney Studios. But before capturing the exterior sequences of George’s house, the production members closely researched the structure of the houses built in London during the Edwardian era.

After the make-believe structure was constructed by the crew, the interior shots of George’s house were filmed. In fact, before capturing all other sequences depicting the background of London, make-believe sets had to be constructed by the crew.

A total of 4 sound stages inside the Walt Disney Studios were being simultaneously used by Robert and his team. This famous studio is located at 500 South Buena Vista Street, Burbank, and has been used by a number of filmmakers over the years.

After the shooting process of Mary Poppins was completed, the production members began working on post-production.

And now, let me give you an overview of Mary Poppins. In the meantime, you can also read Gilmore Girls, Little Mermaid, and The Princess Bride.

Plot Of Mary Poppins | What’s It About

Where Was Mary Poppins Filmed? Julie Andrews’ Enchanting Film From The 60s!!

The story of Mary Poppins revolves around a benign and comforting English nanny who fixed the problems of little children with the help of magic. At the very beginning of the movie, the lead character returns to his home in London and is surprised to find out that the caretaker of his children is gone.

As the story progresses further, George expresses his growing concern about Jane and Michael with his wife. Shortly after, the character of Mary Poppins emerges and offers to help George in taking care of his children.

Watch Mary Poppins and find out how the kind English nanny fixes Jane and Michael’s bad habits through charm and magic.

Final Words

Ok, amigos! That’s all for today. We’ve reached the end of this article, however, I am also adding a couple of interesting FAQs below. If you’re interested in knowing more about this fantastic film, you can definitely check them out.

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Who Is The Cinematographer Of The Film Mary Poppins?

Edward Colman is the cinematographer of the film Mary Poppins.

What Is The Rating Of The Film Mary Poppins?

The film Mary Poppins has a G rating.

Who Is The Music Director Of The Film Mary Poppins?

Richard Sherman is the music director of the film Mary Poppins.

What Is The Runtime Of The Film Mary Poppins?

2h 19m is the runtime of the film Mary Poppins.


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