Where Was Mosquito Coast Filmed? Locations Of A High-Level Drama!


Do you know where was Mosquito Coast filmed? If you don’t, you have landed on the right article! Read it till the end to get acquainted with all the enthralling filming locations and plot of the show. 

The Mosquito Coast was sourced from a movie with the same title that appeared in 1986. The show was partially inspired by a novel written by Paul Theroux in 1986. The first season featured seven episodes and is available to stream on Apple TV. The show was renewed for another season which premiered on November 4.  

Before I explain the plot, allow me to update you on where was Mosquito Coast filmed!

Where Was Mosquito Coast Filmed? Trace All The Locations Here!

The drama series was announced on September 16, 2019, with Neil Cross as the lead cast member. After finalizing the locations and all the cast members, filming commenced in November 2019. You’ll be surprised to know that the filming was halted for a few months due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Now, when so much information is available to you, let’s move ahead and find out where was Mosquito Coast filmed. 

Cruz De Huanacaxtle, Mexico

The opening sequence was shot at the stunning backdrops of Cruz De Huanacaxtle. The makers were in love with the blue waters. And so were the viewers while watching the show. The shooting concluded here in less than a week and it was a bump-free ride for the makers. Before moving to the next location, the team gave a token of thanks to the authorities for assisting them. 

Guadalajara, Mexico

After wrapping up shooting at Cruz De Huanacaxtle, the makers moved to Guadalajara. Both the locations were quite close, so traveling did not take much time. Shooting in Guadalajara was an entirely different experience for the team members. The favorable weather condition was an advantage here in comparison to other locations. 

Lo de Marcos, Mexico

Where Was Mosquito Coast Filmed? Locations Of A High-Level Drama!

Many indoor and outdoor scenes were shot in a famous Mexican town, Lo de Marcos. A special setup was made here by the production team to shoot indoor sequences. The set was demolished after the shooting, so no one other than the makers saw it. 

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

To shoot some emotional scenes, the makers moved to Puerto Vallarta. Since the plot demanded locations that could complement the emotions of the characters, the makers shot scenes on the coasts of pristine beaches. Shooting in Puerto Vallarta was a mini vacation for the cast members. They upload some behind-the-scenes pictures on their social media accounts.

Punta Mita, Mexico

The last episode of season 1 was shot at various places in Punta Mita. To make the episode highly dramatic, the makers shot sequences at isolated places in Punta Mita. But they did not reveal locations due to some reason. 

Valle de Banderas, México

Where Was Mosquito Coast Filmed? Locations Of A High-Level Drama!

Initially, Valle de Banderas was not one of the filming locations. The makers considered this town after one of the crew members suggested it. Upon reaching Valle de Banderas, the entire team was highly impressed by the natural setup of the town. 

Guys, let me tell you that it’s a very adventurous place where you can enjoy many water sports with your loved ones. Also, there are many tourist places to explore here!

Fillmore, Los Angeles, California,

Allie’s life before relocating was shot at Fillmore. Many commercial and residential areas were used to shoot indoor sequences. Locals were very cooperative and assisted the team in every possible manner. 

One of the houses in Fillmore was used to shoot the scenes of Allie’s house. But the makers did not reveal anything about it. Bad luck! But you’ll be surprised to know that Anchorman was also filmed in California

Moorpark, California

After Fillmore, the team moved to Moorpark to shoot some climax scenes. They could think of some other location because of incentives. Luckily, this location offered ideal backdrops and monetary benefits to the makers.

Van Nuys, California

The last location covered by the team of Mosquito Coast was Van Nuys. The ending scene of the last episode of season 2 was shot here. A special setup was made for the episode to make it look appealing. 

If you are planning to spend your vacations in California, you can definitely consider Van Nuys. This town is known for the Art Deco Valley Municipal Building and many historical monuments. 

Plot Of Mosquito Coast | What’s It About?

Where Was Mosquito Coast Filmed? Locations Of A High-Level Drama!

Mosquito Coast narrates the life story of a radical idealist, Allie Fox, who lives in Mexico with his family. Suddenly, things go wrong in his professional life, which forces him to leave the city. As a result, he relocates with his family and finds that officials of the US government are running behind him. 

Watch Mosquito Coast to know why Allie’s life is in trouble!

Final Words 

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When Did Mosquito Coast Premiere?

Mosquito Coast premiered two episodes on April 30, 2021, on Apple TV+.

Who Are The Cast Members Of Mosquito Coast?

The cast members of Mosquito Coast are Logan Polish, Justin Theroux, Ian Hart, Natalia Cordova Buckley, Ariyon Bakare, Mellisa George, and many more.

Will There Be Season 3 Of Mosquito Coast?

As of now, the makers have not confirmed the production of Season 3 of Mosquito Coast.

How Long Is Each Episode Of Mosquito Coast?

Each episode of Mosquito Coast is 39-57 minutes long.

Where To Watch Mosquito Coast Other Than Apple TV?

You can watch Mosquito Coast only on Apple TV.

Who Are The Executive Producers Of Mosquito Coast?

The executive producers of Mosquito Coast are Bob Bookman, Rupert Wyatt, Peter Jayson, and Alan Gasmer.

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