Where Was Kong Skull Island Filmed? Chest Thumping Action!


No one does blockbuster movies better than Warner Bros. The scale of movies is grand, and the production is enormous. So it only makes sense that the sequel to the Kong series, Kong: Skull Island, was made by them. Today, we shall tell you all about it and also tell you where was Kong Skull Island filmed! So carry on reading!

Directed by none other than Jordan Vogt-Roberts himself, Kong Skull Island became the eleventh movie in the King Kong series. With a star-studded cast filled with A-list celebrities, the movie packs a lot of punch. Kong Skull Island stars Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman, and Brie Larson in major roles.

So, where was Kong Skull Island filmed? The filming of the epic movie has taken place across exotic locations. Kong Skull Island has been filmed at locations in Hawaii, Queensland, Australia, and the northern parts of Vietnam!

The breathtaking filming locations reduced the over-reliance on CGI to create awesome locations for filming. Filming for shows and movies is constantly switching from studios to actually exotic places. Some prime examples are movies like Morbius, Parenthood, and Black Panther!

The Plot Of Kong Skull Island | What Is The Movie All About?

So, before we move on to see where was Kong Skull Island filmed, let’s first check out what the movie is about! The movie is set in the early 70s, as the US sends a group of scientists, some Vietnam War veterans, and soldiers to the exotic Skull Island.

Their mission is to investigate the presence of the gigantic ape – Kong. He is known to be the last of his species, and scientists want to find out as much as they can about him. Skull Island is located in a remote region of Vietnam.

So the scientists are accompanied by US soldiers who served in the Vietnam war as well as some local people. On reaching the island, the group is first attacked by Kong, which scatters them all across the island. Only a few survive the attack, and they regroup into a pack of two. 

If that wasn’t enough, the scientists are then attacked by a mutated form of reptiles that have been awakened. These reptiles have led to the extinction of the species to which Kong belongs. Now stronger than before, they pose a risk to the survival of the human species.

Where Was Kong Skull Island Filmed? All The Locations You Need To Know!

Kong Skull Island was released on Feb 28, 2017, across theatres in the US. The movie proved to be a commercial as well as a critical success. Audiences, as well as critics, praised Kong Skull Island for its cinematography, acting, and its execution.

The surreal locations in the movie have led people to wonder – where was Kong Skull Island filmed? So, let’s see, in detail, all the locations in the movie.

Oahu, Hawaii

Where Was Kong Skull Island Filmed? Chest Thumping Action!

Primary filming for Kong Skull Island has taken place in Oahu, Hawaii. Even though other locations in Hawaii have also been used, Oahu is the most significant one. While Los Angeles is the actual home of Hollywood, Oahu is the home to Hollywood movies in Hawaii. Previously, movies like Jurassic Park and series like Lost have been shot here extensively!

The graveyard scene in Kong Skull Island is one of the most moving scenes in the whole film. That scene has been filmed in Kualoa Ranch in Oahu, Hawaii. The place looks like something right out of a dream. We see mountains on one side and the beach on the other, which touches the endless sea to the horizon. 

Moving on to some scenes that have been filmed in the interiors of the island. The Kalaeloa Airport of Hawaii was also put to good use. With a lot of open space to make use of, set designers created a ginormous piece there. The cargo ship that the group uses to travel has actually been created on a set at the airport. While later it had to be dismantled, the set was still a thing of beauty.

The inner markets of Oahu and Kekaulike were also chosen as filming locations. Further, the Hawaii State Art Museum also had to be used. With the state being packed with tourists almost always, the museum had to be transformed into a stand-in for a hotel for filming purposes.

Lastly, Kong Skull Island was also shot at a place called Waialua. Dillingham Ranch was used for filming some of the outdoor shots in the movie. And for the rainforest scenes, Honolulu Watershed Forest Reserve, around the Lulumahu Falls Trail, was used.

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Where Was Kong Skull Island Filmed? Chest Thumping Action!

You might not think “Australia!” when you think of big Hollywood productions, but here we are! Australia is known for its beaches and huge coastline and as such os one of the most touristy places in the world. Producers used the region of Queensland for the filming of Kong Skull Island.

In Queensland, the area near Mount Tamborine is where most of the filming in Australia took place. The cast and crew then moved to a more secluded place to shoot. The Coombabah Lakelands provided an untouched location that the movie directors were looking for. This is where most of the aerial shots for Kong Skull Island were shot. Lastly, the scenes of when the plane crashes were also filmed in Australia. For this, filming took place at South Stradbroke Island and Moreton Island. 

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Where Was Kong Skull Island Filmed? Chest Thumping Action!

Most of the filming for Kong Skull Island took place in Vietnam. The country now offers special tourist packages for people visiting the country. So it’s fair to say the movie did help the economy of the country in some way. 

The limestone mountains of Ha Long Bay provided the main backdrop of Skull Island. Locally, the crew also undertook a lot of on-ground filming too. Then after Ha Long Bay, filming shifted to areas such as Cong La-Ba Hang, Trang An, and Tam Coc.

Final Words

We hope now you know where was Kong Skull Island filmed. The movie is a modern masterpiece and definitely one that deserves to be on your watchlist! If you have a movie or series that you would like covered, then drop a comment down below!

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Will there be another Kong: Skull Island movie?

The next movie in the series King Kong is Godzilla vs. Kong.

How many Kong: Skull Island movies are there?

There are a total of 11 movies in the King Kong series.

Is Kong: Skull Island on Netflix?

Yes, Kong Skull Island is available to stream on Netflix.

Is Kong: Skull Island on HBO?

Yes, Kong Skull Island is available to stream on HBO.

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