Where Was The Stalking Moon Filmed? A Western Drama From The 60s!


Are you looking for an engaging Western drama to watch? If yes, consider watching the Western drama, The Stalking Moon (1968). Read this article till the end to learn about this movie and where was The Stalking Moon filmed.

The American Western drama The Stalking Moon is based on T. V. Olsen’s novel of the same name. The screenplay was written by Wendell Mayes and Alvin Sargent, and the film was directed by Robert Mulligan. The film received average reviews from critics and has an IMDb rating of 6.6/10. The Scenery of the movie is spectacular, so continue reading to find out where was The Stalking Moon filmed.

Where Was The Stalking Moon Filmed? All The Location Details You Need To Know!

The movie’s basic premise revolves around a white woman Sarah Carver and her half-Indian son, who gets the help of army scout Sam Varner to escort them from military custody. The Stalking Moon attracted many audiences because it is a unique concept apart from other Western drama movies. So, it has all the thrilling elements, amazing dialogues, and astounding performances.

Apart from this, the interesting locations of the film make people find about its filming locations details. The production team utilized the different regions according to the movie’s plot. So, where was The Stalking Moon filmed?

The Stalking Moon was filmed in regions including Arizona, Nevada, and California. The principal photography of the film began on January 6, 1968. Now, read the below sections to find out the exact location where the Western drama was filmed.

Arizona | USA

Where Was The Stalking Moon Filmed? A Western Drama From The 60s!

Arizona is one of the familiar filming locations featured in many Western dramas like Raiders Of The Last Ark, Chisum, and Conagher. The stunning landscapes and the ranches in this region help the filmmakers to shoot the best visuals for Western drama. So, The Stalking Moon production team decided to shoot some vital sequences in this region.    

Wolf Hole is a ghost town, and the region has only a few foundations and houses. This is why the team selected this region; it is well-suited as the film’s backdrop. Some scenes were filmed in Wolf Valley.

Next, the team used the Moccasin Mountains to film a few movie sequences. Moccasin Mountain has an attraction known as Kendall, a mining ghost town. This place has many picturesque rock buildings. So, it is easy to access this region as there are marked hiking trails, and you can take a road trip to see the unique attributes of this place.

The filming also took place in the Paiute Wilderness area, which is located in the extreme northwest of Arizona. This region is surrounded by mountains and gives the look of a desert environment. So, this movie served as the ideal filming location for the Western drama. If you are planning an engaging vacation, this location can be the best choice as there are so many activities to do.

You can go hiking, Skygazing, Wildlife Viewing, and capturing beautiful wildlife and other picturesque areas.

Nevada | USA

Where Was The Stalking Moon Filmed? A Western Drama From The 60s!

Next, the team moved to Nevada to film a few movie sequences. With natural wonders and desert landscapes, Nevada served as the ideal backdrop for filming The Stalking Moon movie. The production team used the Red Rock Canyon for filming a few sequences. This location offers you amazing sights and fun activities to do.

The red sandstone walls and other landscape features make you enjoy the sight. In Red Rock Canyon, you can go camping, hiking, climbing the Rainbow Wall, and exploring Bonnie Springs Ranch, Willow Springs, and Calico Basin. Another location in Nevada used for filming is Valley of Fire State Park.

Some movies filmed in the Nevada region include Total Recall, Fools Rush In, and Transformers.

California | USA

Where Was The Stalking Moon Filmed? A Western Drama From The 60s!

Finally, the team moved to the popular filming destination to shoot the remaining movie sequences. The team used Samuel Goldwyn Studios located at Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood for filming. This studio also served as the backdrop for the movies like The Best Years Of Our Lives and The Green Mile.

Apart from this, the other filming location is Bavispe in Sonora, used for filming a few movie scenes. So, these are all the details of where was The Stalking Moon filmed. Now, let me tell you the plot of The Stalking Moon film.

Plot Of The Stalking Moon | What Is The Story About?

Where Was The Stalking Moon Filmed? A Western Drama From The 60s!

In this movie, U. S. Army soldiers surround a few Indians. In the group, Sarah Carver wants to leave the place immediately with her son, so she asks for help from Sam Varner, an army scout retiring from the services. Sam agrees to escort her.

On the way to catch the stagecoach, Sarah’s son runs out. After a long search, Sarah and Sam find the boy. Everyone in the station is dead when they arrive back there. The killer is Sarah’s estranged husband, Salvaje. Sam and Sarah move to New Mexico, and Salavaje follows them to get his son. Watch this intriguing movie to know what happens after Salvaje reaches the ranch.

Final Words

Well, readers! I hope the above article answers the question of where was The Stalking Moon filmed. If you found this article helpful, you can check out other filming locations and entertainment articles on our website.

Is The Stalking Moon film worth watching?

It is one of the finest westerns with suspense and thrillers. Moreover, the attractive choice of locations added realism to the film.

Which actors played the lead roles in the film The Stalking Moon?

Gregory Peck and Eva Marie Saint played the lead roles in the film. Nathaniel Narcisco played the antagonist role in the movie.

Did The Stalking Moon earn any awards?

No, the movie didn’t bag any awards, so the audience says it is an underrated Western film.

Does the Paiute Wilderness area feature in any other movie?

Yes, the location features in many movies like The Greatest Story Ever Told, Jeremiah Johnson, and The Professionals.

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