Where Was Mike Filmed? The Life Of Legendary Mike Tyson!


Are you a fan of sports movies and TV shows? Are you interested in watching the upcoming Hulu series, Mike? Do you know where was Mike filmed?

Mike is a sports-related TV series which is created by Hulu and was recently released on August 25, 2022. It is also notable that the first season of the series is currently ongoing and only two episodes have aired. The first season of Mike is going to have eight episodes in total. 

Mike was filmed primarily in New York City. However, parts of the series were also filmed in other locations like Mobile County and Satsuma. Mike features the fighting scenes of the legendary player Mike Tyson, so it was mandatory for the creators to find an arena to film these sports events. 

We will provide you with all the details related to where was Mike filmed. If you liked some locations in the series you can check out these filming locations. We hope you will find some scenic places to travel to for your next vacation.

Where Was Mike Filmed? 

Where Was Mike Filmed? The Life Of Legendary Mike Tyson!

Mike is one of the many biographical movies and shows that feature the journey of a sports legend. This series focuses on the life of boxing legend Mike Tyson and his early life. The series also focuses on the various controversies that the athlete has been in. 

However, the series itself is shrouded in controversy as Mike Tyson himself has stated that he did not provide the rights to create the series. If you want to find filming locations for other titles like The Bear and Kleo you can do so with us. 

We will be discussing where was Mike filmed and what is the plot of the movie. We will also try to provide you with some interesting places that you can travel to, the next time you go on a vacation. Let’s see where in the world was Mike filmed.

Mike | Experience The Legend In Action!

Before we explore where was Mike filmed we will be discussing the general plot of the series Mike.

Mike is a biographical drama that presents the various aspects of the life of Mike Tyson. From his tumultuous journey as a young child to his fight against racism. The series intends to shed light on the good and bad aspects of Tyson’s life.

Mike also presents the international fame that eventually turned Mike Tyson into a celebrity. The series not only features his rise but also the reasons for his gradual downfall. However, there have also been some discussions going on about the series not being legitimate because the content was not approved by Tyson himself.

If you are a fan of sports movies or biographical features you will for sure like this series. Currently, there are only two episodes available for streaming, We hope you found some interesting locations in the series that you would want to check out.

IMDb Rating6.7
GenreBiography, Drama, Sport
Creator(s)Steven Rogers
CastTrevante Rhodes, Russell Hornsby, Harvey Keitel
Release DateAugust 25, 2022 (United States)
Production(s)20th Television, Clubhouse Pictures, Entertainment 360

New York City, New York

Where Was Mike Filmed? The Life Of Legendary Mike Tyson!

Most of the major scenes for the series Mike are filmed in New York City. The scenes are scattered across the whole city as a lot of small establishments, streets, and other locations are included in the series. If you want to travel to New York, you should mentally prepare yourself for the fast-paced life. 

If you are visiting places in New York, you can also check out nearby areas like Long island as well. New York is also home to some of the best monuments in the United States of America including the Empire State Building and many others.

Mobile Civic Center

Where Was Mike Filmed? The Life Of Legendary Mike Tyson!

The filming for Mike was also done in Mobile County situated in Alabama. The fight scenes and the sports events represented in the series were filmed in the Mobile Civic Center. These fight scenes are some of the most important parts of the series as they are intended to gradually introduce you to the world of Mike Tyson. 

The Civic Center is not just an arena but also features two other buildings including a theater as well as an expo hall. If you are a fan of expo shows, you should time your visit to Mobile County, so that you can check out the amazing expo shows that are held here.

Satsuma, Alabama

Where Was Mike Filmed? The Life Of Legendary Mike Tyson!

Parts of the series Mike were also filmed in the Satsuma region of Alabama., Even though there are multiple other locations where the series might have been filmed, other episodes of the series have not yet been released. So it can be said that for now only Alabama and New York were featured in the series. 

It is also notable that Satsuma has also been used to film Oculus and The Lost Boys among other movies and TV shows. If you plan to visit Satsuma, we have to tell you that the town is not specifically a tourist place and you can visit it just for a few days. But if you want to check out some architectural monuments, or other historical structures you should rather visit New York.

Final Words

This was all that you needed to know about where was Mike filmed. We hope you enjoyed this detailed read on where was Mike filmed. If you liked this read, you can also find similar content about filming locations of movies and TV shows like Echoes and The Girl In The Mirror.

Besides filming location, you can also find online streaming options for titles like Another Self and Crocodile Vengeance with us. You can also tell us any new movies and TV shows whose locations you would want to know. Stay tuned with us for more of such detailed and informative reads about the filming locations of entertaining titles.

What is the cast of Mike?

The cast for the series Mike is Trevante Rhodes,  Russell Hornsby, Olunike Adeliyi, Grace Zabriskie, Johnny Alexander, Scott MacDonald, and  B.J. Minor.

Where can you watch Mike?

You will be able to stream the series, Mike, exclusively on Hulu.

Is Mike based on the life of a real-life person?

Yes, the show Mike is based on the life of the legendary boxer Mike Tyson.

Is the trailer of Mike available on Youtube?

Yes, you can watch the trailer of the series Mike on Youtube. You can not watch the whole series on Youtube.

Who is the director of Mike?

The director of the biographical series Mike is Craig Gillespie.

Who is the cinematographer for Mike?

The cinematographers for Mike are Isiah Donté Lee, Jalaludin Trautmann, and Brendan Uegama.

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